Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting the Townsend Gathering together

Ok. Several of you have mentioned that I haven't been keeping up the blog very well this spring. You are right. I've been trying to keep myself financially sound while at the same time getting the Gathering together. I'm not sure I'm very successful at either!

For those of you who don't know how we do this, Joann Shindoll and I (one or both of us) personally go into every business in Broadwater County and many in Bozeman and Helena, soliciting ads for our program book. Basically, the program book pays all the bills and we hope the audience is money for the Fire Department. We solicit the ads, Joann creates the ads on her computer and then the two of us compile the book before taking it in to the printer. It's a two or three month job and we are feeling pretty overwhelmed by this time each year.

In addition, the Fire Department will pit roast a pig and we will provide a dinner on Saturday night of roast pig, coleslaw, potato salad and dessert. Joann arranges most of this and the Fire Department helps the night of the dinner.

We will have art and craft booths in the High School lobby. Joann coordinates all of the vendors and gets them lined up.

What do I do? Well, mostly, I follow Joann around and look busy. Actually, I handle most of the promotion and I coordinate with the performers, get the motel rooms together, arrange the Night Show schedule, set up the Day-Show sign-ups and that sort of thing.

Anyway, that is my excuse for pretty much ignoring the http://www.cowboyentertainer.com/ website and this blogsite for so long.

Our Night Show has pretty much come together so far. We've had some cancellations and changes but things seem to be where they should be... finally. I will be posting the Night Show line-ups either today or tomorrow as well as a general schedule of events. This should all be at www.cowboyentertainer.com/ourshow.html .

I wish to thank all who have mentioned my neglect of the websites. This tells me that someone actually READS the things once in a while.