Friday, October 29, 2021

We're in Real Trouble and You'd Better Get Your Head Out and THINK!

I've been a Survivalist, Conspiracy Theory nutcase since my 20s. Most of you laughed at and made fun of us all this time as we stored supplies, set up alternative heat and power and arranged a network of like-minded people with whom to work.

A lot of you are starting to think maybe we aren't so funny any more. I recommend that more of you start looking around and actually thinking about what you see...but, most of you won't. Most of you are laughing still and if you read through this post at all will just laugh at me and call me a conspiracy theorist nutcase.

You'll go on believing what your government's propaganda arm, the Main Stream Media, tells you. Here's a list:

Covid19 is a deadly pandemic that threatens our very civilization. You MUST do whatever the TV tells you to in order to keep us all safe from viral annihilation.

Any Trump supporter, Republican, survivalist or prepper is a domestic terrorist and must be reported to authorities. These people should be placed into re-education facilities until they are ready to fit into society.

Your income, your livelihood, your safety, heat, electricity...your very way of life is only guaranteed by a strong, benevolent government. Your stimulus checks, food cards, gasoline cards, heat and electrical power authorization will only be granted if you do as you are told.

As time goes on, They will gradually get us to accept more and more control, all in the name of "it's for the good of the people". Masking, vaccinations, reporting on your neighbors, accepting election fraud, red flag events. We've already seen all of that. They will gradually implement Their entire agenda and by then we'll be so reliant on Government and so used to being compliant that it will all just seem natural.

They are continuing to use The Virus as an excuse to exercise control over us.  Continuing to have Their media talk about The Virus, the cases, the deaths and the unvaccinated being the cause of it all, keeps us in constant turmoil, not only with concern about The Deadliest Virus In History but also with each other.  You "NON-Believers", "Anti Vaxxers" and general know who you are...the ones without a mask...are causing The Virus to continue to devastate our world!
They even have plans on how to confine the "wrong people".  Once again; you don't believe?  Read part of the plan from the CDC's own website:

Why do you think small business was shut down during the "flatten the curve" time and even still? Do you REALLY believe it was to "save lives"? Walmart, Home Depot, Costco, Burger King, Mcdonalds...they didn't shut down. THEY were "Necessary".

Only the big corporate entities will be left to provide necessities and you won't be able to use your credits in them without your mask, your vaccination card and other proof of compliance. Small businesses that survive this initial onslaught will be absorbed into Walmart, Home Depot, Costco and big energy suppliers. No more local grocery stores or unauthorized gas stations or convenience stores.

We won't need the small family farms and ranches. The big food suppliers will provide all that we need. So, move the population from the rural communities into cities where food distribution, heat and power can be centralized and then give the open land and resources to big corporate for use as communal farmland, power generation, mining and whatever other use Those in Power feel is in Their best interests.

We'll all have jobs as the energy plants, massive farms and factories will need bodies to keep production up and running so as long as you are productive, you will be given a task. Once your productivity is down, as you get older or your health fails...well...too bad for you.

Travel will be regulated and monitored. You'll have to have your papers to authorize travel outside your local areas.  This is already happening in many countries, including "Free" countries.  Do some research on the Covid mitigation in Australia, France and Canada.

National elections will either be deemed unnecessary and no longer bothered with or they will be handled just as this last one was. Whoever They want as a figure head will be elected, no matter what the people say.

The dissenters will lose their information platforms and those who still won't shut up will just either commit suicide or disappear altogether.

You don't believe this? Can't happen? Ever hear of the Soviet Union? China? These things have already happened in most of the world, either now or in the not so distant past and the preparations for this kind of world government have been in place for a long time.

It's happening right now.  As you read this, vaccine passports are being filled out.  No mask, no vaccine?  No Service.  As little as three or four months ago, when I wrote this kind of thing, I was laughed at.  Now, it's happening.

What if the rural power grid were to "fail"? What if They tell us that electricity can only be provided to major metro areas and rural areas just can't get electricity, phone, internet and so on? Food no longer even provided to local markets because it all has to go to the major distribution centers?

Remember last winter, when Texas lost electricity and people didn't have heat?  What if that were a test?  Like the masks were a test.  What if now; They (accidentally) shut down the power over most of rural America and then tell us we must move to the more populated areas where we can be cared for, protected, fed and warm?  Since a large segment of our population bought the masking and are clamoring for the vaccines, don't you think those same people will just accept the help of a Benevolent Government and relocate..."for the public good"?  Once again, separating the obedient from the malcontents and leaving we malcontents literally out in the cold.  Don't think so?  Then you probably will be obedient, huh?

What if imports were stopped at the ports and not unloaded and shipped?  Oh.  I'm sorry.  That's happening RIGHT NOW!

