Thursday, May 27, 2021

Covid19 is Just Another Virus and We Are Being Played

Covid19 is a real virus which affects a small portion of the population and is very dangerous, even deadly, to an even smaller part of our population. This can also be said of the seasonal flu, HIV and many other viruses in our world. Covid19 is not unique and is not the World Ending Plague that (T)hey would have you believe.

Do you remember those first few weeks in February and March? Videos and images "leaked" from Wuhan, showing crowded emergency rooms with people dying in the hallways? People dropping dead on the street and being swept up into vans by guys in hazmat suits? We know now, it was a croc. Judging by what has happened since, it's obvious that none of those horrific events happened.

But, we all believed it. Our President was presented with computer projections predicting millions of deaths in the United States alone. We were inundated with dire predictions of overflowing hospitals, people dying alone at home...basically, all the things that happened in the movie; "The Stand". Guess what. None of it happened, nor will it. Not from this virus, anyway.

President Trump immediately closed our borders and began working with private companies to produce ventilators, masks and a vaccine. He dispatched hospital ships to both coasts and the Army Corps of Engineers quickly built over 30 emergency field hospitals around the country, which saw little or no use. Our regular hospitals were never overwhelmed so the field hospitals were just taken down and the ships reassigned.

Governors around the country ordered their states locked down, businesses closed, events cancelled, travel restricted and masks mandated.

According to one nurse in Helena, MT: the first two week shutdown, back in March, was a good idea, the purpose of which was to slow things down while the medical system prepared for a possible inundation of Covid19 patients. When the overwhelming infection numbers that had been projected didn't materialize, then it was time to back off and go back to life as normal. But...we didn't.

Those lockdown orders remained in effect. Some of the businesses that were forced to close remained closed, forever. Some states were arresting people for being out in public in violation of "no travel" orders. People were arrested for not wearing masks, going to church or going kayaking, alone, on the ocean! Some Governors eased their restrictions a little while others became drunk with their new-found power and made things more and more intolerable for their citizens. Some of these actions are still in place today, in the face of overwhelming evidence that it is all unnecessary and mostly ineffective.

South Dakota never did any of this stuff. Florida and Texas have both opened up. Most states are easing things to various degrees. And the numbers for all of them are only slightly different. South Dakota Covid19 numbers are only slightly different from California or Washington; two states with egregious Covid19 mandates. Some state numbers are higher, some are lower and none of the statistics show any real positive difference between mandated states and free states.

Then, the total lack of common sense throughout this mess. The virus must only be really dangerous at night as bars and restaurants have to be closed by 10PM. I guess there is no virus before 10PM. Homeless populations don't seem to be an issue. Rioters are immune as are people who work at Big Box Stores. I mean, wouldn't we expect thousands of blue vested Walmart employees to be laying in the street, waiting for the vans with the guys in the hazmat suits?

The truth is easy to find if you want to look for it. Here's the basic truth and it applies to Covid19, the flu, the common cold, HIV and any other of the trillions of viruses in our world.

You might get the virus but the odds are you will not. Those who get the virus might be very sick but most will have minor and many will have no, symptoms. If you have serious underlying health conditions, the virus might be worse for you. You might even die.

None of this statement is changed by your avoiding groups, such as churches, restaurants, bars, weddings, funerals or motorcycle rallies. Nor does your religious use of some kind of face mask. You're either going to get it or you aren't. The CDC did a study confirming this. but, the results of this study have been clouded by Main Stream Media because it doesn't fit the narrative.  Here's the takeaway from the CDC study.  75% of those positive Covid19 cases they studied either always or usually wore masks and took precautions.

Here's one the Main Stream Media REALLY doesn't want anyone to talk about. First, this article from USA Today; published September 17, 2020:

This article really wants you to be angry with people for attending the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, SD. This was supposed to be a disastrous super-spreader event! The media tries not to talk about it much today because...get this...460,000 (not a typo) people attended this rally. It was a week long party with almost no mask wearing and certainly no "social distancing". Fewer than 500 infections resulting. I've tried to find articles that changed this and, no matter how hard They try, the numbers don't change. .09% of Sturgis attendees contracted the virus. Nationally, 5.7% of our population has or has had this virus so, apparently, Sturgis, a huge group, no masking and not distancing, had better numbers than the partially locked down country. Maybe it was the alcohol consumption.

