Monday, January 23, 2023

Another "Coffee and Covid" quote

I have been receiving daily e-mails from the blog for a couple of years now.  I look forward to my C&C e-mail every day.  They are very informative and quite entertaining.

I strongly recommend that you subscribe.

This is an excerpt from

"Right at the very beginning, I remember being tempted to panic. It was the early videos of ordinary-looking Chinese people suddenly going rigid and keeling over in the street, then being swarmed by scurrying officials in space suits. It looked JUST LIKE on of the pandemic movies. I agonized about where I could send Michelle and the kids to keep them safe.

But the more I watched those video clips, the more I began to doubt. I couldn’t shake a growing conviction that the ‘victims’ looked a whole lot like they were jamming their hands out, right at the last second, to break their fall. That’s when I got skeptical, and then when corporate media started its death counters and relentless apocalypse narrative I couldn’t stand it anymore and started writing on Facebook.

(Later, I got even more skeptical when, after having no vaccine at all for cancer after 100 years of research, no vaccine for HIV after 40 years of intense study, and no vaccine or anything for the common cold, then after a “novel” virus mysteriously appears, suddenly FOUR different pharmaceutical companies dramatically ‘invent’ a 100% safe and effective vaccine, all within twelve months? I smelled a rat. A rat in a business suit that worked for a government agency.)

All I ever wanted from the blog was to offer a few folks a different way to look at the pandemic, maybe a better way. I didn’t mean to cause trouble. I knew it was risky. Right from post number one, some people didn’t like me “downplaying the pandemic.”

Some people didn’t like it a LOT.

One thing has always been crystal clear to me. Our enemies — whoever they are — want us to be in a permanent, sustained state of anxiety and depression, if not outright terror. It is a core part of their strategy. And one funny coincidence — among a lengthy list of ‘coincidences’ — was that for the last six years I’d been teaching a bible study class and one of my favorite topics was the dual sins of worry and fear.

That’s right. The Bible teaches that worrying and being fearful are sinful."

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

What Happens When The Truth Is Undeniable?

A post I made a couple of days ago bears repeating as a beginning to this rant.

"If I don’t take the vaccine,
I’m at risk from Covid.

If I do take the vaccine,
I’m still at risk from Covid.
PLUS the side effects from having the jab.

Therefore I am reducing my risks by not taking the vaccine".

Simple question of "Risk vs. Reward"

What is the "Reward" for participating in the Genetic Experiment?

The "Vaccines" do NOT:

Protect you from getting Covid 19
Keep you from spreading it to others
Mitigate the effects of The Virus

What are the RISKS of joining the experiment?

Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis
Transverse Myelitis
Narcolepsy, Cataplexy
Acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)
Acute Demyelinating Diseases
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
Venous Thromboembolism
Arthritis and Arthralgia/Joint Pain
Kawasaki Disease
Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

And, a new term, near and dear to my heart: "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome"

VAERS = Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
There are, currently, more reported Adverse Effects to the Covid "vaccines", in the past Two years, than All Other Vaccines COMBINED for the past Thirty Years!

These are simple, verifiable FACTS. The only response from the CDC/FDA/Big Pharma is that, in Their narrative, these effects are "rare".

So is death by Covid 19. .6% of all people who catch Covid19 die from it.

A friend of mine and thousands like her, has been denied life saving and life changing surgery because, for whatever reason, they chose to NOT be included in the Genetic Experiment.

Because she took the time to research the possible consequences of being injected with an experimental substance. Because she decided that the risks involved in going along with what appeared, at the time, to be lies and propaganda, my friend was removed from the kidney transplant list.

Her decision was made almost two years ago, when we had to dig pretty deeply to find any real information about the jabs. Back before Freedom of information Act requests brought to light the truth of the initial testing of the "drugs". Back before the FDA admitted some of the deadly consequences of joining in.

I can tell you that there are thousands of others in the same kind of situation as, despite all the current information; all the evidence and all the terrible results we are seeing, the medical "powers that be" continue to act as if there is nothing wrong. Their "vaccines" are safe and effective. If you don't believe me, just take a little bit of time to look into VAERS reports, current statistics and warnings from thousands of now vilified and censured Doctors and Scientists, who have refused to be silenced.

So, what will the kidney transplant Doctors say to people like her when They HAVE to Admit the truth? "Oops. Sorry about that."?

Sunday, January 01, 2023

One World Government Is Already In Charge!!

The following is an excerpt from today's substack e-mail. It's very long but it's very thought provoking. I can't find a single thing in it with which to argue.

If you haven't subscribed to this site, I strongly suggest that you do. I read more truth in his blogs each morning than the Corporate Media prints in a year! I look forward to my coffeandcovid e-mail each day.

"I do believe the 2020 covid-19 pandemic revealed a provable global conspiracy. Most folks think the conspiracy was intended to engineer a one-world government. But I wonder if we’re way beyond that. I think the pandemic may provide irrefutable evidence that WE ALREADY HAVE A ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT. A secretive, hidden, elusive one-world government.

