Saturday, December 12, 2020

America Has Fallen


First, I'm thankful to God that He let me grow up and enjoy my prime years in a truly free country, where my travel, my careers and my recreations were not hindered by an overreaching government.  I was free to just enjoy my life and the world in which I lived. 

It's all over now.  The Constitution of the United States is now nothing but an interesting historical document, on display at the National Archives.  It no longer has any meaning in our government beyond historical curiosity.  Our country is now under the control of a shadowy group of rich and powerful oligarchs, interested only in Themselves and in gaining more complete control of the rest of us.

Don't for a minute think that a majority of Americans actually condone this.  Harris/Biden did NOT get a majority of the votes.  Quite the contrary.  An overwhelming majority of American citizens voted for freedom, our republic and our Constitution.  Harris/Biden will be placed as figureheads by a group of rich, powerful and anonymous controllers who stole this Presidential election; NOT by the popular vote of the American public.  Biden does not WIN the Presidency.  He was placed in that office through theft, fraud and deception.  But, with control over the media and the lower courts, Those In Control were able to make it work.

Now, we wait to see how quickly They take complete control.  Do They continue to work slowly, taking our freedoms gradually while we complain a little but; after all, just "go along to get along"?  Or, will They have their surrogate President take a much firmer hand and get things the way They want them quickly and brutally?  Only time will tell.

I think one indication of how They want to proceed will be how quickly They get rid of poor old Joe and put Harris in his place.  On one hand, Joe is certainly controllable and will do anything he's told but he also will say or do something stupid and might let us know what's in store before They want it out there.  I think Harris probably wants to be one of Them so she's going to be more cooperative and predictable.

I feel a little sorry for those who actually did vote for Biden.  There WERE a lot of real votes for Biden/Harris, partly because of the D next to their name, partly through Trump Derangement Syndrome and partly because of a true belief in what they have been told by the Democrat party.

The thing is, though, that even that minority of actual Biden voters will be under the same State Control.  Those poor deluded fools won't get a pass because they followed the Party Line.  The Police State won't be passing by their doors.  On the other hand, most of those who actually voted for the final destruction of our once great nation probably believe that the coming controls and changes are for the greater good.  Well, I believe they are about to get a bitter taste of reality; probably pretty quickly.

I mean, why wait?  It looks to me as if the slow boil is over and it's time to finish the job.  They might as well let Their true agenda be seen as voters no longer matter.  They are in control of who counts the votes and how the votes are counted so the general population no longer has a say.  

The media; news, entertainment and social, are not only under Their control but are actually

eager, willing participants in the overthrow of our republic.  Computers?  They own 'em.  What you post on ANY social media?  They can see it and control it if They want.  

You and I carry one of Their control devices wherever we go and pay handsomely for that privilege, giving Them the option of knowing exactly where we are at any given moment and even using our own expensive control device to listen to and even watch our surroundings, if we come to Their attention.

They told us there was a deadly virus in our midst that would kill most of us if we didn't Go Along.  Even with the actual facts available, a large part of our population still believes this and They are taking full advantage of this gullibility to more completely cement Their control.  They will be able to make us display our obedience, with masks today and with vaccine proof tomorrow and those who aren't obedient will quickly be removed, either through direct or passive force.  No need to come grab us in the dark of night.  Just not let us participate in normal commerce without the badges of obedience; the mask, the vaccination papers...the chip.

How we got here is pretty clear, in hindsight.   And Kruschev told us exactly how it would be done.  We laughed at him as he shook his head and started the ball rolling.

Our education system was key.  Not only to get our best and brightest youth to welcome government control...communism, but to get a strong handle on necessary career fields.  Media, Military, Legal and Political.  

In addition, getting our population more and more in debt, living beyond our means, piling up those credit cards, car and house payments.  Monopolizing and outsourcing our agriculture was also a brilliant chess move.  Very few Americans can live without a grocery store.  The skills and knowledge necessary to locally produce food, especially in the big cities, no longer exist, making us slaves to our jobs.  Then, controlling the jobs makes it easier to control the population.  Don't wear a mask?  Can't work, can't buy groceries or even have money to pay for housing.  So, what are people going to do?  They'll wear the masks and insist that everyone else wears them as well because if you aren't wearing yours, then the State will come after the business that allowed such deviant behavior.  The same kind of thing will exist for the vaccine.  If you don't have your vaccination papers or chip, then you can't get a job, can't shop in the stores, can't pay your bills, can't get medical care.

They'll get us to accept more and more such things.  People dying from the vaccine side effects?  Oh well, they're old people and we need the room, the food and the housing for the younger drones.

What is our recourse?  Obviously, the vote no longer is an issue to Them.  They will just be appointing people to fill "elected" offices from now on.  Oh, They might continue to let us vote in order to give the illusion that we have some control but, in reality, the votes will, from now on, be counted by Their vote counters and the results will be what They want.

People have talked of civil war.  Really?  Against whom?  What is your target?  Only a tiny, very selective number of people know who really is in charge now and it isn't the President, Congress or anyone like that.  Those now are political appointments, made by nameless, faceless controllers that we'll never know.

Maybe secession?  Regions with similar cultures?  Maybe, but we'll never know, from now on, if They are controlling even a regional, state or local government. 

Watch "Braveheart" and "The Hunger Games"  series to see what we're looking forward to and "The Postman" is a good insight into the probable results of a revolt.

In my opinion, They won.  Accept your lot in this brave New World Order and remember: "To get along, you GO along".

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