Thursday, April 08, 2021

Police abuse rights, even in Canada.

I know that many of you have seen this video already. Fine. Watch it again!

If you or I go into a Covidiot's business without our face diaper and the business orders us to leave and we don't, the police will be called and we'll be cited, maybe arrested, for Criminal Trespass. Rightly so. The business has the right to refuse service and if they don't want unmasked business, that's their decision. I respect that and I leave without argument. I don't go back, of course. The appropriate word here is "competition". Sorry. Kind of got off the point.

ANYway, when this pastor first orders the police to leave, they don't even move. He has to repeatedly order them out and even then, they slowly, reluctantly, go out the door. No respect for the business, the individual or the law.

All the police officers in this video should be cited for Criminal Trespass and the pastor likely has grounds for a lawsuit for violation of civil rights.
If we'd all follow up on this sort of thing and make these cases as public as possible, then maybe some of the illegal overreach and rights abuses of our police would again fade away.

Here's a Fox News video of this pastor, who is a former resident of the Soviet Union and is terrified of Communism rearing it's head here in North America.

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