Wednesday, October 14, 2020

What do They have in store for us?

Listen to and follow the science, right?  Follow the CDC and do as we're told.

Ok.  Let's look at that.  According to a report done by the CDC, based on studies in July, 2020 of 154 positive cases of Covid19...70% of those testing positive claimed to "always" wear a mask.  Presumably, they also follow all the fear advice and "social distance" and all that crap.  70%.  Only 6% of the positive cases said they "never" wear a mask.  I'm guessing those 6% also just live their lives, hugging, going out to restaurants and bars, talking with people and just being normal.

In the world of common sense, this would tell me that wearing masks has no bearing on whether you will catch this stupid virus.

Next, the lockdowns.  We have already seen that the lockdowns caused massive economic destruction as well as personal issues such as depression and violence.  Not to mention the damage done to our children with this enforced separation from their friends.  Then, the incredibly unjust and cruel separation of people from their families in times of great stress, when in any medical or nursing facility!  

Are the lockdowns effective and worth the collateral damage?  Well, according to the World Health

Is this virus as contagious, virulent and deadly as we are led to believe?  Well, let's just look at Sturgis, shall we?  

A post online claims that only .02% of Sturgis rally attendees came down with Covid19.  USA today went to great lengths to debunk this and carefully researched it.  Here is their conclusion:

"Our rating: False

We rate the claim that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally led to 88 positive tests attributed to the rally, which is a 0.02% infection rate among attendees, as FALSE because it was not supported by our research. The state of South Dakota has attributed 124 cases in the state to the rally. The Associated Press reported that at least 290 people in 12 states who attended the rally have also tested positive. Taken together, that's an infection rate of 0.09%."

So, an open rally, with over 460,000 attendees, resulted in 414 cases of Covid19 and one death.  A Covid19 contagion rate of .09%.  That's the best USA Today can do?  They WANT us to be terrified of Covid19 but even THEY have to admit that there was a negligible case spread from such a massive event.

President Trump tested positive and was in and out of the hospital in four days and worked the whole time.  Our First Lady has complained of a cough and a headache and she's just remained at the White House, without being hospitalized.

According to the CDC info, the majority of deaths attributable to Covid19 are in the ages from 60 up.  and, 94% of deaths overall are of people with other contributing they call them.  Only 6% of deaths blamed on covid19 are actually FROM Covid19.

97.3% of all the Americans who have actually caught this disease have recovered.  Look at the numbers.  7,856,605 Americans have had this virus so far and 7,640,718  have recovered.

Here's some more interesting information.

2017 Total Deaths US: 2,813,503 (234,000/month)

2018 Total Deaths US: 2,839,205 (237,000/month)

2019 Total Deaths US: 2,855,000 (238,000/month)

2020 Total Deaths US (jan - week 9/26): 2,130,000 (236,000/month)…/Weekly-Counts-of-Deaths-by…/muzy-jte6

So, why are our health officials, Governor and media completely disregarding all this information?  It's out there for all of us to see but "T"hey are not reporting any of it.  In fact, They are acting as if these facts...Their OWN facts!...just don't exist.

They are talking about another lockdown, even though we KNOW that won't work and is actually bad for us.  They are enforcing illegal and unconstitutional Mask Mandates, even though They know, because of Their own studies, that masks have little or no positive effect against the virus and might even have negative health effects for the sheeple who are wearing them.

I'd have never made a good con man as I just can't see the scams.  I can't understand how this continued deliberate ignorance of Their own facts benefits Them at all.  Is it just the evidence of Their power over the majority?  Is there a financial gain for the most powerful of Them?  Do They just like to see what we, the mice, will do in the maze?

Or, is there a much larger plan which involves identifying people, like myself, who are able to see through the bullshit and just not comply?  They are trying very hard to make it difficult for us to buy or sell without our face diaper.  They are limiting our Church attendance and even our ability to congregate together for anything.  Keeping us isolated from each other except for these social media platforms which They control and monitor.

They know who Their resisters are.  Those who won't wear the face diaper.  Those who make posts like this one on any computer media.  Those of us who can read and think for ourselves MUST be weeded out!

Don't believe it?  Ask Ammon Bundy.  Or Lavoy Finicum.