Saturday, November 05, 2022

Tipping Point: Feudal Society or Freedom

So many things racing around in my head today, begging to be let out.

Diesel "shortage"
Covid B.S.
Epstein Clients

I'm a person who cares about our country and our world. The painful part is that I can observe and THINK. That's a terrible curse today. I'd be SO much better off if I was just content with Internet, TV and beer.

Let's start here.

The only people talking about the Epstein/Maxwell client list are peasants like myself. Not one person in government or Law Enforcement is even talking about it. Do you see any rogue cops and/or prosecutors taking things in hand and looking into it? No. Do you hear anyone in Congress asking questions? No. Every wonder why?

I think it's simple. Most of Those Who Are In Power WERE clients! So many of the most
politically and monetarily powerful people in our country were Epstein clients that They have stifled ANY inquiry. Epstein is Dead (Killed himself? Yeah. Right.), Maxwell is convicted and gone to whatever deal she made.

Hear of any reporters trying to dig into this mess? No? Well, who owns the Media? The people who were Epstein Clients, that's who.

A cop or reporter who starts trying to find the truth here will be lucky to just lose their job. More likely, they'll be framed into prison or just outright "suicided" Epstein.

What does this tell you about the "people" who are running our country?

Diesel shortage? Inflation? They go hand in hand. The cost of getting goods to market is being seen at the cash register. Do you think the Rich Pricks who are in charge are affected by inflation? Of course not. Their Chauffer fills the limo tank and pays with one of Their credit cards. Their housekeeper does the shopping and pays with one of Their credit cards. Their accountant pays the CC bills. And the amount of money They have makes those bills completely insignificant to them.

Meanwhile, you and I are deciding if we can afford the higher priced baloney this week.

They used their lab-grown Virus to frighten a big part of the population and get control. People went along with more and more stupid bullshit, doing as They told you, until you'll do ANYthing They tell you at this point.

They pulled a magic elixir out of Their hat and told you it would protect you from this Worst of All Possible Viruses and many of you believed it. Since, by then, you were totally under Their control, They ordered everyone to allow this untested and untestable liquid to be injected into your and your kids bodies. You shamed any reluctant friends and family into joining in as well.

Then, They ordered all their emergency service people to join the crowd or lose their jobs. In this way, They managed to clear many of the critical thinkers and "malcontents" out of our Police and Military so that, now, most of our "protectors" are completely under Their control. A MASTER stroke!

So, now a majority of people, at least in the formerly Free world, have this unknown substance doing it's job in your bodies. Those who might have stood up against the oncoming events are no longer in a position to do so. Anyone who dissents is labeled a malcontent and is either imprisoned or just marginalized by Their scorn and public humiliation.

We're pinning our hopes on this Midterm Election but I don't have much faith in it. They blatantly stole the last election, in our faces and obviously. And their well owned media completely covered for Them. By that time, so many of us were so under Their control that anything They said, we'd just buy. I really don't see what might prevent Their just doing exactly the same thing this time. Why not? Nothing happened when They did it before. Everything went according to Their plan.

And, here we are. Store shelves slowly emptying. Gas stations about to close. Out of heating oil and other ways to heat and cook are becoming too expensive for any but The Elite.

It seems to me as if we're on the tipping point of turning into a Feudal Society. One where the Elites govern Their serfs. We eat, stay warm and travel only with Their permission and we get Their permission to live and breath only if we do what They tell us.

We tried to tell you. We told you the masking was just a symbol of your submission. We told you the injections were for control. We warned you that They were doing these things. You just called us MAGA crazy and laughed at us for being so stupid.

Maybe you were right. Maybe the only peace any of us will know now is your peace of Total Submission to Control. Those of us who aren't willing to live on our knees will be eating rat burgers in the sewers. But we'll still be Free People. Cold, hungry and persecuted Free People, but Free, none the less.


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