Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Some Hard Truth About the Covid19 Hysteria

We are told that over 600,000 Americans have died with Covid19 but it's not easy to find someone who has experienced this loss. Certainly, people have died from it but the few family members with whom I've had contact were incensed that their deceased family member was termed a Covid death as they had died of some condition they would have died from anyway. They just happened to be a positive Covid case at the time.

A little research shows that this has been true all along. Dr. Birx emphatically told us that if someone died "with" covid they'd be listed as having died "of" Covid.

We are made to believe that The Virus is exceptionally contagious but, once again, looking at statistics, we find that the seasonal flu is about 3-4X more contagious.,from%20influenza%20(Table%201).

We are told that the vaccines are safe, well tested and effective but it's incredibly obvious that this just isn't true. The VAERS system shows thousands of serious side effects happening, including things which have caused many deaths, including blood clots and heart issues.

"Breakthrough cases" are common. So common that the CDC, I believe in order to conceal how common breakthroughs are, only acknowledges those that result in hospitalization or death ( Here's the thing. Without vaccines, 81% of positive Covid19 cases have mild to no symptoms ( So, we can assume at least that number is applicable to breakthrough cases. So, the CDC only admits to or officially keeps track of 19% of breakthrough infections. If the vaccines, as advertised, mitigate the infections and make them less virulent, then that means the CDC is admitting to an even smaller percentage. In other words, THOUSANDS of vaccinated people are still getting The Virus.

"In a July 19 press conference, the U.K.’s chief science adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, incorrectly said, 'around 60% of the people being admitted to hospitals with COVID have been double vaccinated.'

Vallance corrected himself later that day, tweeting: 'About 60% of hospitalisations from covid are not from double vaccinated people,' Vallance wrote. 'Rather 60% of hospitalisations from covid are currently from unvaccinated people.'"

Guess what folks. That means that 40% WERE vaccinated. 40%? That's only the ones actually hospitalized. How many fully vaccinated people got The Stupid Virus and just weren't all that sick?

What's the point of taking chances with this vaccine if it's so grossly ineffective? Especially when one of the possible side effects is death?

We know that the CDC has admitted the PCR test, used for over a year, doesn't differentiate between Covid19 and the flu. They've tried to explain this away but Their explanations are vague and untrustworthy (translation? Bullshit!)

It's obvious with a glance at case charts that, during normal flu season (April-October), we see a big uptick in "Covid" positives. Anyone with a functioning brain cell can see that the seasonal flu accounted for millions of reported Covid19 cases.

Also, many Americans, probably millions, have HAD Covid19 and not been tested or reported. I'm one of those. What does this mean? Well, mainly, it throws Their percentages all out the window. If millions more people have had Covid...let's say it IS as contagious as the Seasonal Flu, then a MUCH smaller percentage of infections result in hospitalization or death. Again, making it comparable to the Flu.

Let's look at that, shall we? According to the CDC, there were an estimated 120.2 MILLION Covid19 infections in the U.S. as of July 27, 2021. Of those, there were 767,000 estimated total Covid19 deaths (again, remembering Their definition of a Covid death! "With", not necessarily "of".) . This changes the survival rate from 98.3% to 99.37% of total cases!

( The survival rate for the Flu is estimated at 99.87%. We've never gone to these extreme lengths to prevent or eradicate the Flu so why are we destroying the world over this equally survivable Super Virus?

Let that percolate in your head for a minute. We have destroyed the world, given up or had much of our freedom taken away; been cajoled, shamed, begged, bribed and now maybe FORCED to accept a "vaccine" with questionable safety and NO understanding of any long term effects. All over a virus only slightly less survivable than the Flu, with which we have lived for many long years.

We have been played in a blatant effort to exert control over our population. Probably started as an experiment: "let's see how many people we can get to do progressively more ridiculous shit, just because we tell them to!" Later, I'm sure the conversation was: "Who'd have thought this would be so EASY!?"

Bottom line?

Covid19 is not as contagious as and probably only slightly more deadly than the Seasonal Flu.

Covid19 vaccinations are no more effective at preventing Covid19 than the Flu shots are of preventing Flu. Probably LESS effective!

The Covid vaccinations are controversial simply because a large portion of our population questions the truth of the reported safety and effectiveness and there is No Way to know the long term effects!

This whole thing is a terrifying effort to create a compliant, frightened world population and the only way to stop it is to Just Say NO!  No More!

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