Sunday, January 31, 2021

There Are Four Lights!

I have a somewhat complicated analogy for you. If everyone who reads this were a "Trekkie", I could skip the explanation and just make the comparison...but...

In a Star Trek, Next Generation episode, Captain Picard is captured by aliens and is psychologically tortured. Sleep deprivation, minimal food and so on.

As part of his torture, a bank of four lights is left on all the time. The torture will be eased or even stopped if he will just do one simple thing. Admit that there are actually FIVE lights when, in fact, there are only four. The premise being that if he will go along with that, then they will be able to get him to go along with other things, each more important than the other, until he finally succumbs and answers all their questions and does exactly as he's told. The ultimate goal is to have full mental and physical control over him. All he has to do is go along with ONE simple lie. After that, They can get him to do more and more.

You want to open your businesses? You want to visit your elderly in the nursing home? You want to have weddings, funerals, go to church, play in a pool tournament? There are a few things you have to do first.

Wear a mask. Very simple thing. Won't really hurt you and shows that you are willing to go along...compromise. Admit that the Wuhan virus is one of the most contagious and deadly viruses ever encountered and endangers the lives of all the people in the world, despite all the information that shows otherwise. Just admit it. Go along.

Climate change is destroying the planet and is caused by people. See, "MOST" climatologists agree. Just go along.

Biden won the election legally and fairly. It's a done deal now, just admit it and go along.

BLM and Antifa are mostly peaceful protesters and their rioting, looting, burning and killing were not important. But the storming of the Capital building was one of the worst terrorist acts in our history. Just go along.

Biden's Assistant Secretary of Health is a woman. Admit it. Go along.

The Covid19 vaccines are safe. They aren't experimental biological agents. Get the injection. Carry the card or even get a chip to prove you are willing to go along.

It's subtle, folks. If They just declared one day that we had to give up our weapons, give all our property to the State, accept one party rule and Martial Law...They'd have a fight on Their hands that they really couldn't win. Even the most passive among us would stand up to Them.

But this way, using the propaganda of a compromised and controlled media, using a virus They can hype and a school system They control, They can get us to go along with a few simple things until it's just easier to go along with ANYthing!

As for me, I still see four lights.

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