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Covid19 Resource page; Especially For Doctors

This is a resource for anyone looking for information about the Covid vaccines and treatments but I've put it together with Doctors in mind.

First, an attitude check.  Covid19 is a very contagious and often serious virus which has caused illness and even death in our country and the world.  That's a fact.

Vaccines are effective in reducing disease in our world and I personally have received many vaccines in my life.  I'm not against vaccinations.

In reference to Covid19, we are being inundated with pressure to Get Vaccinated.  Our Doctors tell us it's safe and effective, as does the TV, our local newspapers and many of our friends.  We're being shamed, ordered, cajoled, coerced and bribed to get these vaccines and many of us are just seeing something in all this pressure that doesn't ring true.  Why is this such an overwhelming issue?

Yes. I've read the CDC, FDA and NIH information. I've also linked much of it here and it does show that, at least according to available statistics, these vaccines are relatively safe...statistically.  But, what about in real life?

In trying to discuss these things with Doctors, I'm running into a couple of situations.  First, I'm patted on my chubby baldspot and told to "quit believing social media".  They are Doctors and I'm just a stupid, uneducated old fart and I need to just do what I'm told.

The other situation, which is even worse, is an actual respectable, intelligent and caring Doctor who has no idea about the information presented here.  He's probably completely baffled as to why anyone would even hesitate to be vaccinated.  He's never heard of the Doctors presented here or, if he has, it was in the context of these Doctors being ridiculed for not staying with the Main Stream.

But, there are hundreds, even thousands, of very prestigious and successful Doctors in this country who have risked and even lost professorships, leadership positions, employment and even their licenses because they refuse to speak "The Party Line". They strongly believe the positions they have taken on Covid19, the mitigation efforts and the vaccines and these Doctors refuse to back down, even in the face of career destruction. They seem to think that they took some oath or something about "Do no harm" and a few other things they promised.

Over 17,000 Medical Professionals around the world have reached consensus on the following three principles:
  1. Healthy children should not be subject to forced vaccination: they face negligible risk from covid, but face potential permanent, irreversible risk to their health if vaccinated, including heart, brain, reproductive and immune system damage.
  2. Natural Immunity Denial has prolonged the pandemic and needlessly restricted the lives of Covid-recovered people. Masks, lockdowns, and other restrictions have caused great harm especially to children and delayed the virus’ transition to endemic status.
  3. Health agencies and institutions must cease interfering with the physician-patient relationship. Policymakers are directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, as a result of institutional interference and blocking treatments proven to cure at a near 100% rate when administered early.
This just seems to be common sense!

So, let's first provide links to other pages and organizations where this information and more can be found.

Update: 7-20-2022:
"For those of you who still think that participating in the worldwide genetic experiment (Getting The Vaccine!) and thus risking the possible side effects: the following peer reviewed study has a "conclusion" paragraph for you. The risks of having an "adverse event" from the mRNA "vaccines" are huge. If you have already survived Covid, then taking those risks is just not good science. According to this and similar reports, the vaccinated are 13X more likely to suffer a "breakthrough infection", than those with natural immunity. In addition, if the "jabbed" get a breakthrough or the naturally immune get reinfected, the vaccinated are 7X more likely to have a serious or fatal case. Here is the pertinent paragraph from the study: "Conclusions: Naturally acquired immunity confers stronger protection against infection and symptomatic disease caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity." Just one more "I told you so". Science

Update: 1-24-2022: Dr. Robert Malone at the Defeat the Mandates rally in Washington, DC, 1-23-2022:

Update: 1-23-2022:  Added another organization to the links above: 

Also, here's ANOTHER Medical Professional standing up and speaking her mind:

Morgan Wallace (ARNP)

Update, 1-7-2022:  Doctor Malone and Doctor McCullough on the Joe Rogan Podcast at

Update, 12-31-2021:  On 12-28, Doctor Malone was suspended from his Twitter account because he advocated the following video.  The video is produced by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance and a PDF version of the entire video can be accessed here:

 The Pfizer inoculations for Covid19 do More Harm Than Good!

Here are some updates, 12-5-2021:
On Myocarditis, from the National Institute of Health
"All patients diagnosed or suspected to have acute myocarditis should be admitted to the hospital and be monitored for hemodynamic instability. Immediate complications of myocarditis include ventricular dysrhythmias, left ventricular aneurysm, CHF, and dilated cardiomyopathy. The mortality rate is up to 20% at 1 year and 50% at 5 years.  Despite optimal medical management, overall mortality has not changed in the last 30 years.

Enhancing Healthcare Team Outcomes
The diagnosis and management of viral myocarditis is complex and is best done with an interprofessional team that includes a cardiologist, intensivist, nurse practitioner, cardiac surgeon, an internist, and an infectious disease expert. In most cases, the patient initially presents to the primary care clinicians and nurse practitioner. These professionals should be aware of myocarditis and make the appropriate referral to a cardiologist on a timely basis.

Once the diagnosis is made, the treatment is largely supportive. All symptomatic patients need ICU monitoring.  Immediate complications of myocarditis include ventricular dysrhythmias, left ventricular aneurysm, CHF, and dilated cardiomyopathy.

The majority of patients are followed as outpatients by the primary care or the cardiologist and the need to obtain serial echocardiograms cannot be understated. The pharmacist should educate the patient on a low salt diet and refrain from intense physical activity. The pharmacist should also ensure that the patient is on no medication that adversely affects heart function. Close communication between the interprofessional team is vital to ensure good outcomes.

