Thursday, January 30, 2020

Trump plays too much golf

This is a meme I saw on Facebook today and I just HAD to answer it!

That Damned Trump! He needs to quit golfing and fix this China trade war and get some kind of deal with them so we can start trading goods again. He needs to fix the NAFTA mess and get a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico.
CNN: US/China Phase 1 Trade Deal
NBC News: USMCA Trade Deal replaces NAFTA

If he'd knock off the golfing, maybe he could come up with some policies that will reduce the unemployment in this country. Minorities need better employment rates and so do women. Trump economic numbers

Get off that golf course and make our military stronger and improve the morale in our military.
Defense News: Military Readiness

He needs to get some kind of tax reform so we don't pay so much in taxes.
Wall Street Journal: Tax reform is helping most people

He should be sitting in his office, signing bills to battle sex trafficking in our country. Trump increasing budget to fight human trafficking

If he weren't golfing, he could be the first sitting President ever to attend the Right to Life rally.

Let's get some border wall built and reduce the numbers of illegal immigrants who sneak into our country while deporting those who are already here. 
CNN: Trump Border Wall
San Diego Tribune: Like them or not, Trumps policies are reducing illegal immigration

Yep. If he weren't wasting so much time golfing, maybe he could keep a couple of promises that he made.

 Yes sir, I agree that he needs to quit golfing and get some work done for America, like the Democrat leadership has done. All the things the Democrats have done for America in the past three years speak for themselves.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Another example of what those in power think of "We the People"

This is who we are to "Them".  When you go to the polls this year, remember, this is how the "leaders" in our government feel about those of us who make the country work. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

Coronavirus: Major pandemic or media hype?

Wuhan Hospital scene
I'm back to wondering what is REALLY going on in China with this Coronavirus.

Is this a major Pandemic in the making; with an already major epidemic in Wuhan, China or, are there only under 1000 people infected?  Which is it?

If you read this article, it says both things, sometimes in the same paragraph:
Here's a quote that illustrates my point:  "Harrowing pictures on social media show people collapsed on the street and in hospital waiting rooms amid the epidemic which has claimed the lives of at least 26 people."

Ok.  Which is it?  Are people collapsing on the streets or have only 26 people, in a city of 11 MILLION people?  Are things as chaotic as the pictures in this article suggest or are there less than 1000 people infected, worldwide?  In a city of 11million, how many thousands are home sick each day with common cold or flu?  Likely far more than 800 and no panic in the streets, empty grocery shelves and crowded hospitals.
Wuhan Grocery store

The conspiracy theorist inside of me says that the pictures and videos we see here are true and our world is facing annihilation while the governments and media work to make it seem insignificant.

The logical part of me says, if only 1000 people, worldwide, are infected, then these are more internet hype pictures, as believable as the "Lincoln said" memes we see every day.

I'm reminded of the Book/movie, "The Stand".  A Steven King story where the government covered up a devastating disease while it destroyed civilization. 

What is the truth? 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Why is Coronavirus such a big deal?

As usual, I don't understand. Why is this Chinese virus such a big deal? 620 people have caught it and 17 have died. I get that, but there are 1.3 billion people in China. So, .00005% of the people in China have an illness and .000001% have died of it.

There are 7.7 BILLION people in the world.

There are 327 million people in the USA. Here is a quote from; "In total, the CDC estimates that up to 42.9 million people got sick during the 2018-2019 flu season, 647,000 people were hospitalized and 61,200 died. That’s fairly on par with a typical season".

I'd call those flu numbers truly frightening and I had no idea they were that high.

Very few people have been affected by this Corona virus and it doesn't seem to be overrunning, even China, where it seems to have started.

So, my question is, why is this Corona virus outbreak such a newsworthy, panicky situation?

Sunday, January 19, 2020

The Democrats who cry "Wolf"

Why should we believe anything the Democrats say at this point? Their track record is one of blatant lies and concealed facts.

Anyone ever hear of the story about "The boy who cried 'wolf'"?

When President Trump nominated Judge Kavenaugh to the Supreme court, suddenly there was a "whistleblower" who had horrific stories to tell about rape and sexual assault, by Kavenaugh, back in his college days. When Blasey-Ford came out into the public eye, it quickly became evident that she was not credible. Probably lying. When her credibility became muddles, suddenly there were more women who came out, a couple led by Avenatti, with the same kind of stories. One by one, they all admitted they were lying. The whole thing just kind of went away after he was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Another one? How about Nicholas Sandmann and his contemptuous treatment of an elderly Native American man?

Mr. Sandmann, at the time a 16 year old boy, was on a field trip with other students from a Catholic School. They were minding their own business, watching the events around them. However, Mr. Sandmann had the temerity to be wearing a Make America Great Again hat!

He was approached, in what I would term an aggressive manner, by Nathan Phillips, who was banging a small drum and did so, well withing Mr. Sandmann's space, actually right in his face. Sandmann kept his composure, said nothing out of the way and even tried to smile his way through it all.

The news media portrayed Sandmann as the aggressor and characterized his smile as being condescending and portrayed him as a racist bigot.

It turned out, of course, to be exactly the opposite, as proven by many videos that the media tried to keep us all from seeing. Happily, CNN has recently settled a lawsuit, by Sandmann, for an "undisclosed amount".

My point is, here is another case of the leftist media vilifying someone with no true facts.

How about all the "Russia Collusion " investigation we put up with? After two and a half years, absolutely no evidence of President Trump and any Russian "colluding" to "fix" the election despite a special prosecutor and millions of dollars spent in the effort.

Once again, the real truth is probably exactly the opposite. Hillary had paid for opposition research, the "Dossier", getting much of the "information" from Russian sources. She seems to have many more ties to Russia than President Trump. Could it be, that Hillary Clinton is actually guilty of all the things for which "They" accused President Trump?

Do you see the pattern unfolding here? Make the allegation and bring out some vague "testimony" from people not in a position to know anything. Investigate it, widely report it on the main stream media and then, when it's proven false, either let it fade away or just say that you were right all along, just couldn't find the evidence.

Sound familiar?

A "whistleblower" comes out with information about President Trump's phone call with the Ukrainian President. President Trump immediately releases the transcript of the call, blowing the whistleblowers story all apart. Representative Schiff lies, on the floor of the House, telling us what Schiff WISHED the President had said. Everyone conveniently forgets Schiff lying about the phone call.

An "investigation" is started and they call numerous people who have no direct knowledge of anything germane to the call or the situation.

Why should we believe anything the Democrats say at this point? They have repeatedly played this same Bullshit game over and over during President Trump's tenure and many of us are tired of it.