Monday, January 23, 2023

Another "Coffee and Covid" quote

I have been receiving daily e-mails from the blog for a couple of years now.  I look forward to my C&C e-mail every day.  They are very informative and quite entertaining.

I strongly recommend that you subscribe.

This is an excerpt from

"Right at the very beginning, I remember being tempted to panic. It was the early videos of ordinary-looking Chinese people suddenly going rigid and keeling over in the street, then being swarmed by scurrying officials in space suits. It looked JUST LIKE on of the pandemic movies. I agonized about where I could send Michelle and the kids to keep them safe.

But the more I watched those video clips, the more I began to doubt. I couldn’t shake a growing conviction that the ‘victims’ looked a whole lot like they were jamming their hands out, right at the last second, to break their fall. That’s when I got skeptical, and then when corporate media started its death counters and relentless apocalypse narrative I couldn’t stand it anymore and started writing on Facebook.

(Later, I got even more skeptical when, after having no vaccine at all for cancer after 100 years of research, no vaccine for HIV after 40 years of intense study, and no vaccine or anything for the common cold, then after a “novel” virus mysteriously appears, suddenly FOUR different pharmaceutical companies dramatically ‘invent’ a 100% safe and effective vaccine, all within twelve months? I smelled a rat. A rat in a business suit that worked for a government agency.)

All I ever wanted from the blog was to offer a few folks a different way to look at the pandemic, maybe a better way. I didn’t mean to cause trouble. I knew it was risky. Right from post number one, some people didn’t like me “downplaying the pandemic.”

Some people didn’t like it a LOT.

One thing has always been crystal clear to me. Our enemies — whoever they are — want us to be in a permanent, sustained state of anxiety and depression, if not outright terror. It is a core part of their strategy. And one funny coincidence — among a lengthy list of ‘coincidences’ — was that for the last six years I’d been teaching a bible study class and one of my favorite topics was the dual sins of worry and fear.

That’s right. The Bible teaches that worrying and being fearful are sinful."

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