Sunday, August 23, 2020

Kids Today

I've been having a back and forth with a Democrat friend of mine. Both of us spouting the same arguments to the same result...nothing. Actually, I enjoy my debates with die hard Dems. I have no illusion that I'll change them but I'm hoping that others, who really don't have a strong feeling either way, are reading our posts and might actually learn the truth. Anyway, something he said strongly affected me. He is absolutely right in a way. He says that we old white guys aren't the voting majority anymore. He's right on there but I'll take it a step further. Those of us who actually remember a common sense, fair and Free America are getting old. An America with two genders, cleaner and nicer entertainment and real men and LADIES we could look up to. An America where it wasn't shocking that your family had guns and hunted. An America where hard work and ambition were rewarded while sloth and indifference were not. An America where I could spend my day in the mountains, on a bicycle, with no instant communication and no real fear for my well being. I swore I'd never sound like my mother but..."These kids today"...

Today's voting age "children" are of the participation trophy era. The era of 20+ year olds still living with Mommy. Often no clear genders. Certainly no common sense. A time where a large part of the voting age children couldn't qualify for military service if they wanted to! No wonder the idea of giving up freedoms for government handouts gains such support. These kids are living in a world where handouts are just expected. I see it at work every day. Most of these kids are there to get a paycheck. The concept of actually doing the work to EARN a paycheck is completely mystifying. They do as little as possible, just putting in the hours so they can get a check once in a while. They're just warm bodies. Names on the schedule. What's worse is they are at the pinnacle of their life's achievments already. No wonder they want a higher minimum wage. They don't expect, plan or aspire to do anything more than minimum wage jobs. Participation trophies again.

Back to sounding like my mother..."in my day"... Yeah. When I was 19 I was making life and death decisions in a foreign country. I've known kids who are in their 20's and still don't even have a drivers license. Kids with no real ambition or goals. These are the kids who vote for Bernie Sanders. Who think America is a terrible place because we still have a "Capitalist System" as opposed to a "gimmee free stuff" system. We've been sliding downhill for quite a while and if we don't stop the descent pretty soon, we'll be a nation of pajama boys, being led by the TV and the internet to do whatever our Masters tell us.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Some news that might interest you

I shared several things this morning that I had found in my FB news feed. I thought each was interesting and worth passing on to friends who might not have seen them.

The trouble is that this was an idea/thought provoking and interesting morning on my FB feed and the importance of some of these might fall through the cracks.

Maybe if I share some links here to some of the stuff....

The young boy in Wyoming who risked himself and suffered injury protecting his sister from an attacking dog!,26327

President Trump brokers ANOTHER middle east peace deal. Remember, back in February, the Trump Administration and Israel announced a peace plan with the Palestinians and today, they announce a signed peace deal with the United Arab emirates. Go Trump!
President Trump Brokers Peace Deal

5 year old Cannon Hinnant was shot and killed while riding his bicycle near his residence in North Carolina. A couple of things stand out to me in this story. First, the Main Stream Media
has all but blacked it out. They report only the five W's of it and go on to other things as quickly as possible. This story from Newsweek is an excellent example:
Newsweek Cannon Hinnant article

Our nation, right now, is in the throws of violent rioting and destruction, purportedly due to racism by white people against black people. I contend that most racism would just drift away if the Media and most notably the left-wing media, would just leave the racial component out of things. In their story about Cannon, Newsweek does a remarkable job of just that. A "man" shot a boy. No mention of race. Under most circumstances, I'd applaud that. But, in this case, it seems somewhat hypocritical as it was a "black" man who shot a white boy. Reverse those races and this story would be front page for months and buildings would burn!

This is the post I shared this morning:

 "250,000 bikers in Sturgis South Dakota. Many bikers carry pistols concealed, others carry openly. No shootings. No stabbings. No murders. No looting. No police assaulted. No statues torn down. No destruction of private or public property. No traffic blocked. 250,000 bikers with 84 total arrests, mostly for public intoxication. Contrast those numbers with what happens EVERY WEEKEND in Chicago. Badass Bikers Matter."

Here's a pretty good report of the crimes and traffic issues encountered by South Dakota Law Enforcement. This post is right on! 
Pierre, SD Capital journal

Overall, hangs this meme. It's true, it's timely and it's urgent!

Sunday, August 09, 2020

John Rice YouTube video about Child Trafficking

A powerful video about the web of national Child Pornography and Human Trafficking  in our country and world.

This guy, John Paul Rice, is a producer in Hollywood and is speaking out about the sex trafficking going on in Hollywood and the rest of our country.
John Paul Rice bio at IMDB

Watch this video!

President Trump's 2020 Ad "The Best Is Yet To Come"

Facebook has been covering this, claiming that their "Fact Checkers" have found that it is "partially false"

Bull!  Here is the YouTube video of President Trump's 2020 ad.

If, for some reason YouTube takes it down, I have downloaded a copy and will have it available.

