Thursday, May 13, 2021

I believe I FINALLY caught Covid19! Big deal.

Ok. I've "suffered" through your stupid virus now. Of course, there is no official proof of that and won't be because I'll have to be completely unable to defend myself before anybody shoves a Q-tip up my nose (OR elsewhere!). But what I've had showed all the symptoms. Most noteably, the loss of much of my sense of taste.

This experience was bad for one reason only. It solidly reinforced ALL my points!

The first day of illness, I had a fever of 100F, headache, muscle soreness and light headedness as well as a bad cough. Working around the house and yard was very unpleasant and all I really wanted to do was go to bed but I had obligations and responsibilities so I "cowboy'ed up" and got things done. Note. NOT incapacitated by my illness.

I'm not able to get Hydroxychloroquine so I use Quercetin instead. I followed Dr. Zelenko's advice, increasing my Quercetin and Zinc dosage as well as my Vitamin D and C intake. Lots of fluids, mostly water.

Overnight, my headache and cough continued with some sinus drain. Still not as bad as some colds I've had so I just figured that was what it was.

The second day, I still had the headache, muscle soreness was pretty much throughout my body, especially my chest from coughing. Temperature was down to 99, blood pressure and sugars, which had been wierd for a couple of days, were back to my normals.

Third day, headache gone, temp normal, muscle aches pretty much gone. Other than a little light headedness, I'm back to normal after THREE DAYS. Oh. and it was on the third day that I noticed I really wasn't tasting my food much. Actually, it was the cinnamon gum I was chewing that still had the cinnamon "bite" but only a faint sweetness. No flavor. I really had discounted the whole thing as just a minor cold until the loss of taste.

So, this deadly virus which has, if you believe all the media hype, killed millions worldwide and continues to ravage the world and our country. This ultra-contagious virus, which has lower contagion numbers than the seasonal flu. This world ending plague which has toppled our economy and is feared by all...isn't as bad as some colds I've had. Big deal.

I'm 60 years old, fat, diabetic, have high blood pressure and a family history of heart disease and kidney disease. I'm in the "high risk" category.

I had the flu a couple of years ago. I couldn't get out of bed, I was so sick. I've had colds that made me much more miserable than I was the three days of this world ending virus.

Here's my description of a deadly viral pandemic...ANYone who is exposed, unless they have a natural immunity, catches it. No cloth mask or "social distancing" protects you. You get close to it, you get it. EVERYONE who gets it dies OF it in a short time. People dropping dead in the streets. Hospitals filled with dying patients with no hope. Martial law. Troops shooting people for looking sick and coming close. Civilization destroyed, whole cities emptied. Isolated, lone survivors wandering the wastelands left behind. Watch "The Stand" or "The Last Ship". THAT would be a "pandemic" worthy of the incredible stupidity we have endured (allowed) this past year.

What do we have? We are told that some people are asymptomatic but can still spread it. It's ultra-contagious and you catch it by breathing it but, in order to be certain you even have it, (This HAS to be one of the more stupid aspects!) the test is to shove a Q-tip up your nose. We are warned that it is ultra-contagious but we can protect ourselves by wearing our underwear around our nose and mouth. It's deadly and debilitating but, then again, some of us won't even know we have it, it can be no worse than a cold or it can kill you.

So, I'll say it again. Covid19 is a virus, like literally trillions of other viruses we face Every Day. If you catch it, you might be really sick...or, you might not. It might cause major problems with your system...or not. If you are already afflicted with other illnesses, you are old, weak or have a weak immune system, it might make you really sick or even exacerbate your current problems enough to kill you. You can say exactly these same things about the Seasonal Flu.

Many people are having much worse reactions to the Genetic Experiment vaccines than I had to the virus.

Once again, something just isn't RIGHT with this picture. ANY effort to research the true numbers and facts around this virus HAS to make you wonder why They have been doing this.

In the beginning, They made it sound as if this WOULD be like my definition of a deadly pandemic. We were told that millions would die. We were told that people WERE dropping dead in the streets in Wuhan. Videos of clean up crews were "leaked" from China.

Even our WORST areas, New York, New Jersey and so on, didn't get like that. Hospital ships went unused. Emergency medical facilities were built and then, when not needed, were removed. NONE of what we were told was true! So, WHY do we continue to believe?

We KNOW the case numbers are inflated. The Covid19 death count is joked wreck victims and shooting victims counted as Covid deaths.

Masking, social distancing and all the other CDC "mitigation" efforts are ludicrous and are just obvious methods of mind control. The fear is not warranted. The over reaction to this virus is certainly not warranted.

Actually, I'm thinking, maybe, this stupid virus might help me lose weight. I mean, what's the point in eating an Oreo when all I get from it is the crunch? Might as well chew on an ice cube!

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