Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lots of interest in the discussion of our various organizations.

Ok. As you can see, we have had a bunch of replies to the discussion of the Western Music Association/Academy of Western Artists/Cowboy Poets of Idaho post I put up last weekend.

On november 23, Donna Hatton posted a nice message on the AWA Yahoo group appealing for help for the AWA for an unspecified problem. Juni Fisher answered it and then I felt compelled to answer with My Post to the AWA Yahoo group on Nov 24 . That post prompted several replies, some of which I posted here. Most of the others were one-liners such as "Right on, Larry" and that sort of thing.

As many of you know, there have been even more posts to the various Yahoo groups involved.

All of you who know me know that I enjoy a good debate, whichever side I might be thrown to. Also, I'm never shy about voicing my opinion. It's obvious that my opinion isn't shared by all out there. Horrors! You mean, not everyone agrees with me? Is it possible that I might not be right?
Please take the time to read what I've got posted here and comment on those you find interesting. This has become a good discussion and I'm learning a lot...mostly positive stuff. One thing seems clear to me. Whether you feel that any or all of these organizations are helpful to you or not; worth your time, effort and money or not...obviously, they are very important not only to many individual performers but to our industry as a whole.

I think that one feeling I have gotten from this discussion is that Donna is probably right. We probably do need to help out with the AWA if they are having problems. Also, it might be a good idea to throw our support to the WMA and CPI as well. All three of these groups have a positive impact on our Western Entertainment world. If not, there would not be so much passionate interest in them from so many people.

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Donna Hatton said...

Dear Larry and All,
When I sent my email it was because I believed what I said about AWA to be
true. Perhaps I made it sound simple and to me it is, we need all the venues
we can grab hold of. As an elder stateman of that organization I felt that I
came with some credentials.
I have been married for 41 years to a cattle rancher, raised three children
and have three grandchildren. I traveled extensively across the United States
and lived in Japan for seven years, and have a few life sciences in my bag.
I have been performing cowboy poetry and music since 1983,and was very
active in the Greater Pikes Peak Cowboy Poetry Gathering, but I was a performer
long before then as a vocalists, in theater, and as a fine artist, I am also a
charter member of AWA and a member of WMA and Western Writers of America.
Until this past year the membership of AWA did have a vote, this year it
went to a jury. In previous years ( I didn't get to go to the Awards Show this
year) but, I know that there were workshops and went to them and I facilitated
a couple of them myself, not only for AWA, but now for WMA as well. least we
forget, AWA was started by Bobby Newton and he has been it's sole sponsor
for over 11 years, it is his business, how it is run. Do I agree with
everything he has done, no, he isn't perfect and he makes mistakes, but then who
doesn't? It seems to me that he has asked for help...and stated quite clearly the
status of AWA in his last letter to the membership.
I was introduced to Bobby at one of the showcases at the first convention I
attended and again at an evening show at the Doral, was he there all the time
for the two or three days of the convention, I don't know and it doesn't
bother me if he wasn't. He and his family built sets for the awards show while
we were jamming at the 2005 convention and he was there directing the action
that night. I do have a question, If Bobby handpicked the winners of the
awards what does that say about the Will Rogers Award I have on my shelf and the
one on Juni's and the ones of so many others?
I am only stating what I have personal knowledge of, I appreciate and
respect the opionions and those who have expressed them.We do need discussion,
creative discussion and palnning and remember, Kathy Camden said it best when she
spoke about pointing fingers, we have nothing to gain by fault finding, we
need to work together and build on what is good.
I send my best to you all and will look forward to seeing you down the trail.
Respectfully, Donna Hatton