Thursday, December 08, 2022

Comply or Die!

My friend, Joann, has been slowly losing kidney function over the last ten years or so. During that time, she has been working to get herself on a list for kidney transplant. Her doctor calls transplant the "Standard of Care". I'm her Caregiver.

She jumped through all the hoops. She got colonoscopy's, dental work and anything else that the transplant center, in this case, Sacred Heart in Spokane, WA, wanted so they could insure that she would most likely accept a new kidney.

She not only got listed but managed to have waited long enough to be at the top of the list. We even got a couple of calls. The first one was for us to be ready to race to Spokane and the other call was for us to race to Spokane. After an eight hour nighttime drive, by the time we got there they had decided the kidney wasn't a good enough match, so we crashed for a few hours and then headed home again.
Anyway, she was in line to get a kidney. Then, the hysteria over The Worst Virus In History and eventually, the edict that she either become fully vaccinated or be suspended from the list.

We researched the magic elixir very carefully and she decided that the risks outnumbered the rewards. I wanted to argue with her but I couldn't as I agreed and agree. In fact, since then, even more information has become available which makes the idea of getting the genetic experiment shoved in our arms an incredibly risky thing to do!

Just last week, she got the final call. Was she willing to risk sickness or death from the "vaccine" or would she rather slowly waste away on dialysis. "Comply or Die!" We'll just keep on doing the dialysis. Many people go years doing that and are doing just fine. has a collection of information about the liquid bullets. 
We also recommend .

At the Vaccine Adverse Effect Report System (VAERS), there are more reports of Adverse Effects made against these vaccines in the past two years than All Other Vaccines Combined for the past THIRTY years!

We have a new vocabulary involving these shots:
Julien-Barre syndrome
and my personal favorite: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

We know many people who have had mild or no adverse effects from their vaccination. We also were personally acquainted with two people who died from it.

Although They (The powers in charge) continue to pretend that everything is just fine. "Nothing to see here". It's obvious that these liquid bullets are anything but safe and they are NOT effective. If you take the chance of being sick or dying from the shot, you will gain nothing. It doesn't keep you from getting The Virus. It doesn't keep you from passing on The Virus and it doesn't keep you from getting sick from The Virus. No positive effects and many possible negative effects.

As to transplant, when you get your transplant, you will be taking drugs which nullify your bodies immune system so that it won't reject the strange organ, in our case, a kidney. So, take a chance on getting mRNA spikes running around in your system, causing blood clots and heart inflammation but any possible immunity this experiment might offer is negated by the transplant procedures anyway. So, what's the point?

Well, one theory is sinister but simple. How many of us who have kidney issues are actually productive members of society? Aren't most End Stage Renal patients older, on SS and Medicare? Aren't we kind of a drain on "the system" with our retirement and government paid health care? Add to that the fact that those of us who refuse to believe obvious lies are just malcontents that the world would rather not have around? So, "Comply or Die".

If you have not yet participated in the Genetic Experiment, I strongly advise you to go beyond what the TV tells you and do some serious research before you bare your arm. It's your choice, but make it an INFORMED choice!

Update; 12-17-2022: