Saturday, December 24, 2016

Heartland on Canadian TV

I've been enjoying a TV show for a year or so now called Heartland.  It's a Canadian show so it's not easy to get in real time here in the U.S. but Joann had seen an episode or two somewhere and it was on Netflix so I decided to watch it with her.

Heartland has become kind of a ritual now.  Whenever Joann and I are together and have time, we turn it on for an episode or two.  We only watch it when we are together and we've tried to not "binge watch" and wear it out.  There are only seven seasons on Netflix and I bought seasons 8 and 9 on DVD.  They just finished season 10 and I can only hope there will be additional seasons ahead.  I don't know when season 10 will be available to buy yet and we're almost done with the season 9 DVDs.

It interests me that U.S. TV programs are sex, gunfights and gays.  Some of the most popular shows in Canadian TV have been Due South, Red Green and Heartland.  An incredibly opposite mix of tastes.  Mine run more Canadian-like.

Heartland is funny, happy and friendly.  The sex is very low key and the violence is virtually non-existent.  On Heartland, a kiss is important, even earthshaking at times.  On U.S. TV shows a kiss is the precursor to showing some skin; often on same sex partners.

I heartily recommend the show to everyone.  Start with Season 1, episode 1 and work your way through ten years of the Bartlett/Fleming family activities; as we did and are doing.