Friday, February 12, 2016

So much for lighthearted blog posts!

When I started using my blogsite again, I had envisioned more lighthearted and positive postings like the ones from years past.
I was thinking of posting fishing trips and pool tournaments and just general fun, intersperced with the ocaisional political rant.
It's an election year, so the opportunities for satire and sarcasm abound! I really was hoping to just get a few laughs while I voiced my myriad opinions.
Instead, I watched as the Oregon State Police murdered a Patriot for trespass and speeding. I've watched as others were arrested by the FBI for Federal crimes when all they did was Trespass.
Even the political ridiculousness that we've seen the past few days has not sparked my interest much as I listened to people who were in fear of their lives because of a nighttime raid on them by FBI; or whoever those Federal Troops were.
Today, instead of laughing at the Democrat Party for forcing the Felony Grandma onto the ballot, even though the Crazy Grandpa got more votes; Instead of poking fun at Trump for deliberately highlighting some womans "pussy" comment or Jeb desperately trying to get some applause from the "crowd" at one of his speeches, I'm thinking about how to be a part of protests against the taking and holding of Political Prisoners here in the United States.
Maybe I'm seeing more in this Federal assault on the "Armed Militants" than there is to see. Maybe it isn't as profound an incident as it seems.  But I have been distressed by it all and it seems to me to be a blatant attack on the freedom and liberty of our country as a whole. How much farther are They willing to go against American Citizens?
Will I be seeing Federal Agents at my door because I cook and heat with wood stoves? Will we be required to post travel plans before we go on vacation? Will you be arrested or even shot if you are seen in possession of a handgun? Will hunting be outlawed? Will my alternative power have to be licensed? Will my older vehicles be outlawed? How about healthcare? Will people who need expensive meds to stay alive have to prove they are worthy of being kept alive? Too old, too sick, not producing...You're gone!
Any of these things are in the realm of possibility and some are actually in the works now. You don't believe it? Maybe you should do a little historical research. A form of any or all of these outlandish suggestions was in place in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and if the 1st Amendment is overpowered and the 2nd Amendment is destroyed then all the other parts of the Constitution will be nul and void also.
We need to stand up and be heard about this kind of thing today or we'll be living in our version of Nazism tomorrow.

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