Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sanders Socialism DOESN'T WORK!!!!

The overwhelming majority of Bernie supporters are what are called "Millennials"; people who became adults around the year 2000 or later.
The Berlin wall came down in 1989 and the old Soviet Union formally ceased to exist in 1991. The events leading to the fall of the greatest socialist/communistic experiment in modern history are distant pre-history for most Bernie supporters.
Socialism sounds like such a great idea to anyone who hasn't seen it tried before. The concept of everyone being equal; workers treated fairly and paid well while those evil CEOs and corporate owners fund it all just seems like such a great idea.
None of this is new, folks. It's been tried and is being tried. I've had Sweden used as an example of successful Socialism but in fact that doesn't seem to be true. I won't go into the facts myself as this article does it better.
In order to distribute everything equally, someone must be in charge of everything. In Bernie's case, the Government. They decide who gets how much and what must be done to get it. A common joke in the old Soviet Union was: "the government pretends to pay us so we pretend to work."
The Socialist system has one primary sworn enemy..."The Rich". The Rich must pay "their fair share" of taxes so that more can be doled out to "The Poor". Already, in this country, the top 20 percent of earners pay 87% of the income tax collected by our Federal Government while the bottom 40% actually GET money from the government at tax time. Those pesky facts.
I have a friend who is one of the richest people I know personally. He started life as a poor farm kid in Idaho. He invested his own money, time, effort and labor into a business which grew because of his efforts. Now, he's in his 70's and could relax a little but the work ethic dies hard and he's pretty much busy with some aspect of his business holdings every day.
Here's my advice to all you Bernie supporters out there. If you don't like your economic station in life...CHANGE IT. Start your own business. Put your money, your time and energy into building your own income instead of trying to get rich on wages. Suffer through those few years of poor business, of doing all the work yourself because you can't afford employees, learning to maintain your own appliances and infrastructure. WORK. After a few years, if you work hard, you can afford to hire good people to take your place here and there. After a few more years, maybe all you need to do is keep an eye on things and you'll be making money without your own overwhelming labor. At that point, you will be an evil Rich Person. You won't be paying enough in wages, not covering health care well enough, not providing enough paid time off and other benefits and you'll be hated and envied by all the socialist types because you are a Rich Capitalist.
That's how it works, folks. Not by taking away from those entrepreneurs who have risked everything they have to be successful. What works is that YOU risk everything you have, work hard and make yourself a success.  Only in our Capitalist system is this possible.  In a Socialist society this entire scenario is an unattainable dream.  Let your touchy feely feelings go for a minute and do something completely new...THINK.

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