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Two Issues which Must Be Dealt With!

At present, we have two major issues in our country.

First, the Corona virus "pandemic".  It has morphed from a viral pandemic which affected most of the world to major political issue here in the United States.  The disease is really being shunted aside by those in power.  "They" have been deliberately lying about and concealing an effective treatment and even preventative treatment for this Covid19 madness.  Why?  Most likely money.  

The Hydroxychloroquine (or Quercetin)/Zinc/Azithromycin treatment is very $5 a treatment?  The vaccine They are trying to produce and the Remdisivir treatment They promote are both very expensive.  Also, Covid19 hospitalizations and/or deaths are worth a pretty good check to the hospitals involved.

As a bonus, They are able to use this virus as a club against President Trump in Their fevered effort to remove him from office.

Second, the riots occurring in many of our major cities.

The death of George Floyd was tragic and probably unjustified.  But, those who are willing to take any road to get rid of our President saw it as more.  A White Cop and a black "victim" played right into Their hands so it was hyped by Their media and protests about it were agitated to produce riots and violence to an extent we haven't seen in 60 years or more.

Now, the Mainstream Media deliberately downplays the rioting, calling it "peaceful protest" and use it as an example of how ineffective our President must be.  At the same time, those normal citizens who live in these riot zones are being hurt, both physically and financially.  Our citizens are suffering because an elite group of Deep State insiders want anarchy.

And our government is completely useless, partly because Democrat Governors and Mayors are following the orders from Them and allowing the rioting and destruction to continue.  Their police forces are acting as if their oath is to the Governor, Mayor and city council; not to God, themselves and the people.  The police are following the "orders from on high".  Thus, the violence gets worse by the day.

President Trump needs to make the Hydroxychloroquine treatment available to any doctor who wants to try it, without repercussions.  

Those who have deliberately concealed these treatments, for their own purposes, (Can you say; "Fauci"? "Gates"? "Big Pharma"?) should be charged with Murder and Treason.

It's far past the time for the President to invoke the Insurrection Act and send the Military in to these rioting cities and just clean it up.  Shoot whoever you must and arrest the leaders.  You think the FBI doesn't know who the real leaders are of all this?  Quick, surgical arrests would put a stop to it all in a hurry, along with overwhelming force against the sheep who are just following the orders of Those Behind the Scenes.
Insurrection Act knew about HCQ in 2005! Yale Dr. says HCQ treatment would save lives Riots Floyd Arrest/bodycam footage

Thursday, August 06, 2020

US ‘Frontline’ Doctors’ website exposes CRIMINAL CAMPAIGN by tech giants, govt agencies to block COVID cure

I'm not writing my own article today as I found this one on Facebook and it says everything I've been saying

The withholding, concealment and censorship of the FACT that the Hydroxychloroquine treatments work.  That those treatments not only alleviate the symptoms of Covid 19 but can even prevent it...Those acts by our Main Stream Media, Social Media and President Trump's advisors have needlessly cost the lives of thousands of people.  This disinformation (lying) campaign against these treatments is not only, in my opinion, Murder and Treason but actually Crimes Against Humanity.


US ‘Frontline’ Doctors’ website exposes ‘criminal’ campaign by tech giants, govt agencies to block COVID cure

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Basic radio comm information

This is a repost on this blog.  The original was in October, 2014.  I've added a few things here.

I'm reposting this because, as events in our country become more and more chaotic, we may find ourselves in what we Preppers call an SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) situation.  Or maybe even TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it). Good communications will be important.

I spent a fair amount of time deciding what I wanted to do for personal communications. First, I considered what I want to accomplish.

I'm not greatly interested in communicating with the big world. I just want to keep in contact with my close group, family and friends and CB radio or the GMRS/FRS bubble pack radios meet my goals just fine for little expense.

But, in doing all this research, I read many posts and articles advocating an amateur (Ham) radio license and some radios to go with it so I started reading up on that. There is no longer a requirement for Morse code to get your basic (technician) ham license, there is just a written test covering FCC rules and some basic radio and electronics information; most of which I have learned in 16 years of working on computers. I took the test and got my license.

Most ham radios are semi-expensive but I could afford an HT (handi-talkie) made in China that uses
the VHF and UHF frequency bands. I bought the Bao-Feng UV-5R, got a better antenna for it, a battery replacement that plugs into my cigarette lighter and a magnetic antenna for the car; all for about $100 and kind of spread out these purchases over a month or so. There are several models of these. I have two UV-5Rs with better antennas, extra batteries, external mic and cigarette lighter battery. I would also recommend the programming cable as the keyboard programming is kind of a pain.

On the 2 meter band (Very High Frequency or VHF), 144MHZ-150MHZ (give or take) the local Ham clubs have repeaters set up. These are non-government, privately owned and maintained. They link together giving me reliable communications from Great Falls to Billings to Vegas and Tucson, all with my little 4Watt HT! I was thrilled.

