Monday, March 15, 2021

Covidiots. Lab rats. Lemmings

I don't really see people as sheep any more. Lemmings, racing for the cliff.

Most people don't take the time to research anything but instead, blindly follow the orders of their "leaders" and the group. Anyone who questions the group is suspect and maybe dangerous.

I'm a very judgmental person. It's one of my many flaws. When I see some Covidiot wearing their mask, any place they don't HAVE to, I just see a gullible fool. and by "have to" I mean someplace that they really want to go but that requires the face diaper. For instance, buying bulk foods at Costco, I am forced to wear a face diaper. When I accompany Joann to a medical appointment, I play along. Most of the time, if a business requires a mask, I go to their competition. I certainly won't be wearing one alone in my car, walking along the street or any other place that a thinking person could see is not necessary.

One of our local doctors said it well. Covid19 is a flu. It's a little stronger than the regular seasonal flu but that's all it is. I've been showing proof of this for months, both on my social media posts and at this blogsite.

When They first started hyping this as a humanity destroying monster plague, I was intrigued.

I'd seen and read "The Stand" multiple times and that was what They wanted us to think we were in for...the deaths of millions of people, maybe even the destruction of our society, with people dropping dead in the street, truckloads of bodies being hauled anarchy. I was all set for it.

Think about it. If I had gotten this super deadly virus and died, all my problems would be gone. If I was one of the tiny minority that was immune, then most of my problems would have died around me! I wouldn't have done like the people in "The Stand". I would never have gone looking for other people and joined up, in a vain effort to rebuild society. I'd have stayed here in Montana, where the harsh weather keeps the few remaining people away and I could just live off of my surroundings in peace.

So, I was entranced by the hype being spread from CDC, WHO, Fauci and our government and media. I avidly watched the videos "leaked" out of Wuhan that showed people dropping dead in the street, emergency rooms over-filled and people lying dead in the halls. I said to myself: "Wow! Here it comes!" Turns out, it was all bullshit.

New York and Michigan artificially drove up the numbers by deliberately grouping the most vulnerable together. Anyone who died "with" Covid19 was claimed to have died "of" Covid19, thus artificially driving up the reported death numbers. When flu season came along, They just lumped all flu cases in as Covid19 cases, again altering the true numbers of cases and deaths.

Daily case numbers, true or not, were hammered into our heads by the media while our government continued to act as if the worst case were true, despite all the evidence that this was just another flu virus.

When a cheap, readily available treatment, even a cure, was introduced, (hydroxychloroquin/zinc/azithromycin) They made it illegal for doctors to use it and claimed it was dangerous, even though it had been used by many doctors, in this country and others, for months. Even though HCQ is an OTC medication in many countries and the entire dosage, to be taken a couple of times a day, was only about $3. Thus, for $6 a day, you can prevent Covid19 and, if you get it, can treat Covid19 with no side effects, using a drug that has been around for 60 years, and a high likelihood of success, either curing it completely in a few days or at least reducing the symptoms and effects.

But, again, the media, as the mouthpiece of The Government, either completely ignored any information about the HCQ treatment or, if mentioned at all, said that it had been "debunked". Any doctor still talking about it was villified and ridiculed.

And the media, along with Government Agents, continues to breathlessly report on daily cases, the dangers of social gatherings, the importance of masks...even though a cursory amount of research shows that, once again, the only term that seems to sum it all up, It's Bullshit.

Now, it's the "vaccine". A genetic experiment that They have talked all you lemmings into joining. When I see a vaccination card, I see a gullible idiot being used as a lab rat.

Most of this, from day one, has all been about CONTROL. How easily can the lemmings be controlled and led to the cliffs? Masks? Yep. The lemmings BELIEVE! Vaccines? Sure, why not? If the lemmings will go along with masking, avoiding their families and friends, abandoning their hobbies, abandoning their churches, staying away from their jobs then We KNOW they'll let us inject whatever we want to test or use. Once the majority is drugged and useless, we can easily identify those malcontents who insist on thinking for themselves.

What else will They tell you to do now? Everyone move to population centers, where They can more easily care for you? Abandon family farms and rural areas so you can all be together in one big happy commune? You'll have to be in a big population center in order to work as only the Government authorized employers will be available. Certainly, give up those guns. Those big bad military weapons have no place in a civilized society and the Government will be feeding you and caring for you so you don't even need hunting weapons. Give up those cars. They cause global warming and you won't need them anyway as, if there is any reason for you to leave your assigned housing, there will be public transport to any place you NEED to go.

Here. Do some reading yourself, if you still can. Maybe, if I can get ONE person to THINK and use a little common sense, I can save that person from the fear being pushed by our government and Their media. Maybe, if one person reads these facts and decides against being an experimental lab rat, I will have saved that person from whatever They have in mind.

But I doubt it. You accepted the lie about the virus. You accepted, even welcomed, the control aspects of Covid19 restrictions and now you're lining up for the genetic injections. You accepted the election theft without even blinking. Anything else They tell you to do, well, you've already gone this far. The habit of obeying is becoming more and more entrenched. Obey. Obey. Lemmings. Gullible fools. Lab rats.

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