Depending on the cause and extent of myocardial damage, the mortality rate is up to 20% at 1 year and 50% at 5 years.  Despite optimal medical management, overall mortality has not changed in the last 30 years."

On the Vaccines causing Myocarditis:

"Myocarditis is a life threatening condition, which injures the muscular layer of the walls of the heart, with no available treatment, because it entails the killing of heart cells.  Myocarditis is typically very rare in youth, but has been disabling and killing vaccinated individuals.   The CDC now confesses to the connection between myocarditis and the COVID vaccines.  The following study shows the likely mechanism of harm done to the myocardium.  “Myocarditis is never mild, particularly in young, healthy males.  It’s an inflammation of the heart muscle, the pump of the body.  And we don’t know what percent of the heart muscle cells would have died in any one attack of myocarditis.  The big thing about heart muscle, heart muscle fibers, is that they do not regenerate. . . . We do know that myocarditis can present decades later, with premature onset of heart failure that would otherwise not have been expected.  So it’s a terrible worry for these people to know what’s going to happen to them in the future. . . . It’s not trivial.”  Pathologist Roger Hodkinson MD, on Episode 220 of 

If you know of other links that should be here, please let me know.

Now, on to some of the information and videos I've found enlightening.

As a policeman, I was often in court and have heard, many times, the Judge and Attorneys instruct juries in how to evaluate witness testimony.

Who is the witness and what qualifications and credentials does he have pertaining to the subject at hand? What does the witness have to gain or lose from this testimony?

Dr. Peter Mccullough
About info:

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
About info:

Florida Summit on Covid19
Nov 4, 2021
Roundtable with:

Dr. Pierre Kory

Dr. Simone Gold
About info:

Dr. Robert Malone

Malone holds numerous patents in the fields of gene delivery, delivery formulations and vaccines, has about 100 peer-reviewed publications and published abstracts and about 12,000 citations of his peer reviewed publications, according to Google Scholar, which gives him an "outstanding" impact factor rating. He he has sat on or served as chairman on numerous National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Department of Defense study sections.

He received his medical degree from the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine and completed the Harvard Medical School fellowship as a global clinical research scholar. He was scientifically trained at the University of California at Davis, the University of California at San Diego, and at the Salk Institute Molecular Biology and Virology laboratories. Malone has served as an assistant and associate professor of pathology and surgery at the University of California at Davis, the University of Maryland, and the Armed Forces University of the Health Sciences.

Dr. Ryan Cole
About info:

Dr. Harvey Risch
Yale Epidemiologist, on the Mark Levin show

Americas Frontline Doctors

(From Email, Nov 6, 2021) "In a newly-released powerpoint used by the FDA to approve Covid injections for kids 5-11, the agency explicitly estimates that under “Scenario One,” jabbing kids will prevent 67 ICU visits for Covid but will CAUSE 57 ICU visits for myocarditis per million kids vaccinated.

So in other words, we’re doing all this to save 10 ICU visits per million kids. And harming almost as many kids as we’re helping. Do the kids expected to be harmed get anything to say about it? I guess not. Stupid question.

But wait, it gets better. Under “Scenario 3” (low Covid transmission rates), it’s upside down. In kids 5-11, the FDA estimated preventing only seven (7) ICUs while still CAUSING 57 ICUs in the children for every million injected."
Link: (see pages 8 and 14).

VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Report) data tells us a lot.  One thing which struck me right away.  Although the actual percentage of serious VAERS reports against the Covid vaccines is low (.32% of vaccinated Americans), the numbers are amazing.  Get this.  There are almost as many serious VAERS reports about the Covid vaccines, in a years time, as there are about All Other Vaccines Combined for Thirty Years!

Here's another graph, showing all the VAERS reported deaths for the last 30 years.  See how many Death reports in the last year, compared to the 29 years before?
CDC estimates that far more people have had Covid19 than have been reported. When you look at the estimated numbers, you find that about .63% of infected Americans die and about 5% of infected are hospitalized.  This is not the World Ending Virus we are being led to believe.

Although CDC claims breakthroughs are very low, they stopped counting all breakthroughs and now just keep track of hospitalizations and deaths. Too many breakthroughs to keep track of?


Natural resistance:

And the vaccines apparently aren't very effective. Even if you are "fully vaccinated", you can still catch Covid and you can still pass it on to others. You still have to wear a mask and "social distance". 30% of hospitalized patients in the U.K. and even more in Israel are fully vaccinated. So, why do the doctors here tell us that 90% of local Covid patients are unvaccinated?  Why are U.S. numbers so different from the rest of the world?


Image from American Journal of Medicine Article



Monoclonal Antibodies:

I'm not trying to influence you either way.  Each person must do their Due Diligence, examine all the available information and make their decision.  Vaccinate for Covid or not. 

Certainly, Covid is treatable and hundreds of Doctors in this country and thousands worldwide are finding that early treatment keeps people out of the hospital and keeps people alive. 

When you get your Covid positive test and your Doctor tells you to go home; there's nothing he can do; well, he's either lying or ignorant.  No other option.  Have him come to this page and watch Dr. McCullough's or Dr. Zelenko's videos.  Give him a link to the pamphlet above, from the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.  All these doctors are adamant that treatment must be started early in your infection.

I welcome comments on any of my Blog articles.  In this case, I'd really like to ask any Doctor or other Medical Professional who might take the time to read this to please comment.  A lengthy discussion of what you've seen here, pro or con, would be a breath of fresh air to many of us uneducated old farts.


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