Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Updates to my previous post: "Especially for Doctors".

This post is a companion to my "Research Page, Especially for Doctors" post that I originally made Nov 11, 2021. I've made some updates on that page over the past year but over the past few months, more and more information has been coming to light concerning the mRNA Covid19"vaccines" and listing it all would kind of overwhelm the original page.

But Those in Power (They) are completely ignoring all these facts and figures.  It's as if They are living in an alternative world, where Covid is only defeated by these "Safe and Effective" vaccines and anyone not vaccinated is an Enemy to the People.  

Again I ask: "Why?"  Why are They ignoring the significant increase in overall death rates around the world?  

Why can They coin the term: "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" and act as if it's just nothing to think about?  

How can They see the obvious cardiac problems associated with Their "vaccine", especially in younger males, and then the CDC votes to have these deadly "vaccines", which are even more deadly to younger people, made a part of the U.S. school mandatory vaccine list?

Pfizer executive, Janine Small, admits to the European Union Parliament that Pfizer did NOT test their "vaccine" to see if it stopped Covid19 before rolling it out.  

Further info shows that Pfizer only tested to see if it produced the anti-bodies that they wanted.

The "95% effective" statements were pure bullshit.

The much vaunted "vaccines" do NOT prevent Covid infections and don't protect against more serious instances of it.

This is a link to:  Open Letter & Evidentiary Document sent to the New Zealand Prime Minister and all Ministers: COVID-19 negative vaccine effectiveness and harm evidence in New Zealand and overseas (Results, Call to Action)

This letter was sent by a Doctor and researcher named Carlton Brown, of the United Kingdom.

Also, read: 

Toxic COVID-19 Vaccine Lots (VAERS)

Negative vaccine effectiveness and vaccine failure associated with COVID-19 vaccination

This is such a disaster!  People are getting sick and dying because of Their vaccine but they keep on pushing it as if there is no problem.

We MUST stand up!  The only way to put an end to this is to NOT COMPLY!


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