Saturday, March 04, 2023

They are Murderers!!

Many of you have expressed dismay over my continued posting of Covid information. You have asked; "Why am I so engaged in this?"

Because They are and have been lying! They used this virus to get more and better control of the general population, not only here in the U.S. but throughout the world.

When I began to understand that basic fact, I began reading more and more about this Most Deadly Virus Ever and the hysterical response to it. What They were telling us did NOT make good common sense, nor did it correlate with actual events and numbers.

In May, 2021, I posted the following blog article: in which I detailed much of this. Over the past couple of years, I have learned more and written more about all of it.

Even your State Sponsored Media is slowly beginning to allow similar articles to be printed. Those of us who have been shouting the warnings are beginning to be vindicated.

Today, Dr. Robert Malone posted a blog article with information from a DARPA fellow; a Major in the U.S. Marines, who has detailed how and where this Most Deadly Virus originated. Spoiler alert: The NIAID (read; Dr. Fauci) financed the development of this Virus in the WIV lab in Wuhan as well as in other labs around the world. WE paid to make it!

Part of how I've kept up with this kind of thing is that I'm willing, even eager, to read these somewhat dry and often hard to understand reports. This report, published by Dr. Malone, is something that even the non-readers among us should take the time to work through.

We financed the Gain of Function experimentation that made the Sars-Cov-WIV virus more contagious and more virulent among people.

We knew, before The Virus was released (Got away?) that Hydroxichloroquin, Ivermectin and other currently available and inexpensive medications were effective treatments, even CURES. So, all those who censored the information about these treatments were complicit in the deaths of thousands of people.

Bottom line? THAT's why I've been so engaged with this and will continue so to be. Evil people DELIBERATELY created The Virus and Deliberately concealed the easy, common, inexpensive and very effective treatments for it. In my opinion, and the opinion of many others, They are murderers who, so far, have gotten away with it.