Saturday, January 30, 2016

Let's try "Peaceful Resistance"

I have a suggestion for all the "militia" leaders out there.
We know that there will be more Federal landgrabs in our future; this one for instance:

and there will be times when other citizens will be needed to try and protect people from this out of control Federal Government. The events in Harney County, Oregon have shown us that our current methods are not the best.

Forcing the Government to back down is not an easy task. They backed down at Bundy Ranch last year simply because They were outgunned and outnumbered at the time and decided to back down instead of calling in hundreds more agents for a pitched battle. At Bundy Ranch, the combination of helpful media; Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and others, and the overwhelming armed force presented at Bundy's made Them step back and reconsider. The illegal actions of the BLM were obvious and well documented so They backed off. It could just as easily have gone the other way if the BLM hadn't done such stupid things that were presented to the public via internet.
However, the situation in Oregon didn't go the right way. The press kept harping on the "armed militants" angle. I think it likely that the Feds learned from the Bundy ranch and changed Their tactics, getting the support They needed from Their pets in the media; thus gaining a large part of the public support They need in order to do what They do.
So, we need to learn also.
The situation in Burns was supposed to be an effort to protect the Hammonds from Federal assault. Somehow, that vision was lost by a few of the protesters and it turned into a mess. I could never see how the occupation of a remote Federal facility would keep the Hammonds out of jail. In their case, I think the best help would have been providing them funds for a good attorney.
Anyway, I believe I have a way for us to very effectively stop the Feds in their tracks and make them replan again.
Four "teams" or groups at a protest.
The largest group are UNARMED protesters who are prepared to accept arrest and jail. Unarmed. Did I mention that? Unarmed. If you don't have the guts to face Federal Troops while you are unarmed and unable to fight back then stay home. We need courage, not violence. Any idiot can pull a trigger. Can you do what this man did?

A team of videographers who will NOT be directly involved in the protest actions. Their job is to video everything that is happening and get it to their subteam, a group with wireless access to the active cameras and internet access, so pertinent video can be uploaded at almost real time to the internet for all to see. In addition, some of the videographers, if internet is available to them, could be uploading to places like Ustream in real time.
A team of Lawyers, ready to work for all those arrested at the protest.
If this is a longterm kind of thing, like Bundy's was, a support team; cooks, laundry, computer support and that kind of thing.
The protesters Do Not Fight with the police. They resist. There is a difference between fighting and resisting. For instance, let's use the Hammond situation. There were 300 protesters there who could have ringed the house, sat on the ground with linked arms and not allowed the Hammonds to be taken to prison. No punching, kicking or other kinds of assault towards any officer. Just don't let Them handcuff you. Make Them do stupid things, all on camera, so the American citizens can all be witnesses to illegal government action.
When people are arrested, their attorneys are waiting for them at the jail. The court system is innundated with 300 arrests, the jails are too full to handle it and it's all on the national news. And no one could be painted as a redneck gunnut who is just spoiling for a fight. Also, it's unlikely that anyone is arrested for a felony.
This kind of peaceful resistance worked in the 60s to help end the Vietnam War. It worked for Ghandi. All that Government Police understand is direct action...violence. The American people don't want to see that from either side.
 We need this:
Not this. 


Rebecca Mitchell said...

Good idea, unless you live in China or Russia or Iran or....

Jim Welch said...

You are absolutely spot on here. Well written and no doubt the only way to "win" this battle.