Friday, March 11, 2016

The Media isn't telling us what's happening

On September 11, 2013, the American Muslim Political Action committee planned a big march on the mall in Washington, DC to, basically, protest Islamophobia.
As a response, the group: 2 Million Bikers to DC planned a nationwide ride.
An estimated 75,000 bikers showed up from all over the United States.  they presented a peaceful protest ride throughout Washington, DC but of course caused a bit of a traffic issue. 

In October, 2013 many of the nations truck drivers protested against government corruption and some of the actions being taken by the Obama Regime in response to the "Government Shutdown".  Although only a few dozen trucks showed up, the idea was impressive and the fact that so many of them took time from their business, used their own fuel and skipped loads, essentially giving up and/or spending thousands of dollars seems impressive to me.
Also, during the truckers protest, hundreds of Americans converged on Washington in protest of the Regime closing and barricading off many monuments and parks in the DC area as a way of making the Government Shutdown more visible.  These people tore down the barricades at some of these monuments and carried them to the Whitehouse lawn.  Most of these protesters were veterans.  Noteworthy participants were Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin.
My point here is that while these things were going on there was little or no Media coverage.  Very few people in America even knew these things were happening and most still don't know they happened.
In my opinion, because these events were counter to the wishes, desires and agenda of the current White House Regime, the compliant media ignored it all, thus keeping America uninformed and happy.
Many have talked of some sort of revolution against the continuing growth of unjustified and overreaching Government control in this country.  For all we know, it has already started and the Mainstream Media has just ignored it.  Hundreds of people could have been wiped out yesterday and we wouldn't know.
What has saved us a little is the alternative media such as Infowars, World News Daily, Newsmax, the Drudge Report and others.  Also, discussions of Facebook and Twitter keep small groups informed but, really, only those of us who already are feeling this way are watching these places.  Preaching to the Choir so to speak.
How do we get together and communicate without the sudden onslaught of Federal Agents at our doors?  We know Facebook is monitored as is Twitter.  What is our recourse for getting together and finding a way to fix this mess?

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