Monday, October 11, 2021

Coffee and Covid website and e-mails

As we watch our country being destroyed from within, one of the quickly escalating issues is the Vaccine Mandate.

Employers around the country are adopting "vaccinate or be fired" policies which are illegal, unconstitutional and even evil.

We are not the property of our employers NOR our nation! We aren't sheep or cattle, to be rounded up and sent through the chutes for our vaccinations and castrations and we MUST stand up for our rights to make our own choices and be our own people.

As part of that, I began reading information from an attorney in Florida who publishes a website called "Coffee and Covid".

He has been documenting many of the events concerning this Covid B.S. and I've learned a lot.

Today's article (10-10-21) is a very informative treatise on how to legally fight job termination due to the vaccine mandates.

I strongly recommend you sign up, at least for the free subscription, as the daily e-mail from Coffee and Covid is almost always informative. It also lets you know that, if you are like me and are against all the Covid mandates, mitigation efforts, fear and stupidity, you are not alone.

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