Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where are the Heros? (Beware! Political post)

Where, today, are our heros? As our Country faces so many problems; economy, war, terrorism and so on, where are the Men with Principles? Men who will stand by their country and do what’s right without regard to the political expedient, the polls or the money?

Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton. How about Houston, Travis or Austin? We used to be a nation of heros and the whole world saw us that way. Now, we are a nation of political correctness and weakness. No wonder Al-Quieda attacked us so forcefully. They were used to seeing America as a coward, hiding behind rhetoric and diplomacy. Did you ever try to talk a schoolyard bully out of picking on you? Did logic work with him?

I believe certain things about our country. I believe that there are still a significant number of strong, courageous and ambitious people living here in America. Most of them are those for whom our “leaders” feel nothing but contempt. They didn’t go to the “right schools”. Most of them either didn’t go beyond High School or went to local or state Colleges. But they WORK for a living and for America. They build the cars, they grow the food, they build the “infrastructure” that our elitist leadership takes for granted. Our enlisted military is made up of those people today.

I believe that if we are allowed to do our work, without Government interference then our economy will rebound on its own. Just lower the taxes and get out of the way!

I believe that if we are allowed to take the war against terrorism to them…wherever they may be and however that might have to be done and then terrorists will run and hide. And leave the 2nd amendment alone. Our ability to protect our homes and communities is part of the reason that those same terrorists don’t want to come to rural America.

We need cowboys, farmers and other working class folks from the flyover states running our government and all those elitist Ivy League fat cats can go back where they came from!

In around forty years, we have come from Rosa Parks to Barack Obama. We should be rejoicing at the fact that racism is no longer a block for anything. If it were, then President Obama would not have been elected! Instead, we watch more of the same politics as usual, with a figurehead out front being led by his teleprompter. We don’t need socialism in our financial market, our healthcare or our government. We need Freedom to do what we do and the rewards of doing it well.

Our country was not built on handouts from the government. The government didn’t subsidize the westward expansion. There were no bailouts to the makers of covered wagons or those who drove them. No food stamps or welfare programs. Neighbors helped each other. Churches took care of their communities.

So, what can we do today? Contact your congressmen. Let them know how you feel about increasing taxes, increasing our national debt and handing money out to those who already have it all! When there is an election or referendum in your community…VOTE! If there is an issue about which you feel strongly, then get out there and work for it. Volunteer to help. If political causes aren’t your thing, I’ll bet there are places that provide help for the poor and needy in your community. When was the last time you helped at the local shelter, donated food to the local food bank or gave of yourself for a local charity or benefit?

I believe it is again time for our country to be built from the bottom up. Those at the top screwed it all up so those of us at the bottom have to start again. The problem is that our elected leaders are standing on us and not letting America’s people do the work they are so capable of doing.

I’m going to the Tax Day Tea Party at the State Capital in Helena, MT. Find out where your closest Tea Party is and attend! Show Washington that it’s more than just a few out here who are not interested in paying more taxes so that things can just get worse!

Congressional representatives:

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ruth Sweeten Obituary (From Becky Muench)


Ruth Gerber Sweeten

February 2, 1922 – March 21, 2009

Ruth Gerber Sweeten, formerly of Malad, Idaho, passed away from natural causes on March 21, 2009 in the home of her daughter, Christine Goodwin of Orem, Utah.
Ruth was born February 2, 1922 in Spring Lake, Utah to Ether Lyman and Cornelia Hanks Gerber. She was the second of four children and the only girl. Ruth attended many schools as her father was a carpenter who moved the family from job to job. Ruth graduated from Shasta Union High School in Redding, California where she was on the diving team. Ruth served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in southern California where she met her future husband, Colen H. Sweeten Jr., who was also serving a mission there at that time. They were married in the Salt Lake temple on June 29, 1944 while Colen was on furlough from the U.S. Army during W.W. II.
Ruth spent most of her married life living in Malad and Holbrook, Idaho. She worked in the Ford Garage as bookkeeper and later in the Malad Department Store. Ruth developed the well deserved reputation of a great candy maker and sold many, many boxes of her wonderful chocolates over the years. Ruth and Colen raised their family in Malad and then lived in Boise, Idaho for nine years where she worked for Boise Cascade. She and Colen both worked and retired in Boise and then returned to Malad. They moved to Springville, Utah in December of 2000 to be closer to family.
Ruth was a member of the L.D.S. Church and held many positions over the years as she loved to serve her Heavenly Father.
Ruth was preceded in death by her husband, Colen H. Sweeten Jr., her daughter, Jan Isom, her son-in-law, Charles Isom, her granddaughter, Jennifer Isom, Ruth’s parents and her three brothers, Dale, Clyde and Glade Gerber. She is survived by her children Susan (Bill) Erickson, Pleasant Grove, Utah; Eileen Hess, Springville, Utah; Christine (Bryce) Goodwin, Orem, Utah and Colen H. (Cindy) Sweeten III, Springville, Utah; fifteen grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren.
A viewing will be held Friday, March 27 from 6 to 8 pm at the Horsley Funeral Home at 132 West 300 North in Malad, Idaho and also one hour prior to funeral services. Funeral services will be at 12 noon on Saturday, March 28 at the Malad 6th Ward building at 200 West 400 North. Burial will be in the Malad City Cemetery.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kalispell weekend

Howdy all!!

