Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hope Y'all had a Merry Christmas

Howdy all:

Just a few ramblings to keep everybody interested.

First, a slightly belated Merry Christmas to all. I hope yours was as great as mine. My friend Joann and I went to one of the local churches and helped serve a dinner which was open to all. Lots of people came in and had a good traditional Christmas dinner, Carols were sung, old friends visited with and new friends made. Just like it should be! We had a blast and I went home just slightly overstuffed. Again, just like it should be! Even though we had a tan Christmas here in Townsend this year. It snowed hard and went sub-zero for Thanksgiving but was over 40 degrees all through the Christmas weekend. Oh well.

Sorry I haven't been posting here the last few days but you know how the Holidays are. also, I've been dealing with some issues with the new Google Blogger. It's become another example of "the bigger the company, the less service".
I'm doing something I'd hoped not to do any time soon but now I'm kind of looking forward to it...I'm taking some bar-gigs New Years Weekend. Colt Angel and I will be playing in Townsend, MT at the Legion Club on Friday and the Mint Saturday and Sunday. We had a great time when we played together at the Bale of Hay Saloon in Virginia City last summer and we've worked together really well in St. Anthony and some other shows over the last few months so this should go really well.
I've blown the dust off of my old bar list of songs and I've been practicing some that none of my Western Music friends have ever heard me do. I can only hope that Colt has been playing my CD once in a while and listening to some of the songs on there. It's kind of hard to practice together when you live 3 hours apart!
I guess I'll bulldoze my house a little so I can have company this weekend!
Have fun y'all and I'll be back with you again soon!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Townsend Cowboy Entertainer Gathering is a "GO"

Ok. some of you "in the loop" were aware of the fact that we have been having a little problem with the local school administration. they were obivously not thrilled with our little Gathering and were trying to make us unhappy enough to just not do it. That was how things felt, anyway.

Well, tonight, I took it to the School Board and we were then able to work around the problems and get everything ironed out. The short story is that the 6th Annual Townsend Cowboy Entertainer Gathering will be held at the Broadwater High School in Townsend, Montana, on June 1-3 of 2007.

Additionally, we have applied for a small grant and we stand a better chance of being accepted if they get positive comments in favor of us on the website. The link to that is: http://www.myhometownhelper.com/ViewProject.aspx?tell=2&id=7058 . Just click on that link and go be a positive influence!

We are again supposed to be listed in American Cowboy Magazine as one of their "Top 101 Things To Do In the West" this year and we already have our listings in Visitmt.com and Gold West Country. Of course, all of these went to print quite a while ago and the school not being willing to give us the dates we expected was a real problem.

So, the Gathering info will soon be posted on www.cowboyentertainer.com and we'll keep you updated as to who will be here and what's going on.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Roberta Green Passes on

On December 5th, 2006, Cowboy Poetry and Western Entertainment lost one of it's most loved members. Roberta Green, of Challis, Idaho, passed away.

Roberta was one of the founders of the Cowboy Poets of Idaho and has been involved in Cowboy Poetry for many years. Roberta has won the Cowboy Poets of Silver Quill Award and is in the CPI Hall of Fame. She's served on the CPI Board of Directors for many years.
Roberta had written many poems and books. I have "The World By the Tail On a Downhill Pull" and have read it more than once. Such a special lady with a special gift to entertain folks while informing us at the same time.
Roberta was a special friend to all of us and will be greatly missed. Her passing is a loss to all of us in Western Entertainment but such a gain to those she entertains today!
Her funeral will be Monday the 11th in Challis Idaho at the Congregation Churchat 11:o'clock.
I'll be updating this blog entry as I get more information about her many awards and accomplishments. Please feel free to leave comments here.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Another Message from Kathy Camden

To all who support the AWA... There are fair weather friends and those who run and critize when the chips are down.. My husband was on the board of directors at the time the WMA was in so much trouble..and people didn't run or stop the org.. they got to the heart of the problem and solved it.. That is the Cowboy Way.. Loyalty is at the top of my list, and at the top of most of the Cowboys I know..Donna Hatton is a long time friend and I value many of the friendships I have made over the years... This is not about me making money, or who I know!! But about supporting the Western Movement and moving it to a higher level..I will be working with Bobby . the award show will happen, and the AWA will continue..We will be incorporating Classic Country with the Western..Bobby has a new name for it and will soon get letters out to all who would like to continue with the AWA.. If you are interested please send me your name and address so i can send the and application form.
Take Care
and from the snow in Idaho
Happy Trails
Kathy Camden
609 oak
Nezperce, ID 83543