In addition, High Frequency (HF) radios and antennas are available which will provide good long range communications through what we CBers call "Skip"; bouncing the signal off the ionosphere. Those are a little more expensive but I found a used Kenwood and set it up.  I'm using a home built fan dipole antenna and have talked with people throughout the U.S. on it.

So, I now have a good SSB capable CB radio in the house and all vehicles, another UV-5R that I can set up in a car with a magnetic antenna or I can put the long "rubber ducky" antenna on it and carry it anywhere. I also splurged on Ebay and got a VHF mobile radio for my main vehicle.
When I'm at home, I just connect another magnetic antenna (I live in a metal trailer house) to a UV-5R and have a serviceable base.

Here's a rundown on basic radios available to us.

CB: Citizens Band: ( No license required. We all remember these. CB was a big deal in the 70s but cell phones have made them less popular although most truck drivers still have and use them and there is a big hobby group who try to "skip" signals for distance (DX) contacts, mostly on the SSB channels. CB is good for between 5 and 15 miles and you can have mobiles in your car, walkie talkies in your hand and base stations in your house. They are easy to find but on the expensive side. A CB with SSB channels will run over $200 plus getting a decent antenna. The system in my house cost me about $350 and I was buying on Ebay. SSB radios aren't as easy to come by locally but they are worth it.

MURS: Multiple Use Radio Service ( No license required. Maximum legal transmit at 1watt. Five frequencies available. Line of sight signal. This is a pretty good way to keep in local/close contact. A legal MURS radio will give you about one-two miles of communication range with a compact HT type radio but there are only five frequencies to choose from and I'm not sure where to buy the radios.  The Boefeng radios will program to MURS channels but you can only turn their transmit power down to 2 watts.  Frankly, I doubt the FCC or anyone else will notice but, technically, using the BeoFeng radios on MURS frequencies is illegal.

FRS: Family radio service (
No license required. These are the bubble pack radios you can buy at sporting goods stores, Walmart, Amazon and so on. The radios that have a stubby little antenna and 14 channels are FRS radios. Legal transmit is .5 Watts (500 milliwatts), giving you about the same range; maybe a little less, as the MURS but these radios are easy to find and fairly inexpensive.

GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service
( Need a family license that requires no test but does require $85 for the FCC. These are also the bubble pack radios you find all over. If you find one that says it has two power ranges and/or has 28+ channels, this is a combination of FRS and GMRS in one handheld. GMRS has a lot of capabilities over FRS but GMRS requires a license. Licensed GMRS users can use up to 50 watts of transmit power, repeaters and radios with better antenna. If you check the fine print on the package of the little handi-talkie radios you just got from Amazon, it will tell you that you can't transmit on the GMRS channels without a license but I think the FCC is going to be kind of overwhelmed soon and I'd be surprised if the licensing thing lasts much longer.  

The Baofeng radios are all programmable for MURS, FRS, GMRS and Ham frequencies. Certainly they provide much more transmit power than is legal for FRS and for MURS. Also, they are not really type accepted by the FCC for those frequencies. They are only legal for licensed Amateur radio users to use on the approved Ham radio frequencies on the 2 meter and 70cm bands; VHF and UHF.

One of these little radios can be programmed to use everything listed here except CB if you want. It just isn't legal.

In addition, they can be set up as police scanners as you can program in the police frequencies. I strongly suggest, if you are going to do this,that you get the CHIRP software and a programming cable so you can tell the radio NOT to transmit on the police/fire/public service frequencies as it would be easy to accidentally do so when you are listening and I can guarantee a visit from the FCC if that kind of thing happens!

So, you can buy a nice little walkie talkie for around $40 which can be programmed to work with other radios you may have already gotten, can listen to Public Service agencies and can be used on ham radio frequencies, basically any VHF/UHF frequency, and will provide decent transmit power and communication range for almost any scenario.

After going down this road myself, I will say that I recommend getting your Amateur Radio license, joining a local Ham Radio club and learning more about this hobby. As I said at the beginning, I figured that CB and GMRS would meet my goals but I found that there is a lot more about radios and communication that I want to learn and be involved in.

When I was hiking in the mountains of Montana last summer I was often in areas where I had no cell coverage. Face it, in Montana, I'm often in my car on the freeway without cell phone coverage! But, now that I can use the VHF repeaters that are available almost anywhere, I am almost never without reliable communication. That can literally be a lifesaver if you travel much and the knowledge you gain in using these radios might serve you and your group very well in an SHTF situation.

I've set up my camp trailer with a good battery/solar system so that I have plenty of electrical power available.  I have an antenna that I can throw over a tree limb and have reliable communications on HF radio.  My VHF antenna can be placed on the roof of my trailer and give me a little more distance on my handheld and I have CBs in all my vehicles.  Wherever we have to go, my family, friends and myself can keep in contact and reasonable contact can be maintained with other groups in our area.

For many years, people have been trying to be prepared for the times in which we live today.  Are you laughing at Preppers today?