The numbers speak for themselves. As of this writing, May 27, 2021, 2.2% of the world population officially has or has had, this virus. 2% of those who have had it have died "with" it. Thus, .04% of the world population has died, presumably with or because of this virus. (sources listed below)

Of more concern to us are the U.S. Numbers, which ARE different from the overall world numbers. 10.2% of the U.S. population has or has had the Covid19 virus, according to accepted "case" numbers, which are, in and of themselves, debatable. Of those infected, 1.7% are purported to have died of or with it. Overall Covid19 deaths, by population? .18%. This in about a 14 month period, so far.

35.5 million Americans had the seasonal flu in 2018-2019, from October to March. Divide 35.5 by

five months and you get an average of 7.1 million people per month reporting and testing positive for the flu. Thus, a very simple extrapolation shows us that, if the seasonal flu had remained active, in 14 months, 99.4 million Americans would have reported and been tested positive for the flu. Stay with me here. At present, after ten months of "pandemic", approximately 34 million Americans have reported or been positively tested for Covid19. So, as far as being more contagious, the flu wins, hands down, at around 30% of the U.S. population getting the seasonal flu.

But, flu death rates are lower. In a five month period, approximately 34,200 Americans died of the flu in 2018-19. Tripling that, in order to compare numbers with Covid again, and we have 102,600 flu deaths. So, approximately .10% of Americans who get the flu will die from it.

You are almost four times as likely to get the flu than to get Covid. If you get the flu, you are much less likely to die of it than you would be with Covid, using accepted numbers. There, however, is where we run into real
trouble. Are all reported Covid19 deaths actually deaths FROM Covid19? Almost certainly not. Co-morbidities have a lot to do with these numbers. According to Dr. Birx, if you die "with" Covid, then you are reported to have died "of" Covid. So, you have a heart attack but you test positive for Covid19? Covid19 death. That, of course, brings the national rate of heart attack deaths down and Covid19 deaths up so They can claim that Covid19 is now the leading cause of death in the U.S. See how They can manipulate us?

I've spoken with several medical professionals in the Helena, Montana area who all felt, as do I, that the response, both State and Nationwide, to this Covid19 "pandemic" is much more severe than necessary.

We are being played, folks.  I'm not smart enough to see why but I'd bet that money and power are at the top of the list of reasons why They are not telling you what I have told you here.

Their complicit media doesn't mis-report as much as they just DON'T report.  If They ignore Sturgis, ignore the real percentages, ignore the truth, then most Americans won't know the truth.  Knowledge is power and the blind acceptance of propaganda is enslavement.


Covid real info update

We were talking with some indoctrinated Democrats the other day and they were crowing about the flu being non-existent this year because of masking and social distancing.

It's so hard for me to talk with otherwise intelligent people who are so willing to repeat the same drivel they have heard on their favorite Main Stream Media, without any application of their own thought process, logic or common sense.

Every year, for at least the last 100 years, the Seasonal Flu has become prevalent from about the end of September until about the end of April. Always. It's been so predictable that the medical profession begins pushing their annual flu vaccine in August. If the Flu during a season is exceptionally contagious and/or virulent, precautions, such as the masking and so on, are taken in medical facilities, even to the point of limiting visitors. Also, the Seasonal Flu is approximately 4X as contagious as Covid19.

So, this year, because of our struggle to reduce Covid19 case numbers, the Seasonal Flu just took the year off? Really? You can't see any logical fallacy in that concept? Let me help you. Here is the current (May 27, 2021) Covid19 case graph from the New York Times. Look at the Flu season section. See the incredible surge in Covid19 cases at about the time we expect to see the advent of Seasonal Flu? Can't the analytical part of your brain see that They counted Flu cases as Covid19 cases? How can it be more obvious?!

