Friday, September 03, 2021

Do the reading yourselves. The Truth Is Out There!

Some new links for you to read. DO Your Research!!

My opinions on this blog may not conform to yours but I try to include links to my sources here. Skip my commentary and just read this stuff for yourself.

Lots of information at the America's Frontline Doctors website.

U.K. Minister of Health misspoke when he said that 60% of hospitalizations for Covid in the U.K. are vaccinated.  Ok.  So, if 60% of their hospitalizations are UNvaccinated, that must mean that 40% ARE vaccinated.  So much for the claim that 90% of the current "surge" are unvaccinated.

Same thing here.  30% of Covid19 cases in the L.A. area are vaccinated.  If it's like that in Los Angeles, then we can expect it to be much the same all over the country.

Here's one of my opinion pieces about this Covid19 B.S. with some of these links and others.  

They are lying to us about this Virus, folks.  One of the major questions you need to be asking yourself is: "Why?".  What's going on in the background that makes Them so intent on censoring ANY dissent or ANY questions?  Why are They hiding the breakthrough cases?  

Why are They covering up the treatments?  I can answer that one.  If They admit that there are effective treatments for Covid19 then there is no longer any use for Their rushed, unproven, cursorily tested and dangerous "vaccines".

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