Friday, February 12, 2016

Let's help the political prisoners!

In my opinion, the arrests of the Bundys and anyone else arrested in connection with the Bundy Ranch incident or the Malheur occupation are political prisoners.
Arguing the merits or legalities of the charges is not our pervue now; it's in the hands of the defense attorneys involved. but I want to help somehow. I want to be involved in some way. Maybe the best we can do is send money for their legal fund but I'd like to think there is something more.
My focus today is to put my suggestion out there for something we can do in this situation. This is something that I think would be very effective, would help the prisoners and actually have some positive influence in our nation.

If you read my earlier post: you will find my ideas for peaceful protests that I think we should use in the future. Possibly, the trials of these political prisoners will be the place to use this kind of action. I don't even think we'll have to worry about being in legal trouble ourselves if we do it right.
First; UNARMED! Is there any way I can emphasize that more? No Weapons carried; not even concealed. Yes, we have our 2nd Amendment rights but I truly believe we can have a much more positive effect if we are not "armed militants". The 2nd Amendment protects the 1st Amendment but the reverse can also be true. Let's use our 1st Amendment power in this instance and leave the 2nd Amendment for a more appropriate action.

Let's fill the courtrooms during key trials. Lets pack the courthouse lawn, surround the building and show our support for the Bundy's and all those being persecuted by our rogue government for exercising their rights. 

I would suggest that any veteran who attends the protest wear the utility uniform of their era this to help illustrate our patriotism. For instance, I would be in woodland camoflauge. A more recent veteran might be in digital or desert camo. Do you have a more dress uniform? Wear that if you like. Carry American flags.  Make this as opposite of the rioting we've seen in the cities as we can. 

Show respect for the court and the process but also show our solidarity with the Bundys and the others involved. If the courtroom and around the courthouse is packed with supporters, even the Lib media will have to take notice. So will the court. But, we follow the laws as pertaining to protests, we follow the courts dictates on weapons and we maintain decorum and civility. All we are doing is voicing our grievances against the government and our belief that these are unfair charges, used only to try and suppress political activity.
We'd need a pretty big team to do this right. We'd need some videographers just in case the police do react violently, attorneys willing to help anyone arrested or to file suits against any Law Enforcement excesses. We'd need the computer and internet support as well as basic background support such as cooks and resource people. Mostly, we need as many people as possible to respond and be there.
Let's all get together and rescue the political prisoners being unjustly held in a U.S. Gulag!

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