None of these things need to be implemented quickly. Actually, it will work better for Them if They take a couple of years at it. Just like a frog in a pan on the stove. Gradually turn up the heat and he'll let you boil him.

Don't for a minute think that this whole "Pandemic" wasn't planned.  Fauci's E-mails prove that his agency has been funding "Gain of Function (Biological warfare)" research at the Wuhan labs. 

Why do you think The Virus so quickly and easily passes to people?  Hmm?  It's DESIGNED to!  Fauci even told us, just before President Trump took office, that the "next Administration (Trump)" would face a "surprise" virus.

The United States of America was the ONLY country in the world that has NEVER been run by a tyrannical dictatorship. We've always been free in a country run by the people who were represented by those we elected. If our representatives didn't do as we liked, we voted them out. That's over, folks.  And there is no one to help us.  We are it.  

President Trump may have been the last hope we had on a national scale and They succeeded in getting rid of him; replacing him with a demented old fool who signs what he's told, says what he's told and does what he's told. Until his dementia gets so bad that he has to be replaced and then They have a happily Communist woman prepared to step in and really get the ball rolling.

Don't blame Biden. I doubt he even knows he's President. They give him orders and he follows them. Jill and Kamala look over his shoulder and make sure things run smoothly.

They're already working on "weeding out" any possible dissenters in the military, Police and even Fire and Medical.  How?  Vaccine mandates.  Those who are still capable of thinking for themselves; those who still stand up for what they believe and are not willing to give in to obvious oppression are being fired today, as you read this.

Those left will be the ones who will "Do what they're told".  Door to door gun confiscation?  Sure.  "It's my job".  Door to door vaccination?  Same thing.  And who is to stop them?  The Policemen who still stood for the Constitution and right over wrong are being fired because they aren't willing to play "Russian Roulette" with this vaccine.  

Same with our military.  Thousands of our best and brightest Military members are refusing The Vaccine so they will be getting General Discharges and kicked out.  Who will be left?  The ones who are willing to just follow orders, no matter what, that's who.  

Washington D.C. is already an armed camp, obviously preparing for major assaults. They are getting prepared while we continue to whine about how to get our candidates elected in a couple of years.

Which will be the next move? Start getting us all resigned to the idea of moving to central locations where They can more easily provide us with food, heat, shelter? 

Actually, They have telegraphed one of Their next moves. Besides, the critical move is obvious.  Eliminate the resistance by outlawing firearms. First, just those scary black plastic "military grade" weapons, then handguns and even, once the food is mass produced, hunting weapons will no longer be necessary. They don't have to confiscate them all at once. Just make it a felony to even own one. Law abiding people will register theirs, making those confiscations simple and once it's a major crime to even own a gun, They can get rid of a lot of troublemakers in a hurry. Either in prisons or, more likely, just gone. And your neighbors will be happy to "rat you out" either for luxury rewards (Cookies? Candy? Coffee?  Cigarettes?) or just because "It's for your safety".

You see, none of Their plans can come to fruition if the victims of those capable of fighting back.  They must disarm the populace first or even Their obedient Military and Police will have major problems.  

What if the prices paid to local farmers and ranchers were to drop, propelled by massive production from the huge corporate farms? What if Gates' idea of artificial meat were to be pushed by our benevolent, demented fool of a "leader"?

The actual food producers, Farmers and Ranchers, are already on the low end of the financial scale.  They get pennies for their products while the consumer pays big dollars in the stores.  Look at the currently skyrocketing grocery prices.  You think the actual producers are seeing any of that?  Of course not.  Once again, the Big Corporate is getting the money and we Vassals get just enough to survive and keep on producing.  At least until only the Collective Farms and Ranches are instated, in which case we Vassals will still be doing the work but only for enough to keep us alive and productive. 

Since Poor Old Biden (P.O.B.) was installed into the Office of President, we've seen ridiculous price increases across the board.  Gas prices especially, but pretty much everything now costs much more.  I seriously doubt this will be reversed any time soon.

Actually, it's most likely part of the plan.  Make goods and services too expensive for most of us then provide Government Assistance.  Get an even larger group dependent on Government and then it will be much easier to get them to do what you want.  

We'll see what happens when the Mid-Term elections come around.  If the same fraud and theft happens with those elections as happened with the last Presidential election, then we will know for sure that our Republic is either over or is teetering on the edge.

When you are buying gas or groceries at inflated prices; when you are denied entry to the grocery store, Hospital, Airport, Courthouse...etc. because of your vaccination status; when you are denied the option to buy or sell at any level because you haven't gotten two or three unknown, useless and dangerous vaccinations, well; you'll know our end is very near.

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Well written. Thanks for sharing. I came here from your post submission on The Modern Heretic group on MeWe. I'm one of the Admins there.