Friday, August 20, 2021

My Covid Thoughts

I believe the Covid19 virus is real. I believe it IS making many people sick and is even causing death, primarily to older people whose existing conditions are exacerbated by The Virus, but also to younger people whose immune systems just can't fight off a severe respiratory illness.

I also believe, based on common sense, reading of alternate media from the Main Stream and examination of facts and statistics, that They are lying to us about many things.

I'm sure the Covid19 case numbers are NOT what is being reported. But, based on CDC studies, it actually appears that many MORE Americans have had The Virus than is commonly reported. I, for one, did not add my case to the number board and the CDC estimates that not just 35 million Americans have had or do have The Virus. CDC estimates as many as 120 Million!

I'm also sure that the death numbers have been artificially inflated, between people like Cuomo deliberately placing vulnerable people in harms way and the simple number adjustment that can be made by the policy: "If you die 'WITH' Covid, you died 'OF' Covid".

I believe, again based on CDC and NIH studies, that cloth masks have little to no effect on whether we catch The Virus or not. In my opinion, masking up is just a panacea, designed to make people think they are protecting themselves and others while, at the same time, establishing and illustrating the Control They exert through simple media manipulation. I believe that masking was just a first and minor step towards more and more stringent controls over our population.

The next step was the "vaccines". It has become obvious that these cursorily tested, rushed and even experimental drugs have little to no effect against The Virus as at least 40% of the current Covid hospital cases in the U.K. and 30% of those cases in the United States are fully vaccinated.

The bottom line here is that Covid19 is NOT the world ending virus that They are leading you to believe. They are either lying, covering up or just not mentioning so many things that it can only make me wonder WHAT They are doing and why.

I have a hard time believing that this is a deliberate effort to reduce our world population. I know there are evil people in charge out there but that just seems a bit much.

The idea that this is Them taking advantage of an actual pandemic in order to gain more control over us and at the same time, get us more willing to accept a more centralized World Government? Well, I guess but that, too, seems kind of far-fetched.

I'm just not smart enough or devious enough to understand why we are being lied to and led down this darker and darker path. There's a warning to be sounded but, mostly, it's just a warning to do some of your own research and come to your own conclusions.

I'm not going to change your opinion and you won't change mine so I'm going to, once again, try to just ignore it all and let you be you, if you'll just let me be me.

I will NOT voluntarily accept Covid vaccines until they have been tested and proven safe and effective. That means it will be years before you see me with a needle in my arm. Since I've HAD and SURVIVED Covid (I've had worse colds) I now have a natural immunity and have no need of The Vaccine. That's how it has worked for thousands of years and I'm good with that record. Tested, safe and effective!

I'll only be masking up in places where I REALLY want to go and where the owners insist on masks. Then, only for the minimum amount of time I must. I'll most likely be wearing my mesh mask unless they notice and make an issue of it.

I'll still roll my eyes when I see you with a mask but I promise to not say what I'm thinking. I'll keep in mind, "you do you and I'll do me".

I pray that the conspiracy theories are wrong. I hope, in my heart, that these vaccines are as safe and more effective than advertised and that the creators of them actually have the eradication of Covid as their primary goal. No ulterior motives or goals.

I hope that, if you do catch Covid, you have as easy a time of it as did I and I pray that no one else dies of The Virus.

Good luck to all. My prayers and thoughts go with you.

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