Well, John Westbrook and I had a great time opening for the "Members of" the Mission Mountain Wood Band on Friday, the 20th. Let's get some links here and then go on with the story.

The Good Wood Band (some of the M2WB members)
Rob Quist (One of the original members of M2WB)

This was a benefit concert for the Kalispell Police Association. The KPA does a lot of anti-drug education, suicide prevention and other great things for the youth and schools in the Kalispell area. A very nice bunch to work with.

First, I think that if I'd been with Lewis and Clark, they'd have discovered Cleveland. I haven't been to Kalispell in a long time but I knew to go east from Helena, take 141 north at Avon, then 200 then 83. But somehow, I missed the junction at Hwy 83 (There's only a big gas station, Convenience store, rest area and campground there. No wonder I just didn't notice all of that along with the big reflective highway sign that says "Kalispell -->").

Anyway, we wound up going through Missoula and up Hwy 93 through Polson. Apparently, it's springtime. Road Construction season is upon us!

Despite my superior navigational skills, we actually got to Kalispell with plenty of time to spare and got over to the Fairgrounds for a sound check. Rob Quist's sound guy, Walt Peckham, ran the hardware and was very good. We were extremely impressed with the job Walt did for both groups.

One of the Kalispell PD detectives MC'd for us and after his introduction, as we were getting ourselves together on stage, John said to the crowd: "It's good to see a policeman nervous, isn't it?" They loved it and he got a big laugh. Our show went very well. We had the audience laughing, crying and singing along throughout our hour plus of time. I finished by doing Wayne Nelson's "Snowville" poem and when the MC came up to get rid of us, the audience didn't want us to get down. We got a standing O as we walked off stage. All in all a very great time.

The Out of the Blue-Grass (Mission Mountain WB) band did their usual fantastic job. I love to listen to these guys. With Rob's original songs and the bluegrass instrumentals and all the stuff they do they are a very entertaining group. I hope we get a chance to see them again.

I managed to find the right route back home so we cut about an hour off the trip on our return.

For you pool players out there, I went to a bar in Kalispell where they had one pool table. The nap was so thick that I thought they might have covered it in shag carpet. The cuestick tips were terrible and they were using that cheap Chinese chalk. You know the stuff. Anyway, if you made anything other than a centerball hit you got a miscue. The kids in there to hear the band were terrible pool players but they were willing to play for $5 a game all night. Pity I had such a short time to enjoy their company! Oh well, gas money, anyway.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ok. I feel the need to debunk some current religious fervor. Global warming is a hoax. Climate change is not caused by the overuse of SUVs or the flatulence of cows.

It's 12 below zero here this morning. It's March. The coldest Montana March in over six years and really a normal condition for us here. The arctic Ice is increasing again. Las Vegas had snow this year for the first time in a long time. You notice that those who were crowing the most about Global Warming only a year ago are now calling it "Climate Change" to try and cover these weather situations.

I guess nature just does what she wants without our help. Sorry Algore, your Nobel Prize was issued a bit prematurely.

Later all, I'm on my way up to Shindolls to help feed cows this morning.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Modern Country Music...Yuck!

I've been somewhat disenchanted with the modern country music that I hear when I'm forced to listen to top 40 stations but I rarely have much exposure to it because I just don't listen to those stations much. Yesterday, though, I was practicing my pool game in a bar where they have continuous country music playing and a video screen which displays info about the artists. It was horrible.

They all sound the same. They all look the same. It was almost like one four hour song playing! The only time there is a semi-break in the monotony is when they switch from a male to a female singer. So far, you can still tell those apart.

One "Country" band had information about their "influences" U2, Elvis and some other rock bands I didn't really know. Their main influences were rock bands and their "country" music reflects that.

The argument is "That's what the kids want". Why, then is the popularity of Country Music dwindling? Could it be because; if you want to listen to Rock, you'll listen to a rock station?

I'm an old guy, I know. And I try not to sound like my mother who really hated my ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Styx and Creedence. But I can't help it. The modern rock is either Rap or way too hard for me and modern Country doesn't really exist. I listen to the local classic rock station if I listen to music radio.

That brings up another point. It's not hard to find a classic rock station in most areas. Something that plays the 70's and beyond rock. Try to find a country station that isn't top 40!

Oh well, I'm old and grouchy and I guess I plan to stay that way. I'm gonna put on some Jerry Jeff Walker albums (note: albums, not CDs) and relax.