Wednesday, May 05, 2021


You people BEGGING for this Covid19 Vaccine...Can you not READ?! Are you unable to do ANY thinking or research for yourselves?! I really don't understand.

Let's examine it again. This "Deadliest of all Viruses" is SO contagious and SO virulent that you have to have a Q-tip shoved up your nose and be "tested" to see if you even have the damned thing! About half of those who get the virus don't even KNOW they have it, without this invasive test.

Worldwide, 81% of those who get it have either mild or NO symptoms! Most who have symptoms compare it to the flu.

So, get vaccinated.

Covid19 vaccine COMMON side effects:

Muscle pain

If You Received a Second Shot

Side effects after your second shot may be more intense than the ones you experienced after your first shot. These side effects are normal signs that your body is building protection and should go away within a few days.

Compare to Flu symptoms:

Flu Symptoms

Influenza (flu) can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. Flu is different from a cold. Flu usually comes on suddenly. People who have flu often feel some or all of these symptoms:

fever* or feeling feverish/chills
sore throat
runny or stuffy nose
muscle or body aches
fatigue (tiredness)
some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children than adults.

*It’s important to note that not everyone with flu will have a fever.

Most people who get flu will recover in a few days to less than two weeks

Can you see the correlation? Are you capable of reading and comparing the two? If you get the Covid vaccinations, the COMMON side effect is like having the flu!

And, what's the point?

"We are still learning how vaccines will affect the spread of COVID-19. Until we know more about how vaccines will affect the spread of COVID-19, people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 should keep taking precautions in public places like wearing a mask, staying 6 feet apart from others, avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces, and washing your hands often." "A growing body of evidence suggests that fully vaccinated people are less likely to be infected without showing symptoms (called an asymptomatic infection) and potentially less likely to spread the virus that causes COVID-19 to others. However, (This is key!) further investigation is ongoing."

So, where am I going with this? Here's the thing. I am not alone in my suspicions that what we are being told about these vaccines are outright lies. MUCH of what we've been told about Covid19 has been untrue and in court, the judge will instruct you that if a witness lies about one thing, you shouldn't place much weight on anything else they say.

Hopefully, "Conspiracy Nuts" like myself are all wrong. With any real luck, this Covid19 virus is really as bad a thing as They have made it out to be and the only thing that will now save the world is if EVERYone gets one of the vaccines, continues to mask up and social distance and does everything else that Dr. Fauci and the CDC tells us to do.

Personally, I believe that the Covid19 panic was used to get as complete control of the population as possible. The masks are a symbol of your compliance and Their control over you. The vaccinations now. What is that? It is obviously not being done as a protection against Covid19 or for any true health reason. If They were at all concerned about our health and with protecting us from Coronaviruses, we'd have been issued Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc to take every day. Instead, this simple, safe and affordable alternative was vilified and made all but illegal to use.

Are the vaccinations a way to reduce the world population by a significant percentage? That theory has a certain amount of following but I don't think that's it; or at least, not ALL of it.

As I've said before, after watching the TNT series, "The Last Ship", I have begun to think that They either watched that series and said: "We'll do THAT!" or They actually had a hand in producing it, maybe as a message to Their followers. The things that were done in that series, using an actually deadly and super contagious virus to accomplish, have been or are being played out, in some ways, right now. The destruction of the government, the Constitution and the Capitalist system are all currently in play. The insertion of an incompetent boob as President was accomplished with predictable results.

What's actually in the vaccinations? What are they actually designed to do? Obviously, not to protect us from the covid19 as getting the vaccinations doesn't keep you from getting or passing the virus.

How about my adding my Conspiracy Theory in the mix. What if part of this vaccination is to make us even MORE compliant (Hard to Imagine!) and simply incapable of resisting, arguing or disagreeing with our Betters?

Maybe a little nod to getting rid of those of us who are "unproductive" due to age or health but I've got my money on what this has been about from the beginning...Control.

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