Saturday, June 19, 2021

Information on Agenda 21 and how it effects Montana


At the 2021 Montana State GOP convention.

Vaccines have a negligible effect on Covid19 infections or severity

Ok. I know. Nobody cares. Either you are a True Believer of the Covid19 Deadly Pandemic or you are not. Either you are clamoring to get "vaccinated" or you are not. 45.2% of the U.S. population is listed as fully vaccinated. Most of those left are people like myself, who will have to be held down and forcibly stabbed.

This post is number heavy. Try to keep up. For help, you can use and run the numbers yourself.

Let's accept Their Covid19 numbers, for the sake of argument, since the REAL numbers are not published or available. I cite numbers from and a Google search into population.

The current U.S. Covid19 case numbers equal Just over 10% of the U.S. population (34,393,652 of 331,449,281).

Applying just a smidgen of logic, that means that just living your life, not worrying about Covid19 and just being a normal American is 90% effective against Covid19 infection. This with no risk of side effects or unknown and unknowable long-term effects.

The vaccine companies claim to be anywhere from 90-95% effective against Covid19. Vaccine companies also claim to be 85-95% effective at reducing the severity of the virus.

80.9% of cases are "Mild".

Adding fuel to my premise is the FACT that 2.2% of the word population has had or has the Covid19 virus. So, worldwide, just living your life and not even knowing there IS a Covid19 virus is almost 98% effective against it.

U.S. deaths from Covid19 are just under .2% of our population. Two TENTHS of One Percent!

1.8% of those who tested positive in the U.S. are listed as having died with Covid19. We ALL know this doesn't mean they died OF Covid19. They just had the poor luck to be infected when they had their heart attack, stroke or car wreck.

"Another non-peer reviewed study published in June found that over five months, 1,359 American health care workers who previously had COVID-19 and didn’t get vaccinated stayed clear of reinfection. The Cleveland Clinic researchers said, in the context of a short supply of vaccines globally, “a practical and useful message would be to consider symptomatic COVID-19 to be as good as having received a vaccine,” adding that people who’ve had the coronavirus “are unlikely to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination.”

It's a virus. You may catch it but you most likely will not. If you do catch it, the most likely result will be anything from mild cold to flu symptoms and you will be over it in a few days. It is possible that you will have more serious symptoms and might even be hospitalized. A very few who catch it, mostly those with already serious health issues, may die due to complications brought on by the virus. If you catch it, your body will build it's own immune system to fight it off in case it's ever again encountered.

So. I have two points here. One: getting a vaccine, about which there are valid questions concerning safety and/or true purpose, has a negligible impact on your chances of catching Covid19 and if you DO catch "The Virus", these suspicious vaccines have a negligible effect on the severity of your infection. Waste of time, energy and argument. Get the vaccine and take a chance on what They are forcing you into or Don't take the vaccines. No real difference in virus risk.

Two: Covid19 is NOT the World Ending Virus we have been indoctrinated to believe. There are trillions of viruses in the world, many much more virulent in all ways than Covid19. Shutting down the world, restricting travel, forcing masks and vaccines...all of this is incredible over-reaction and the situation has most likely been deliberately staged for political reasons. As a result, Covid19 has become a Political Religion with political goals, not medical goals.

If the media attention to Covid19 had risen to the level we have seen during bad Seasonal Flu years, but not made to seem as if it were a cause for panic and fear, most of us wouldn't even know it had happened. It was never as big a deal as we have been manipulated to believe.

You say that people who have lost family members would disagree? Maybe. but so would people who lost family members to H1N1, Flu, Aids and many others.

Friday, June 04, 2021

We Know a Lot but are Doing Nothing

My definition of "know", for the purposes of this post:

An examination of the available facts, by a reasonable person, with the application of logic, common sense and personal experience would result in the condition of "know"ing.

Debate me. Show me where I'm wrong here.

We know that the Main Stream Media is radically biased towards the Left. To the point of often misreporting (lying about) events, only reporting part of an event or even deliberately ignoring and covering up an event or fact.

    Yet, the MSM continues with their propaganda efforts, unabated and largely unopposed.

We Know that Jeffrey Epstein did NOT kill himself, but was murdered to shut him up. Why?

Because we KNOW that numerous political figures, wealthy business people, sports "heros", media superstars and other celebrities regularly participated in human trafficking, rape, torture and abuse, primarily of young women but also of young men, as part of Epstein's criminal enterprise. The argument isn't Did They do it?. The argument is about just who WAS involved.

    Yet, the murder of Epstein is accepted as suicide and the "Lolita Express" and the events at Epstein's Island are ignored, covered up and disregarded. I suggest that, since there have been no repercussions for these activities to this point, those activities have likely resumed and are ongoing, involving the same people, doing the same things; immune to prosecution or consequences.

We KNOW that President Trump was re-elected, probably by a wide margin, but They, using criminal and treasonous means and with the necessary cooperation of their Main Stream Media, stole our election. This negates the effort of any future election. At this point, They can place anyone They want in any office They need and there is nothing we the people can do about it.

We Know that Covid19 is just another virus and most likely, if not created there, was enhanced in the Wuhan labs in order to make it more virulent to people. A virus that either leaked from those labs by accident and then They took advantage of it or it was deliberately released on the world. The Covid19 virus was not worthy of the overwhelming response to it. We know that those responses were completely unjustified and were simply an effort to create and cement control over the world population, especially over the American people. Because, the one beacon of Freedom, the most influential of nations, HAD to be subjugated in order to take total control.

     Yet, even today, with all the revelations that have come out, with all the studies available and with all the shouting of truth by a few courageous Doctors, people still live in fear of this bad cold and our society still is being restricted...Controlled...with Covid19 as an excuse.

We know that there are effective treatments and preventions for Covid19 that were covered up and deliberately controlled. We know that the "vaccines" are NOT necessary, not researched and not safe. In fact, one thing we do Not Know is what those vaccines actually contain and/or what they truly are designed to accomplish.

    Yet, people are standing in line to get injected with experimental biological agents while completely ignorant of the possible or probable results of these injections.

We know many things but are doing nothing about it.  They did a test run against our election and it worked.  They got a demented puppet into the office of President and we've allowed it to happen.  Result?  Future elections will be shams.  They will fix the count to what They want.

They showed themselves and us that They have total control over the majority of our population.  They started with the "shutdown", then masking and now "vaccines".  It won't be long before They control our commerce and then all aspects of our lives, simply building on the control They have created with this inconsequential virus.  And we're allowing it to happen.  We're accepting Their control, even standing in line to become part of Their genetic experiment.

You don't believe me?  You need to learn to read.  Do some research.  Just look around you!