Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Feelings overpower logic today

I attended the American Security Rally of Montana on the Montana state Capital steps yesterday and got another dose of reality fed to me.
Those who are truly espousing liberal issues will NOT change their views because of anything you or I can say.  This is a truth that we just have to accept and find another way.  These people won't change their positions on gun control, refugee resettlement, minimum wage, taxing the rich, global warming, illegal immigration, government run health care, abortion or any other issue you can come up with based on a logical and fact based debate.  Not happening.
I've tried using facts, statistics, logic and common sense in debating some of these issues with rabidly liberal people and it's a frustrating exercise in futility. Feelings are all that matter.
 "These Syrian refugees are in trouble in their own country so we need to offer them sanctuary and sustenance here, as good compassionate people."  "Guns are an instrument of violence and are very bad so we need to take them all away and then everything will be peaceful and violence and murder will be banished from our society."  If we tax the rich and distribute their money more equally then everyone will be comfortable, fed and housed without strife and the middle class will grow."
Statements like these are absurd on the face but it doesn't matter.  It feels good to say these things. If you argue against resettling Syrian refugees in Montana you are just a cruel, heartless prick who cares nothing about human suffering and no fact or truth will change that.  You are just quoting cruel, hard facts and not taking into account the human side.
The Mainstream Media is just another arm of the Liberal Party in America and pushes this "touchy feely" thoughtless sheep attitude in an effort to shape our country to make us all toe the mark and they refuse to make any but token mention of anything which does not meet the Utopia test.
So, I have some ideas.
First, we need to build and strengthen the non-mainstream media.  Blogsites can be a strong voice for reason in our country and get the "opposing" view out there for all to see.  If you find a blog that you like, find interesting, agree with or whatever, share it on your social media page, such as Facebook or Twitter.  If you find other online media, such as alternative news pages or commentators with whom you are in agreement, don't keep them to yourselves!  Share the info!
Next, we need more Constitutional political candidates at all levels of government, including your small town councils, county commissions and, especially, Sheriffs.  Be active in getting these people elected. 
Two of our biggest enemies are Cable TV and Beer.  We must, somehow, shake the cobwebs off of people and get them out and informed.  Those guys sitting in the local cafe, complaining to their coffee cup about how 'Murica is going down the toilet must be made to take their complaints not only to the ballot box but to the streets.  There are a lot of us out there but only the coffee cups know who they are!
It was cold yesterday at the Capital with a brisk Montana wind making even my ears hurt but there still should have been a much better crowd.  Ravalli County had so many people at their commissioners meeting that they had to move it to the school gym but there were only about 100 people at the capital yesterday.  I realize that part of the problem is that most of those who feel the way we do are working people and can't just run down to any rally they hear about but we MUST somehow get those kind of people who have made this country what it used to be get out and be active.
We aren't going to change the opinions of those who think a Bernie Sanders Socialist Utopia is desirable and possible.  Feelings are more powerful than facts.  Our only hope is to outnumber them and get political leaders into office who remember and long for the Glory Days of America.

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