Sunday, November 05, 2006

St Anthony Roxy Theater Benefit

Well, we had a lot of fun in St. Anthony last night. The Fall River Boys, Mark Seeley, Rand Hillman and Dave Grimes, were a great hit, like usual. I don't know what I like from them the best: their semi-serious (They're nver Really Serious!) songs and poems or their humorous stuff. "Ghost Chickens In the Sky" is exceptionally funny but I also love to hear them sing some of the more "standard" Western songs.

Zeb Angell was here again. I really enjoy Zeb's poems as well as his delivery of both his and others poetry. It's great to see a younger guy coming up in our world.

Oral Elser had the audience in his grip from the first sentence last night. His stories and poems are always entertaining. What impresses me is that he's so very funny for several minutes and then hits us with a serious poem that makes us sober up a little...then he takes us right back to laughter. Oral is a gem.

Colt Angell and I worked together very well again. I always like to have a good lead guitar player with me and Colt certainly is that. I can do a song he's never heard before and he's playing lead for me within a few bars. Speaking of bars, we went out to the Star Bar after the show and Colt broke out his stand-up bass and we played for a little while. He's great Bass player too.

All in all, the Roxy Theater benefits have both been fun and I look forward to doing more of them. The Roxy is very important to those of us in the Cowboy Poets of Idaho as we've been holding our gathering there for a long time. In addition, it's a great facility for the Fremont County residents to have available. We hope to see more and more support for the Roxy's renovation and maintenence.
Jills Place Cafe
Just a quick addition to this post. The Guesthouse Inn in St. Anthony donated a room and Jill's Place Cafe donated a meal. The motel was comfortable and the people were nice. The breakfast I had at Jills was exceptional! If you are travelling through St. Anthony, Idaho and are ready for a meal, please stop at Jills and make sure they know it's because they helped out the Cowboy Entertainers. If you're ready for a nights sleep, please do the same at the Guesthouse.

Incidentally, the walls in Jill's are covered with pictures of US Military members from the Civil War to today. Just walking around inside, looking at pictures of Fremont County area people who have served our country gave me chills. What a great thing to do!
Jills Place Cafe

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