Thursday, March 18, 2021

This has ALWAYS been about control

The Covid19 panic was NEVER about the virus. They have known, since before They went public with "The Virus", that it isn't a world-ending, deadliest virus in history, Armageddon kind of thing.

This has ALWAYS been about control. Testing to see how much of it They could gain and how much we would tolerate. Judging which of us is resistant to Their control and then the solidification of control, a little at a time.

We all happily submitted to the lockdown, the social distancing, the isolation from each other, the closing of Churches, schools and small businesses. I'm sure Those In Power were rubbing Their hands saying: "I never thought it would be so EASY!"

When the Hydroxychloroquine treatment was realized, They shut that down hard. An inexpensive, effective treatment didn't play in their scenario so They wouldn't let doctors use it, while those who were more susceptible to Their virus suffered unnecessarily. And at the same time, people like Cuomo and Whitmer were deliberately putting those most vulnerable, but probably least necessary or "useful", people in harms way, getting rid of a few of them early on, while driving up those death numbers and adding to the fear/control.

I can see Them now: "Think we can get them to wear masks everywhere?" "See if they'll abandon their older family members". "I'll bet we can get them to rat each other out, too." "Let's see if these idiots will even let us drug them".

Little things like that, slowly tightening Their control over us.

Now, it's The Vaccine. We don't know what it really is. They admit that They don't know if it really works or is really safe but They admit their lack of knowledge in round-about ways... "Experts agree", "further study", "continuing to learn"...

So, what have They accomplished? They got a the majority of the public to do anything They wanted; lockdowns, masking, online shopping, "social distancing" and now not only acceptance of but a demand for an unknown injected drug.

As a side effect, they managed to completely and blatantly steal an election, getting rid of President Trump while getting Congress packed Their way and a clueless idiot in the President's chair. They also managed to cripple small business, driving most to Their large corporate stores, often online so that our shopping habits and purchased items could be monitored.

I think it likely that the vaccine is a key element. If one of the long term effects of that is to make us more compliant, then They are rounding third and headed for home as far as total control is concerned.

What's the end game? How far will They take it this time? I don't know. Judging by what I see around me, I think They are in a position to do pretty much what They want now. Gotta get those guns first, though. They've been working on THAT for a Long time. Once we're disarmed, then things can go more smoothly.

I think that getting rid of those of us who are NOT compliant will be an important step and we're pretty visible. We aren't wearing face diapers, we haven't gotten and won't voluntarily get the vaccine. We still shake hands, hug and just act as if life is for living. Actions such as those make us stand out from the herd, making us obvious targets.

Those of us still using Social Media, as I'm now doing, to get out the warnings will be prime targets. I think the only reason I haven't contracted the "deadliest virus in history" yet is because my following is too small and is mostly made up of other dissidents. They don't care what we say to each other, even here. They just don't want the lemmings to get any glimmers of enlightenment. Actually, not much chance of that. If you are driving around alone or walking down the street or sitting in your own house with that stupid mask on then you are not a threat to anyone and They can ignore you. You're already one of Theirs.

So, if you're mostly in Their grasp but writings such as this have gotten your attention a little...what should you do? THERE'S a great question! First, DON'T LET THEM DRUG YOU!!! If you've already demanded to be included in Their genetic experiment and taken the initial dose, don't get the second one! Take off that stupid mask! Stop watching Mainstream Media. Go visit your Grandmother, she's lonely and needs you!

Second, you must find other dissidents. Not that hard at present. Go to your city counsel meetings or county commission meetings and see who refuses to wear a mask. If you see someone NOT wearing the face diaper, approach them and ask for help. Seriously. Interaction with other people is vitally important to the preservation of our country. Information is critical! Monsters can't live in the light. The light of truth will cause evil intentions to wither and die.

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