Wednesday, March 24, 2021

What if...almost everything They have told you about the Covid19 virus is a lie?

A Pandemic worthy of the response we have given this one should be so deadly that ANYone who catches it, dies. ANY contact with the virus should result in immediate infection and if you catch it, you die.  Only those naturally immune should still be alive by now if what we were told a year ago was true.

Instead, it isn't as contagious as the flu and, in truth, no more fatal.  Take the numbers of fatalities who were already under a death watch anyway, from their co-morbidities, and those Covid19 death numbers get cut in half or more.

Find a way to watch "The Last Ship". It was a TNT series and, I think, it's on HULU. I'm beginning to think that Those Really In Power watched this series and said: "We'll do THAT!"

The premise of the show is that a deadly pandemic has wiped out most of civilization. You know, like a real pandemic would do? The virus on this show kills. EVERYone who catches it dies! Not like the fake one we've been lied to about for the last year where .3% of those who catch it die of other causes. Sorry. I digress.

Anyway, in Season 3, the U.S. Government is being reconstituted under Constitutional lines but a cabal of "leaders" kills the President and takes over the government, putting a weak President in place who will follow Their orders. Sound familiar?

Then, in season 4, an evil scientist creates a drug that he can mix with food which robs everyone of their desire to resist. His stated plan; no violence as no one who eats this drug will fight for any reason. Hmmm.

So, release a virus that mostly kills the weak, old and "useless" of our population. Get some of your compliant "leaders" to deliberately put those at risk together, infected with non-infected, so that you can get rid of as many of the "useless" as possible while, coincidentally, artificially driving up the death numbers.

Have Your obedient media constantly hype this "deadly" virus, keeping track of how many "cases" of it there are and how many deaths from it. Don't mention that most of the deaths are from other causes. Inflate the case and death numbers and ignore the true statistics. When an effective treatment is announced, land on that Hard so no one uses the effective treatment. Keep hyping the danger of this "deadly" virus and keep saying there is no treatment. Scare as many as you can. Disrupt society completely, ignoring the true statistics and constantly reporting as if what we see on "The Last Ship" or "The Stand" is what is really happening.

Once you have a large enough group of scared and compliant citizens, introduce your "vaccine". Inject as many as possible with it, not telling them what it REALLY is for. Pretend that the vaccinations have reduced the death numbers to, let's say, .3% and below and adjust your reported case numbers to show the vaccine is effective while, at the same time, the drug that 1/3 or more of your population has BEGGED for, makes them more compliant and less likely to question your every word.

Consider how easily we were persuaded that this marginally contagious virus, with a 99.7% survival rate, is the likely end of mankind.  With that in mind, I have a hard time imagining a MORE compliant populous but, hey, might as well go the whole way, Huh?

Now, we see people literally standing in line to be injected with a drug they know nothing about.  What we are being TOLD about this genetic experiment is disturbing enough but we really don't know what it is.  It could be anything and a large percentage of our population wouldn't even care.  As long as the media tells them to get the shot, they'll get the shot!

What if 2/3 of the world population is injected with a drug which makes them unable to resist any order, insult or tyranny?  What if this drug not only makes YOU totally compliant but is genetically modified so that all future children will be born with no will of their own, simply the mindset to comply with the orders of their "Leaders"?

Another "Conspiracy Theory"?  I'm not the brightest bulb in the box but I can see where this might be going.  Certainly They figured it out long before I.  

Why else lie continually about this virus?  Why did They make us believe it was such a civilization killer?  Those original models, projecting millions dead.  Why do that?  Why "leak" videos of people in Wuhan dying in the street or in the ER hallways, when NOTHING like that happened?  Why tell us that hospitals were overwhelmed while emergency field hospitals and hospital ships went unused?  Why nearly criminalize the use of an inexpensive and effective treatment?

Here's a tip.  It's something that courtroom juries have been told for hundreds of years.  If They lie about one thing, you can't accept anything else They tell you as truth either.

The American Journal of Medicine quietly recommends HCQ treatment for Covid19

This is just another virus and we are being played

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