Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I'll be leaving this week to go cook at a hunting camp for Ramshorn Outfitters from Townsend, MT.

This one will be different from the last hunting camp I did as this is a pack in camp as opposed to a drive in camp.  All the gear goes in on horseback. 

I'm limited on how much weight I can take in so I can't take my dutch ovens or my other cast iron gear.  I am insisting on my big cast iron skillet, though.  I have a 15" skillet with a cover.  I can brown five pounds of hamburger in it at once or cook scrambled eggs for several people.  It gives me enough room and cooking surface to make eggs to order or even omelets if I want.  But, it weighs about 15 pounds.

I'll have a camp stove and a Camp Chef oven/stove top and will be cooking for as many as 13 people.

So, Friday I ride into the mountains for 3 weeks of new experiences!