I've written many articles about Covid19 and Their efforts to control our population with the fear of it. Very few seem to listen. Facts, logic, common sense, graphs, charts, statistics...all mean nothing in the face of a constant barrage of media propaganda that purports the Covid19 virus is all important. It isn't. It's another virus. There are literally trillions of viruses out there that we face every day and Covid19 is just another one.

Here's the thing.  A REAL deadly pandemic doesn't need a publicist to get people to believe it's a problem.  If we were facing a truly deadly pandemic, it wouldn't require such intense media support, bribery and extortion to get us to become vaccinated.  

Also, if They were actually concerned about our health and our ability to resist the Covid19 virus, instead of these genetic experiments They call vaccines, They'd just provide us with a daily dose of Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D.

Let's recap the past year.  They told us that millions would die from Covid19 and the hospitals would be overwhelmed, emergency rooms inundated, ICU's filled to capacity; basically, a World Ending Virus was at our doors!

None of that happened.  Not even in our worst hit areas such as New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.  Hospital ships and Army corps of engineers emergency hospitals went unused and were packed up and reassigned.  So.  They lied.  Now, They tell us that the Virus can mutate, that all these terrifying events are still just over the horizon and unless we all participate in Their genetic experiment, millions may die, the hospitals, ERs and ICUs will be overwhelmed and our society will crumble.  Hmm.  Heard it all before?

It was bullshit then and it's bullshit now.

It's a virus.  You might catch it.  You might not.  If you do catch it, you might have symptoms and you might not.  If you do have symptoms they are most likely (80.9%) to be very mild, like the cold or flu.  For people with "comorbidities", such as respiratory or heart issues, the virus might exacerbate those problems and you could be hospitalized (13.8%) or even die (1.7%).  EXACTLY these same things can be said of the Seasonal Flu.  Short of never leaving your house and having NO physical contact with other people, there is No Way you can change the basic facts herein presented.  

There are 6 million car accidents in America every year.  3 million people are injured and 2 million of those will be permanent injuries.  About 35,000 die in car accidents each year.  So, approximately 33% of Americans who experience a car accident will be hospitalized and permanently injured.  13% of those who contract Covid19 will be hospitalized.  But, you can protect yourself from car accidents by the same methods as protecting yourself from Covid19.  Don't leave your house.  Have no contact with other people.

Uh oh.  Problem.  According to the National Safety Council, 53.6 percent of all injury-involved accidents occur at home.

I guess life is just not easy.  On the other hand, this probably makes my arguments against the vaccine kind of moot.  It's probably no more dangerous than anything else we do every day.

So, let's do this.  You wear your mask, stay away from other people, get vaccinated for this one virus and follow the orders of your "betters" if those things please you.  Your submission to Their control really has no effect on my life in any way.

I Won't follow the orders of The Elites.  No mask, no vaccine. I'll go to Church if I want, hug my friends and family, shake hands and breath free.  In addition, I'll be hiking and camping in Grizzly country this summer, I'll be wading, swimming and fishing in wild rivers, hiking and bicycling in mountain country, far from other people and driving long hours on nearly empty highways, late at night.

In other words, you do you and I'll do me.  I'll try not to let you hear my eyes roll in my head when I see you out in the open air or alone in your car with your mask on if you'll promise to just let me be free without hearing your opinions on my disregard for your safety by not doing what I'm told.  You do you and I'll do me and we'll get along fine.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

I believe I FINALLY caught Covid19! Big deal.

Ok. I've "suffered" through your stupid virus now. Of course, there is no official proof of that and won't be because I'll have to be completely unable to defend myself before anybody shoves a Q-tip up my nose (OR elsewhere!). But what I've had showed all the symptoms. Most noteably, the loss of much of my sense of taste.

This experience was bad for one reason only. It solidly reinforced ALL my points!

The first day of illness, I had a fever of 100F, headache, muscle soreness and light headedness as well as a bad cough. Working around the house and yard was very unpleasant and all I really wanted to do was go to bed but I had obligations and responsibilities so I "cowboy'ed up" and got things done. Note. NOT incapacitated by my illness.

