Friday, November 05, 2021

A friend got "The Word". Get the vaccine or we let you die!

After all this time in which I've railed against the Covid Hysteria, A good friend is faced with The Choice. Have an unsafe, ineffective drug permanently injected or give up on life-saving medical care.

I've been trying to find some positive information for him but it just isn't out there.  
I just don't even want to tell him what I've found.

From December, 2020 until Oct 22, 2021; 622,743 Adverse Reactions to 192M vaccinations = .32% of fully vaccinated have suffered noteworthy Adverse Reactions, according to the VAERS data.

As a comparison, from 1990 to 2021 (30 YEARS!), ALL OTHER VACCINES COMBINED have accumulated 738,411 VAERS reports. Get that? I'll say it again...In less than a year, there have been almost as many reported Adverse Reactions to the three Covid vaccines as have been reported about ALL other vaccines combined, for THIRTY years!

The Mandated vaccines have given us a whole new list of additions to our vocabulary:

Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis
Transverse Myelitis
Narcolepsy, Cataplexy
Acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)
Acute Demyelinating Diseases
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation
Venous Thromboembolism
Arthritis and Arthralgia/Joint Pain
Kawasaki Disease
Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

And the damned vaccines aren't even effective. Even if you are "fully vaccinated", you can still catch Covid and you can still pass it on to others. You still have to wear a mask and "social distance". 30% of hospitalized patients in the U.K. and even more in Israel are fully vaccinated. So, why do the doctors here tell us that 90% of local Covid patients are unvaccinated? Who is telling the truth? Why are U.S. numbers so different from the rest of the world? I'm betting they aren't.

Medical facilities still insist that you wear a mask as soon as you walk in the door. If you don't have one, they will happily give you a disposable one to wear. But, they are handing out ASTM Level 1 masks! ASTM standards SPECIFICALLY state that Level one masks DO NOT protect from viruses. So, why are They insisting on those masks? Obviously not because of a virus, so what's the true purpose? Hmmm? Could it just be Control?

Most people who get The Virus will have mild or even NO symptoms. According to the CDC, only 5% of all the documented AND estimated cases will be hospitalized. .63% of all cases have died. Look at the numbers again. .32% of vaccinated people will suffer Adverse Reactions to a vaccine which does NOT prevent .63% of the infected from dying.

Admittedly, most people have minor side effects, like being sicker from the vaccination than most people (myself included) are from Covid. But then everything mellows out and they don't have any further side effects. Of course, it's impossible to know what will happen in a couple of years...five years? Ten? And once they push the plunger on that syringe, there is no going back. Whatever it does to you it will do and there's not a damned thing you can do about it! Ever see those commercials on TV about class action lawsuits against drug companies? ALL those companies are being sued for the long term effects of FDA Approved Drugs.  Oh, and Phizer has paid the largest fine in history for one of their former drugs while Moderna has NEVER made a vaccine before!  Very comforting.  One more thing.  The three drug companies involved are ALL immune from liability for their vaccines.  If it does make you grow another ear...tough shit.

And don't argue with a Doctor about this stuff. They just pat me on my little woolly head and tell me to quit believing "Social Media". When I tell them that I get my statistics from Their CDC, NIH and other "official" sources, they just roll their eyes and change the subject.

I have a very good friend who recently retired from the medical field. I have frequent contact with one Very Good Doctor for whom I have a lot of respect. Those two and many others in their positions keep telling me that I'm way off base here. That Covid is just devastating. At first, I couldn't understand how they could be so overwhelmed by this thing when the numbers just don't support their arguments. Then, I realized. They deal with the 5%. The Covid numbers they see are the ones who are in the hospital and if someone is in the hospital with this Virus, they are in real trouble. I'm seeing and quoting cold, hard numbers and they are dealing with real, suffering people. I get it.

But, The Virus has never been the World Ending Pandemic that it has been made out to be and the vaccines are obviously ineffective and demonstrably dangerous. The "Mitigation Efforts" are a common sense joke and the lockdowns and closures are nothing but damaging to our country and our way of life. Now, Vaccine Mandates, which we warned you about a year ago, are here and will quickly cause more damage to our country and way of life. My friend is seeing that now. Get that ineffective poison injected in your arm or forget a new kidney.

Let me tell you smug, better than everyone doctors...I read VERY well; I'm not as stupid as I look and I'm capable of expressing myself pretty well. I do it better in writing but I can verbally debate almost as well. You can see it in their eyes when they have no answers for my questions because these Doctors haven't bothered to do ANY of the reading I have.

It's Their Job to know the things I've learned and they just don't bother. Whatever the CDC tells them, they do. Just to keep their license and to Hell with their patients.

There are hundreds of Doctors; thousands of Health Care workers, who are risking and losing their jobs, careers, positions and reputations because they HAVE read and understood the same things I have.

Americas Frontline Doctors. Simone Gold. Peter McCullough. Shouting to the wind, trying to be heard over the Mainstream Media hype.


Kirby Jonas said...

AMEN to all of this, Larry. You are wise beyond your years!

Larry Gibson said...

I don't know, Kirby. Kind of feels like a lot of years lately.