Thursday, February 18, 2016

Time to quit trying to be "nice"

I'm getting tired of pussyfooting around these issues.  Europe is overrun with Muslim "refugees" and even our State Owned Main Stream Media has called them "Rapefugees".  There is no question that bringing a bunch of these "people" into this country will cause the same problems.
I lived in a Muslim country, Turkey, for 15 months.  Not on a base, insulated from the local culture, but in the city of Izmir, renting my apartment from Turks and living in and around them for all that time.  I know what they are like and I have an understanding of how they think. 
We are a waste of skin to them.  An Islamic extremist will feel no more about cutting off your head than he would stepping on a roach.  And, there are NO Islamic moderates. 
Look at the chart on this article.  Let's be charitable and say that only 8% of the rapefugees agree with ISIS and other extremist groups.  Bring in 10,000 rapefugees and that means 800 who identify with extremism.  9 brought down the Twin towers.
Then, you add to the problem that many of those who do not strictly adhere to the extremist ideology will kill and rape indiscriminately, simply because that is how they are.  That is the culture they are from.  Look at what has been happening in Europe the last couple of years and then turn a blind eye to the chaos we will face if we allow these people into our country.  Do you really believe they will act differently here? 
But, the following is also true:
To all you terrorists, planning to come here to the United States and spread your crap; and to all you Muslim Rapefugees who think you can come here and do what you've been doing in Europe.
We know, when you look at this "man" you see one of your own who is opening the doors for you and doesn't have the balls to stop you anyway and you think he represents America.
Many of us are fighting to keep you from being brought here while he and the idiots who believe him try to find places for you.
We aren't working so hard to try and keep you out because we fear you or what you will do. We are trying to protect you. The whirlwind awaits you here. Use what little intelligence you might have to realize that the Pussy in Chief is NOT America!
Those in Montana who are concerned about this, come to the Capital steps in Helena Feb 22. 2016 at 11AM and let our voices be heard!  American Security Rally of Montana
Mon 11 AMCapitol Steps - no tickets needed

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