Thursday, February 11, 2016

I Love the United States of America

The way things are progressing in our country seriously distresses me but do I want to fight it or just hunker down and ride it out for the short time I have left on this earth?
I love the United States of America.  I cherish the memories of growing up in West Yellowstone, Montana with the fishing, hiking, hunting camping, skiing, snowshoeing and FREEDOM of the most people friendly country the world has ever known.
I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force when I was still in high school and proudly served our great country, not only for the training and education I was provided but because I wanted to be one of those, like so many of my family before me, who stood for true freedom.
I believe the Constitution of the United States was Divinely inspired in order to establish a nation, most blessed by God, where true freedom and real joy could be
experienced by His people.
This is a country which has never seen a despotic ruler.  We've never faced the nightime raids of secret police, dungeons and gulags filled with political prisoners...until today.
My children are saddled with an ever increasing tax burden as our nations leaders drive us deaper into national debt and deficit.  Our freedoms are eroded by unconstitutional actions by our governments at every level and any attempt to stand up to Them results in an extreme slap down from Their Police State.
The President circumvents Congress with his phone and his pen if Congress doesn't do as he asks...but Congress just Does What He Asks at every turn, no matter what.
We vote people into Congress because they promise to stand up to our rogue President and the Liberal Socialists who follow him but those we vote in then disregard our wishes and rubber stamp any program the socialists want to create.
I had family who fought and died to protect the world from the Socialist party (Nazis) and I had family and friends who fought against the spread of communism in the world.
Now, an avowed Socialist is a front runner for President of the United States and an active Socialist has been President for two terms. 
The results of Liberal Socialism have been: the largest number of Americans on food stamps and welfare programs since the Great Depression, the largest number of Americans out of work since the 1970s, the National Debt has more than doubled in the last seven years, our Constitutional rights are under assault at every turn, a wicked ideology, masquerading as a religion, is murdering, raping and burning people throughout the world and does so unchecked while we offer them homes and  benefits to come to this country and spread their evil with our governments blessing.
If either the Felony Grandma or the Crazy Socialist are elected President then this collapse of the
only really free country left in the world will continue, probably escalate and what is left will be unrecognizeable from what we old guys grew up in.  It's nearly unrecognizeable today.
Here's the good news...for me.  I live in a rural "flyover" area in a cold northern climate.  It's not likely that the worst of the effects of our crumbling society will really hit this area within the few years I have left and I do still have my memories of growing up in a free country.  I can conceivably hide here in my rusty old trailer house for the duration of my life without undue stress.
Let's face it; my own children have brought this on themselves!  All three girls voted for Obama both times.  I know that at least two of them are Democrats and I'm pretty sure those two are even Bernie supporters so, if he gets in, they'll get what they asked for!  Good luck! 
Get your unneeded health insurance or pay the exorbitant fines for not having it.  Pay ever more unfair and overwhelming taxes to try and pay for everyone elses education, health care, rent and food.  Better yet, join the crowd with your EBT card clutched in your hand and just keep right on building that National Deficit. 
I could join in the fight to protect our freedoms.  I could be one of those who protests the growing
Police State, sitting in at government buildings, facing down paid mercenaries against overwhelming odds while I live in a "hootch" again, eating MREs and watching the sky for drones.  But I'm getting kind of old and out of shape for that sort of thing and what is happening to this country is WHAT THE PEOPLE HAVE ASKED FOR! Obama not only got elected but REELECTED.  Look how many people are cheering on the government troops in Oregon for attacking a carload of people, murdering one of them and then arresting 16 (so far) people for trumped up charges; just to show us how futile resistance really is.
Look how well Bernie Sanders is doing in this Presidential campaign.  He should have been laughed off the ballot long ago but instead would probably win the Democrat nomination if the system weren't so corrupt that the Democrat Party will likely push a known felon in ahead of him, votes or no votes.
So, why should I care if my kids are living in a Socialist Police State?  It's what they want, isn't it?  They all voted for this mess and keep right on doing so.  Why should an old guy like me fight it?  I like my rusty old house.  I like a nice warm stove going in the winter and the fresh air and sunshine of the summer.  I'm a veteran so I get token medical care and I'm getting old enough to get enough of a monthly government stipend that I can keep my taxes paid...maybe.  I can live on an EBT card, too, like all the kids can.
Look at Cliven Bundy.  He stood up to our overbearing, unconstitutional Federal Police State and now, at 74, he's sitting in jail, waiting for his day in Their Court, with Their attorneys and Their system to rely on. 
I just don't know if I've got much fight left in me any more.  I like to think so.  Maybe; if a winnable situation or even a viable situation were to arise, maybe I will load my camper into the pickup and head out.  I can still be a good bunkhouse style cook or I can handle comms or keep the computer sytems going.  I'm a little fat and tired for crawling through the brush but I could still be one of those in the rear with the gear.  We're needed too, you know.
I don't know what to think any more.  I'm torn between my relatively comfortable lifestyle and my love for this country and what she once was.


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