Sunday, September 19, 2021

Treatments for Covid19 work and are cheap

Covid19 is a real virus that can make people very sick. It can even exacerbate underlying conditions enough that the victim might die from it. Mostly though, it is like having a bad cold or even a bad case of the flu and the overwhelming majority (99.4%) of people who catch this virus recover. Most, over 84%, have mild or no symptoms, even when they test positive for the virus. These are facts which can't be disputed. The numbers don't lie.

What IS in dispute are the treatments. Early on, many doctors began using a combination of Hydroxychloroquin, Zinc and Azithromycin as an effective treatment when begun in the early stages of the infection. The combination of HCQ/Zinc/Vitamin C/Vitamin D also was proving to be an effective prevention against the virus and if you'd been using this combo and DID get infected, the symptoms would be little or none. In addition, Ivermectin has been found to be an effective treatment as are monoclonal antibodies.

I believe it's a simple matter of money. The HCQ treatments are less than $10 a day and Ivermectin or monoclonal antibodies are not much more. If there are effective treatments, then there is no use for a vaccine! Think about that. Natural resistance has proven to be more effective and longer lasting than the vaccine resistance. The virus is recoverable, without treatment, by 99.4 percent of patients. WITH treatment, that number MUST be even greater. So, if you catch the virus, get effective treatment and recover, you now have a greater resistance to future infection than the vaccines can give you and the natural resistance likely lasts longer. So, the treatments are discouraged and even outlawed but we are mandated to have the vaccine. Hmmm.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

P.O.B.= Poor Old Biden

This is part of an exchange I had on Facebook recently.

You look at the demented, doddering old fool that was placed in the White House, doing all the things you imagined President Trump was doing. You watch as our people are murdered by the newly armed, financed and emboldened Taliban, infected illegals pour over our borders, more and more stringent "mandates" are ordered by whoever is pulling Poor Old Biden's strings and you STILL bitch about President Trump's Personality? Ever hear of Trump Derangement Syndrome?

FB Posted reply: "Yes. I think Trump is Deranged."

Larry Gibson:

So is anyone who thinks the current White House resident is in any way in charge. I actually feel sorry for P.O.B. and think that his wife is one of the most reprehensible people I can imagine, for allowing her doddering old husband to be exploited in this way. I don't, at all, blame P.O.B. for the current state of affairs as he has literally NO idea what is going on. I helped my Uncle through the last couple of years of his life while he suffered Dementia and I would NEVER have let anyone use him as Their scapegoat!

Seriously? As P.O.B.s handlers use him as their mouthpiece for unconstitutional "mandates", "Show me your papers" vaccine passports, abandonment of American citizens to the Taliban, total abrogation of our former oil independence, total surrender of our southern border to more and more untested and likely infected illegal immigrants and complete lack of true leadership in our Federal Government, you think President TRUMP is still the problem?

It's stunning how completely blind you people can be! Disunity and dissent? Yeah, that sure is happening now but President Trump isn't doing it! Take the filters off of your mind and look around you!

And, as to the "election", common sense combined with my lifes experience and some simple observation showed me that the Theft was happening, long before President Trump complained about it. However, I believe that many of you really DID vote for the Alzheimer In Chief and shame on you for it!

Blood in Afghanistan, sickness spread by our southern invasion, gas prices and runaway inflation...all are on YOUR hands as any idiot could see, during what little campaign P.O.B. was allowed to mount, what condition he was in and so, you voted for the poor, demented old fart so that People in the background could have their way with this country with no accountability.

The mess we are already in and the even worse mess we will see in the future will be blamed on P.O.B. when he really doesn't even know what day it is. And those who are actually doing the destruction will remain nameless, shameless and free.

Good job. Your powers of observation and discernment are remarkable.

Friday, September 03, 2021

Do the reading yourselves. The Truth Is Out There!

Updated: 10-10-21

Some new links for you to read. DO Your Research!!

My opinions on this blog may not conform to yours but I try to include links to my sources here. Skip my commentary and just read this stuff for yourself.

Some of the best information available is at Coffee and Covid and I strongly recommend that you look at the statistics on their page at:

Lots of information at the America's Frontline Doctors website.

U.K. Minister of Health misspoke when he said that 60% of hospitalizations for Covid in the U.K. are vaccinated.  Ok.  So, if 60% of their hospitalizations are UNvaccinated, that must mean that 40% ARE vaccinated.  So much for the claim that 90% of the current "surge" are unvaccinated.

Same thing here.  30% of Covid19 cases in the L.A. area are vaccinated.  If it's like that in Los Angeles, then we can expect it to be much the same all over the country.

Here's one of my opinion pieces about this Covid19 B.S. with some of these links and others.  

They are lying to us about this Virus, folks.  One of the major questions you need to be asking yourself is: "Why?".  What's going on in the background that makes Them so intent on censoring ANY dissent or ANY questions?  Why are They hiding the breakthrough cases?  

Why are They covering up the treatments?  I can answer that one.  If They admit that there are effective treatments for Covid19 then there is no longer any use for Their rushed, unproven, cursorily tested and dangerous "vaccines".