Thursday, February 25, 2016

Comparing Cruz and Trump

Here is some information I found to give a little comparison between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.
I firmly believe that the Primary Election this year comes down to these two. In my opinion, Rubio is simply the next in line for the GOP Establishment to push on us in an effort to take away from the only two real candidates on the Republican side and no other GOP candidate is even viable and should just get out now and save a few $.
As I have repeatedly stated, I am much more inclined towards Cruz as President. I think he has demonstrated his true Conservative values over the years and might actually be able to repair some of the awful damage which has been inflicted on our country by the Obama Regime. I plan to vote for Cruz in the Primary election, hoping to see him get the nomination.
However; if Trump wins the nomination, which seems likely at this point, I will be fine with voting for him in the General election.
I agree with almost everything Trump has said/is saying in this campaign. Often, it's as if he has read my mind and is speaking directly to me. But, my gut instinct and the research I have done makes me question his sincerity. He's saying what I want to hear but will he actually do the things he says he'll do?
I also agree with Ted Cruz on most of what he says and I can point to instances where he has done what he says he'll do. Cruz seems to not only speak Conservatively but he acts Conservatively and that is what I'm looking for.
Trump is villified by all the people and organizations for which I have nothing but contempt. The media misquotes him or outright lies about what he has said or done and that inclines me more towards him. Obviously, the Dems are afraid of him and that inclines me towards him. Many ridiculous Liberals have threatened to leave the country if Trump becomes President and that makes me want to get him elected in hopes that they really will!
A meme I saw recently was right on: "The people telling me Trump would be a bad President are the same ones who said Obama would be a good one."
Cruz, though, is universally hated by all Liberals and has endured his share of lies and misinformation from the main stream media. Anyone who attracts the ire of Harry Reid is someone I can respect.
Anyway, I found this website with very good information about each candidate and here are links to the Cruz and then the Trump pages.
This blog page also had an interesting chart:
If we fail to elect one of these two as President this time I think it likely that our country will not recover. Please do some research and choose one or the other. If the one you don't like is nominated, please still go out and vote for the GOP nominee. A Felonious Grandma or a Socialist Grandpa are not the answer!

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