But just for a moment there, the mask slipped, and its grotesque countenance was fully revealed.

The evidence appears obvious in hindsight. Basically, over about a three-week period in March, 2020, every single government in the entire world implemented the exact same draconian, totally anti-constitutional lockdowns and rabidly unpopular mitigation measures — without a peep of meaningful protest, debate, or question from their elected officials.

In other words, it looks a lot like somebody just made a phone call.

Human governments never agree on much of ANYTHING, much less something like napalming their own economies. The Chinese agreed with the Japanese. The Venezuelans agreed with the Grand Bahamians, who agreed with the Cubans. The Indians agreed with the Pakistanis. The Italians agreed with the French, who agreed with the British. The Iranians agreed with the Israelis. The Greeks agreed with everybody, and so did EVERYBODY. Even the Canadians.

Give me a flipping break.

All that agreement — also known as “coordination” — is plain evidence that something bigger was unfolding behind the scenes, something above them that could govern and coordinate all the governments. The law says that absent a sufficient alternative explanation, coordinated action alone is prima-facie evidence of a conspiracy. Just ask any anti-trust lawyer about coordinated pricing in a particular market, or ask an employment lawyer how to prove discriminatory hiring practices.

But there was something else, something that confirms the conspiracy hypothesis. It was something that was MISSING from the 2020 coordinated world action, the absence of something that SHOULD have been there, and its absence constitutes evidence. In 1892, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle explained the simple concept via his famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, who noticed the significance of the dog that DIDN’T bark:

    Scotland Yard detective Gregory: “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw         my attention?”

    Sherlock Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”
    Gregory: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.”
    Holmes: “That was the curious incident.”

What was missing in 2020? What dog did not bark?

What was missing was any POLITICAL DEBATE about HOW to respond to the virus. When the first lockdowns rolled in, where were all the legislators, the parliaments, the ministers, and the delegates? How could such a monumental, universal, economy-wrecking, border-mangling decision be lawfully made, world over, without ONE SINGLE GOVERNMENT VOTING ON ANYTHING?

Don’t tell me it happened too fast. They can call emergency sessions.

“Fear” is usually offered next as a sufficient explanation, but instantaneous, 100% uniform, worldwide fear that bypassed every single democratic institution and every skeptical government is even less believable than a conspiracy.

No nation of any significance said, you know what, we don’t trust the Americans. We’ll wait a couple months and see what happens. The North Koreans didn’t thumb their noses and go their own way. The lockdowns were a single mitigation that dropped right into place just like the last puzzle piece. And everything that happened for the next twelve months happened without any meaningful public democratic debate. (A couple rogue African nations briefly resisted until their executives were visited by the Clintons.)

As evidence that SOME nation should have done something differently, just look at the U.S. states, which operated somewhat independently. What do we find? Not all of them locked down. Look at the counties: even fewer followed the uniform action.

Why didn’t ANY nation follow the same mixed pattern that we can see in U.S. states and counties?

The alleged mechanism of coordination was “executive action.” In every single country. Executive action appears, for all intents and purposes, to be universally all-powerful, that is, when it is REALLY necessary, it does whatever it wants. Conveniently, every single nation out of 175 countries apparently had laws allowing unilateral executive action instantaneously bypassing every democratic safeguard.

And, bizarrely, every executive agreed with the same plan. Apparently. Or, ‘someone’ bypassed or overruled them all. It proved that our legislators, parliamentarians, delegates and ministers are merely window-dressing, when push comes to shove. They’re just actors, whether they know it or not.

Someone made a call.

It’s fair to wonder: who is this ‘someone’ who can make a call and every world executive gets right into line and the entire world locks down? But on the other hand, who cares? What difference does it make to name the person? It’s probably someone we never heard of anyway. The more important and much more pressing fact is that THERE IS SUCH A PERSON.

It’s not Klaus Schwab. Don’t make me laugh. He is a joke, a living caricature, a pathetic, disposable, cartoon front-man who never accomplished anything. He’s the German version of Sam Bankman-Fried.

And I doubt it was a group. It happened too fast. You can speculate all you want about the Illuminati, the freemasons, the Rothschilds, the Bilderbergers, and the Jesuits. Like all human institutions, even those, if they exist, are hierarchical organizations. Meaning there’s someone — one person — at the top. And that person has no reason to come out of the shadows.

So I ask you, based on the plain pandemic evidence, are there REALLY any more sovereign nations? Or have we now become aware that the nations are mere distractions, a puppet show, only providing a distracting illusion of democratic self-government?

The existence of military conflict does not disprove the hypothesis. I’m sure you could think of a dozen reasons why the Ukraine proxy war might be a useful distraction just now, not to mention a handy way to shift a LOT of money and resources around quickly.

And if you look around, you’ll find plenty more evidence to support my global-government theory.

I’m just a lawyer. I’m not an √©lite global conspirator. But I think we may need to face facts, that ‘Agenda 2030’ itself might just be another distraction, a useful distraction from the fact that the battle for sovereignty has already been lost, and the one-world government everyone fears is already here, installed, and to some significant extent, in charge."