I'm not able to get Hydroxychloroquine so I use Quercetin instead. I followed Dr. Zelenko's advice, increasing my Quercetin and Zinc dosage as well as my Vitamin D and C intake. Lots of fluids, mostly water.

Overnight, my headache and cough continued with some sinus drain. Still not as bad as some colds I've had so I just figured that was what it was.

The second day, I still had the headache, muscle soreness was pretty much throughout my body, especially my chest from coughing. Temperature was down to 99, blood pressure and sugars, which had been wierd for a couple of days, were back to my normals.

Third day, headache gone, temp normal, muscle aches pretty much gone. Other than a little light headedness, I'm back to normal after THREE DAYS. Oh. and it was on the third day that I noticed I really wasn't tasting my food much. Actually, it was the cinnamon gum I was chewing that still had the cinnamon "bite" but only a faint sweetness. No flavor. I really had discounted the whole thing as just a minor cold until the loss of taste.

So, this deadly virus which has, if you believe all the media hype, killed millions worldwide and continues to ravage the world and our country. This ultra-contagious virus, which has lower contagion numbers than the seasonal flu. This world ending plague which has toppled our economy and is feared by all...isn't as bad as some colds I've had. Big deal.

I'm 60 years old, fat, diabetic, have high blood pressure and a family history of heart disease and kidney disease. I'm in the "high risk" category.

I had the flu a couple of years ago. I couldn't get out of bed, I was so sick. I've had colds that made me much more miserable than I was the three days of this world ending virus.

Here's my description of a deadly viral pandemic...ANYone who is exposed, unless they have a natural immunity, catches it. No cloth mask or "social distancing" protects you. You get close to it, you get it. EVERYONE who gets it dies OF it in a short time. People dropping dead in the streets. Hospitals filled with dying patients with no hope. Martial law. Troops shooting people for looking sick and coming close. Civilization destroyed, whole cities emptied. Isolated, lone survivors wandering the wastelands left behind. Watch "The Stand" or "The Last Ship". THAT would be a "pandemic" worthy of the incredible stupidity we have endured (allowed) this past year.

What do we have? We are told that some people are asymptomatic but can still spread it. It's ultra-contagious and you catch it by breathing it but, in order to be certain you even have it, (This HAS to be one of the more stupid aspects!) the test is to shove a Q-tip up your nose. We are warned that it is ultra-contagious but we can protect ourselves by wearing our underwear around our nose and mouth. It's deadly and debilitating but, then again, some of us won't even know we have it, it can be no worse than a cold or it can kill you.

So, I'll say it again. Covid19 is a virus, like literally trillions of other viruses we face Every Day. If you catch it, you might be really sick...or, you might not. It might cause major problems with your system...or not. If you are already afflicted with other illnesses, you are old, weak or have a weak immune system, it might make you really sick or even exacerbate your current problems enough to kill you. You can say exactly these same things about the Seasonal Flu.

Many people are having much worse reactions to the Genetic Experiment vaccines than I had to the virus.

Once again, something just isn't RIGHT with this picture. ANY effort to research the true numbers and facts around this virus HAS to make you wonder why They have been doing this.

In the beginning, They made it sound as if this WOULD be like my definition of a deadly pandemic. We were told that millions would die. We were told that people WERE dropping dead in the streets in Wuhan. Videos of clean up crews were "leaked" from China.

Even our WORST areas, New York, New Jersey and so on, didn't get like that. Hospital ships went unused. Emergency medical facilities were built and then, when not needed, were removed. NONE of what we were told was true! So, WHY do we continue to believe?

We KNOW the case numbers are inflated. The Covid19 death count is joked wreck victims and shooting victims counted as Covid deaths.

Masking, social distancing and all the other CDC "mitigation" efforts are ludicrous and are just obvious methods of mind control. The fear is not warranted. The over reaction to this virus is certainly not warranted.

