Thursday, December 03, 2020

If the U.S. falls, then Worldwide Freedom falls with us!

As I watch the Presidential election drama play out, I'm driven to ponder where we are and where we might be going, as a country.

It's obvious to anyone who can think that this election is fraught with the evils of fraud, deception, theft and treason.  Add to that a large portion of espionage and international coercion and collaboration.  This is an outright attempt to completely take over our country.

What's worse, if we examine the past, we see that the actions of those behind Biden are just the culmination of decades of preparation.  China, Russia and others have been working on getting this done for 75 years or more. 

If Biden becomes President than elections will no longer matter.  The office in question will go to whoever Those in the Background want there.  Powerful but unelected people are calling the shots right now.  This is Their major move in taking over global control of the citizens.  We, all of us, in all countries, will be the serfs...the peasants, doing the bidding of a few powerful individuals whose faces we'll never see and whose names we'll never know.

We're almost there now.  The United States, possibly Great Britain and Israel, are the last truly free countries left and if we, the U.S., were to fall, as seems likely at this point, then all the dominoes drop and what is left is a global feudal society with most of us at the bottom.

So, what do we, as patriots, do about it?  What is our objective and how do we reach it?  Some are talking of Civil War...actually taking up arms.  I don't think those who are advocating that have actually been there.  I have not.  My military stories are all police stories.  I never had to suffer combat and now that I'm old and fat, REALLY don't want to!

But if we did, what would be our objective?  We can't just randomly destroy, as They have had Their Antifa and BLM thugs doing.  We Must have a reasonable goal and I have an idea.

We know that our Federal Government is corrupt at all levels. We know that, Democrat or Republican, they are all feeding at the same trough and have been for a long time.

I think we need to remove ALL of Congress, both the House and Senate members, and just send them home.  Replace them with the people our Founding Fathers meant to have in those seats.  People who don't even WANT the job!  Farmers, Ranchers, shop owners, cops, firemen, waitresses, truck drivers...the little guys who have always made this country work.  They all know how to make and keep a budget and they all know wrong from right and most of them live honorable lives.  Have people nominated by their neighbors and their backgrounds and history examined by the electorate.  Incidentally, disqualify anyone who is or has been a lawyer from holding public office.  Short term limits, such as two or four years and no option to run for any office again.

Fire the heads of all government agencies and replace them with people who perform those duties in the public sector and have been making a living at it.  All with no tenure and a completely merit system of continued employment.

President Trump knew this was coming but did he really know how MUCH was coming?  The array of forces against him and the power they wield?  To be honest, I despair. 

 I know our country teeters on the brink of destruction and if we fall, then Freedom, throughout the world, is gone.  In reality, people throughout the world should be preparing to come to our aid in this time as, if the U.S. fails, then no one, ever, will be free.  We will revert to a global feudal society, run by a few very powerful, nameless, faceless people.  

Elections will be meaningless if this steal is allowed to succeed.  Political offices will be handed out by those few power brokers and those holding said offices will follow directions or be replaced.  The majority of us will work in approved industries, our "earnings" taken and doled out as the powerful see fit.

This "Election" is the culmination of many long years of planning.  President Trump refused to go along as have all other leaders in the past few years and so They have done all They could to remove him.  Possibly, They didn't want to show Their hand so soon and that might be a weakness the President can exploit but, for now, this is all in the hands of our President and the few who stand with him.  I just don't know if his puny array of supporters can overcome the powers really coming against him.  I hope so, but...

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