Sunday, December 05, 2021

The Popular Covid Info doesn't Make Sense

The Governments of the world would have us believe that the vaccines are safe, effective and necessary.  No mention, by officialdom, of the natural immunity enjoyed by the millions of people who have survived Covid.  No credence granted to the adverse reaction reports.  They censor and censure any Doctor who dares to talk about such things.  

I find this censorship and single-mindedness very suspicious.  Why are the major Governments of the world working so hard to stifle debate over this subject?  For every highly credentialed Doctor or Scientist relied on by our Government, I can show you an equally credentialed and prominent doctor or Scientist who is speaking in opposition to the whole thing.  I made a Blog post precisely because of this, making a clearinghouse, if you will, of links, videos and information which opposes the government version of this whole Covid debacle.  

I'm obviously not a medical expert. I'm just an old guy who can read and who has the time and expertise to do a lot of internet research. All things considered, I'd rather be using my internet platforms to brag about my cats. But, as a matter of fact, this whole Covid thing has me confused, conflicted and dismayed. There don't seem to be any real non-debatable facts in this whole mess.

Right from the start. Where did this Virus come from? Bats? Completely created in a lab? Enhanced in a lab? Manmade? Natural? There is valid evidence and credible testimony supporting all sides of just this question.

Are the "official" case numbers correct? Inflated? Under-reported? Again, valid debate can be made each way, just as the same questions are valid for the "official" numbers of deaths from it; or because of it or caused by it or related to it. Accurate? Under-reported? Inflated?

How about the vaccines? Are they effective or not? It's pretty obvious at this point that they don't protect us from getting the virus but do the vaccines help us to not be as sick? Or, are the vaccines incredibly dangerous or even toxic? Are they doing more harm than good? No harm at all? No good at all? These, too, are all debatable questions.

Then the debate about treatments. When you do catch this virus, do you just ride it out until you either get over it or get sick enough to go to the hospital? Hydroxychloroquin? Ivermectin? Monoclonal antibodies?

The cold hard numbers indicate that this is a very contagious virus that is very dangerous for a small portion of our country. Mostly older people or people with already existing health conditions. The numbers tell us that most Americans: approximately 95%, will not need to be hospitalized and that about 15% of those infected will have almost no symptoms. Only about 5% will be hospitalized and only .63% of those infected will die as a result of the virus. Those are GREAT odds! But, what if you or a loved one is part of that 5% who winds up in a Hospital? Or, worse, one of the .63% who die? For those in the unlucky number group this is a terrible and deadly virus which is destroying the world!

It's kind of hard to debate with cold hard numbers when your opposition is debating from personal tragedy. This isn't really an academic exercise. This is real people suffering real pain and loss. Especially when all the numbers are debatable and unclear. What is really going on?

The same can be said of the vaccines. The available statistics show that only .34% of the vaccinated have reported Adverse Reactions. So, the (accepted) cold hard numbers tell us that the vaccines are pretty safe. Very little chance that you will have a reportable reaction and almost no chance, statistically, that you will die. But, once again, what if you or a loved on is a "winner" of this lottery? What if it's your son who drops dead on the football field? What if it's you, lying in a bed with neurological damage that will never go away? Those statistics then mean exactly nothing.

But those vaccine safety numbers are also debatable. Every day there are reports of athletes collapsing on the field, children with Myocarditis, people with uncontrollable seizures...all purportedly as a result of the vaccine.

CDC tells us that the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is unreliable because anyone can make a report and each report must be evaluated and confirmed. True. But the same CDC tells us that VAERS data is habitually under-reported. So, one can assume there are more VAERS-eligible events out there that we just don't know about.

I formed my opinions about the whole thing based on several criteria. First, the available cold hard numbers. They're a little easier for me to accept since I was one of the 15% with extremely mild symptoms. Then, and probably most influential for me, my own common sense and logic, based on my lifes experience. I find much of what has been and is being done and said VERY suspicious and illogical. There's no point in my again listing all the completely nonsensical things said and done by our "leaders". It's all too obvious 
and if you don't see it, then you are being deliberately ignorant.

My opinions, offered here at no cost and worth every penny. Covid19 is very contagious. If you haven't caught it, you are lucky and you're most likely going to eventually. But it's not nearly as dangerous as They want you to think. Especially if you get early treatment with any or all of the available (mostly censored) protocols. Even untreated, the overwhelming odds are that you will not be very sick. The good news is, once you are over it and have survived, you'll have a natural immunity which is reported to be more effective than the vaccinations.

Again, my opinion. I believe the vaccines are, at best, experimental and the true long term effects are, logically, completely unknown and unknowable. The current indications of very virulent adverse reactions to the vaccines scare me more than the Virus did and now that I know I have natural immunity, getting vaccinated would just be a stupid risk on my part.

If you disagree with me, great. If you think the vaccine is for you, then just bare your arm and take the needle. It's entirely up to you. I strongly recommend that you take the time to examine ALL the information, not just what the Government is spoon-feeding you. Follow and examine the links I have posted at Watch the videos there and the multiple videos available at some of those same links. Read and hear the warnings being shouted by thousands of highly credentialed Doctors around the world.

When you've examined and evaluated all the available information, THEN form your opinion. If it's different than mine, I'm good with that.

I'm still posting stories about my cats, maybe you can find some entertainment value there.

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