Wednesday, June 03, 2020

My response to the George Floyd situation and White Privilege

I haven't ever really weighed in on this racial B.S. before but I believe I will now.  Also, any of those who disagree with me, I'm THRILLED to debate this and vehemently wish you would please help me to understand why I am wrong in my opinion because I Really don't understand why people think the way they do.  The more time I spend with people, the more I like my cats.

Anyway.  I believe that the racial issue would be barely noticeable if the left wing liberals and their sycophantic media would just not MAKE race an issue all the time.  Race has never been an issue to me nor do I remember anyone in my family who had any problem with anyone because of race.  During my time in the Air Force, I met a few, both white and black, who made racist comments.  My overall opinion of those kinds of people is that there are just as many George Jefferson's as there are Archie Bunkers.

I just read an analogy of White Privilege that made me want to "urp".  White privilege my fat butt!  I grew up in a logging family in Idaho and Montana.  My family lived in half-tents in the mountains during the summer and back to their (primarily) log homes for the winter.  We were thrilled to graduate to trailer houses!  As a very young child, I remember helping my Grandmother remodel the lean-to shed on our house in Idaho into an indoor bathroom.  Before the luxury of an indoor bathroom, I remember my baths in a round, galvanized tub in the kitchen, in front of our wood cookstove.  Don't bring "White Privilege" to me!

The United States has an extensive public school system and the same high school education was available to black kids in the city as was provided for us out here in flyover country.  The military recruiters were knocking on doors in the GET-toh at the same time they were trying to woo me.  NAACP, UNCF, Affirmative Action...Don't remember such program available for we privileged white kids on the farms, ranches and logging camps in Montana and Idaho.  My point being that all these "underprivileged" city kids had as many and even at times more, opportunities as I.  If they didn't take advantage of those opportunities, that was THEIR CHOICE.  Don't whine that it was racial bias. 

Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, Cosby, Winfrey, Snipes, Murphy, Obama...Think of a few yourself.

Now, as to the George Floyd incident.  Try and understand.  NO one hates dirty cops more than the good cops do!  And most cops ARE good!  I got into Law Enforcement, in a large part, because I HATE bullies...of any color on any color.  When I was in grade school, you'd find me getting between bullies and their victims.  No WAY would the Floyd incident have happened if I had been on the scene.  Including today, as a civilian. 

I watch those videos and I'm sickened by the actions of that evil cop.  At the same time, I'm disgusted with the inaction, not just of the other cops, but of the jerks filming it!  How could they just stand there and whimper at that cop while Floyd was crying for help?  Why didn't they step in and stop what was going on?  So, were they afraid to go to jail?  Afraid they might be placed in that same situation?  Pussies!  I'd have been in the faces, not only of Chauvin but of the other cops as well.  And, if they still didn't stop his actions, I'd have moved him off of Floyd myself.  How can I say this?  Because I've faced such situations before and I know myself. I know I'd have Had To Try! In fact, if I had been behind one of those phones and then gone home, without doing anything about it, I'd never have been able to live with myself.  Better the cops had killed me for trying to help than I live as a coward from then on!  There are worse things than dying, my friends.  Believe it.

And now, back to the racial issue.  What happened to George Floyd is terrible and should never HAVE happened.  But the only reason it's a national issue is because the media decided it should be.  Don't believe me?  Try researching the names of Lavoy Finicum and Jack Yantis to name two.  White men murdered by white cops.  Bet most of you "protesters" have never heard of them.  Or, if you have, you figure that the official "Justified" is correct.  You don't believe "justified" if the victim is black and the cop is white so why do you so easily accept it when that isn't the case?  Black privilege?  Hmmm?