Actually, I'm thinking, maybe, this stupid virus might help me lose weight. I mean, what's the point in eating an Oreo when all I get from it is the crunch? Might as well chew on an ice cube!

Wednesday, May 05, 2021


You people BEGGING for this Covid19 Vaccine...Can you not READ?! Are you unable to do ANY thinking or research for yourselves?! I really don't understand.

Let's examine it again. This "Deadliest of all Viruses" is SO contagious and SO virulent that you have to have a Q-tip shoved up your nose and be "tested" to see if you even have the damned thing! About half of those who get the virus don't even KNOW they have it, without this invasive test.

Worldwide, 81% of those who get it have either mild or NO symptoms! Most who have symptoms compare it to the flu.

So, get vaccinated.

Covid19 vaccine COMMON side effects:

Muscle pain

If You Received a Second Shot

Side effects after your second shot may be more intense than the ones you experienced after your first shot. These side effects are normal signs that your body is building protection and should go away within a few days.

Compare to Flu symptoms:

Flu Symptoms

Influenza (flu) can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. Flu is different from a cold. Flu usually comes on suddenly. People who have flu often feel some or all of these symptoms:

fever* or feeling feverish/chills
sore throat
runny or stuffy nose
muscle or body aches
fatigue (tiredness)
some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children than adults.

*It’s important to note that not everyone with flu will have a fever.

Most people who get flu will recover in a few days to less than two weeks

Can you see the correlation? Are you capable of reading and comparing the two? If you get the Covid vaccinations, the COMMON side effect is like having the flu!

And, what's the point?

"We are still learning how vaccines will affect the spread of COVID-19. Until we know more about how vaccines will affect the spread of COVID-19, people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 should keep taking precautions in public places like wearing a mask, staying 6 feet apart from others, avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces, and washing your hands often." "A growing body of evidence suggests that fully vaccinated people are less likely to be infected without showing symptoms (called an asymptomatic infection) and potentially less likely to spread the virus that causes COVID-19 to others. However, (This is key!) further investigation is ongoing."

So, where am I going with this? Here's the thing. I am not alone in my suspicions that what we are being told about these vaccines are outright lies. MUCH of what we've been told about Covid19 has been untrue and in court, the judge will instruct you that if a witness lies about one thing, you shouldn't place much weight on anything else they say.

Hopefully, "Conspiracy Nuts" like myself are all wrong. With any real luck, this Covid19 virus is really as bad a thing as They have made it out to be and the only thing that will now save the world is if EVERYone gets one of the vaccines, continues to mask up and social distance and does everything else that Dr. Fauci and the CDC tells us to do.

Personally, I believe that the Covid19 panic was used to get as complete control of the population as possible. The masks are a symbol of your compliance and Their control over you. The vaccinations now. What is that? It is obviously not being done as a protection against Covid19 or for any true health reason. If They were at all concerned about our health and with protecting us from Coronaviruses, we'd have been issued Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc to take every day. Instead, this simple, safe and affordable alternative was vilified and made all but illegal to use.

Are the vaccinations a way to reduce the world population by a significant percentage? That theory has a certain amount of following but I don't think that's it; or at least, not ALL of it.

As I've said before, after watching the TNT series, "The Last Ship", I have begun to think that They either watched that series and said: "We'll do THAT!" or They actually had a hand in producing it, maybe as a message to Their followers. The things that were done in that series, using an actually deadly and super contagious virus to accomplish, have been or are being played out, in some ways, right now. The destruction of the government, the Constitution and the Capitalist system are all currently in play. The insertion of an incompetent boob as President was accomplished with predictable results.

What's actually in the vaccinations? What are they actually designed to do? Obviously, not to protect us from the covid19 as getting the vaccinations doesn't keep you from getting or passing the virus.

How about my adding my Conspiracy Theory in the mix. What if part of this vaccination is to make us even MORE compliant (Hard to Imagine!) and simply incapable of resisting, arguing or disagreeing with our Betters?

Maybe a little nod to getting rid of those of us who are "unproductive" due to age or health but I've got my money on what this has been about from the beginning...Control.