Friday, February 26, 2021

The American journal of Medicine quietly admits that Dr. Zelenko and the America's Frontline Doctors were RIGHT!

Several months ago, I posted an article at about the FACT that thousands of Americans likely died because the health agencies in this country, FDA, CDC, NIH and others, denied the use of Hydroxychloroquin (HCQ) treatments for Covid19 patients.

Many doctors in this country have continued to use this treatment, in defiance of these restrictions. These Doctors have had great results from the treatments and have, at risk to their careers, reputations and even freedoms, been loudly advocating such treatment. Most notably, Americas Frontline Doctors ( and Doctor Vladimir Zelenko (

For months now, these Doctors have been vilified, ridiculed and fired from their positions. Their Social Media accounts have been blocked and websites removed. They have just kept on promoting and administering these treatments to exceptionally positive result. Incidentally, the treatments these Doctors have been fighting for are commonly used in other countries with an obvious marked reduction in serious Covid19 cases and deaths.

Well, guess what. Very quietly, the American medical community has decided that these treatments ARE effective, just as all these Doctors have been saying all along. The image I share here is from the American Journal of Medicine which recommends EXACTLY the treatments that Doctor Zelenko advocated over a year ago and that the American Frontline Doctors have been using and promoting all along. you can read the entire study here: but the bottom line? America's Frontline Doctors, Doctor Zelenko and President Trump have been RIGHT all along and, by extrapolation, the orders of Dr. Fauci and others have likely resulted in the unnecessary deaths of THOUSANDS of Americans!

This should make you Livid! You should be calling your Congress member and asking for a full investigation into why the HCQ/Zinc/Azithromycin treatment, advocated by Dr. Zelenko for over a year, was denied to Doctors here in the United States.

This is unconscionable.

Link to Dr. Zelenko's recommended treatment:

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