Tuesday, July 13, 2021

I was and am ready for a true Deadly Pandemic

There's no way I can say this without pissing people off. Oh well.

I've been a Prepper/Survivalist for over 40 years. Whether a "Red Dawn" situation...a military attack on our soil by a major power, or a "The Stand" kind of scenario, when a deadly viral pandemic wipes out most of humanity. I was and am ready.

Here's where I piss a bunch of you off.

If Covid19 had actually been what They advertised (and still proclaim) it to be, I'd have finally fit in to the world. Either I'd have caught it and died, in which case all my problems would have been solved. Or, I'd have been one of those naturally immune and all my problems would have died around me. Either way, I'd be good.

I can see myself choosing a house, from all those empty houses around me.  I could get gasoline from the tanks of the empty gas stations, food from all the other houses in the area, water from rivers and springs.  All around town, people have large and small stacks of firewood.  All those people would be gone, so it wouldn't be stealing to load up and haul their wood to my new house.  Horses, cows, chickens, deer, elk...all available for my exclusive use.

You see, a true deadly pandemic is...well...deadly. If you are exposed to it you catch it. If you catch it you die. If you are naturally immune you quickly become a Prepper/Survivalist or you die.

The government won't need a publicist to make people think the virus is deadly. We'll all see it around us as the bodies pile up and are burned to produce electricity (like in "The Last Ship") or are laying around in the streets, cars with bodies at the wheel blocking major highways, hallways of hospitals empty except for the decaying bodies. THAT's a deadly pandemic! If a vaccine becomes available, everyone left alive will want it. You won't have to bribe, threaten and cajole people into coming out for a free vaccine to ward off a real deadly virus.

When They first started hyping Covid19, They said that millions of Americans would die. We were told that people were dropping dead in the streets and in the ERs in Wuhan. Fear and panic were strongly encouraged. It all turned out to be a lie. Covid19 turned out to not be anywhere near as contagious as the Seasonal Flu and only slightly more virulent.

But, not wanting to let a good crisis go unused, They made the most of it, making at least half of our country believe we were living in "The Stand". They continue to talk as if all the dire predictions came true. If you listen to The Main Stream Media, you'd still think that people are dropping in the streets and that, without The Vaccine, we'll all still die. Let's recap now.

They lied about the rate of contagion. They SERIOUSLY lied about the virulence and overall danger of the virus itself. They lied about masking and social distancing and caused major economic damage with the unnecessary shutdown and Their financial efforts to mitigate that. They lied about available treatments, such as Hydroxichloroquin.

After all those obvious lies, how can we entertain the thought of believing Their hype about these instant genetic "vaccines"?

Because, it's now a Political Religion. It caused enough damage to President Trump and enough distraction from the election that They were able to fraudulently place Their own trained monkey into the office of President.

Was Covid19 deliberately released into the world? Possibly but I actually believe that it WAS supposed to be, but later, once it was enhanced enough (Fauci's E-mails) to cause more damage. I think someone slipped up and let a more original version; less contagious or virulent, get out into Wuhan. But, it was out there and They had to play fast catch-up. They ordered Their media to make it sound like a World Ending Virus and push us to believe all the worst, even while a little common sense and logic should have made us realize we were being played. Those of us who caught on are still pariah's today and will probably be eliminated eventually. Certainly, if I had a bigger following here I'd have contracted a deadly version of Covid19 by now and would be well out of Their way.

It's a real virus. Yes. A few people will catch it. Most of those will have few or no symptoms. Some will be very sick. A small number, mostly those with serious underlying conditions, may die. You can say exactly the same about the flu, pneumonia or the common cold.

Bottom line?  We Preppers and Survivalists are still waiting for TEOTWAKI (The End Of The World As We Know It)