Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wyoming Red Retiring!!

I got a call from Rusty tonight and she asked that Wyoming Red be taken off the www.cowboyentertainer.com website as they are retiring from the Western Music world.

I know I speak for us all when I say that this is a major loss to our little family. Gatherings will not be the same without "The Reds" showing up and I will miss them a lot.

Rusty just felt that she and Susan both have so many other things going on in their lives that they had to make some hard choices and they just don't enjoy the traveling as much as they used to. Also, both want to have at least some contact with their husbands ocaisionally so...they are cutting out the Western Music shows.

For those few who do not know these ladies, they have the sweetest voices on any stage and are some of the best people you can ever meet. They have won the Cowboy Poets of Idaho Golden Note Award as well as being inducted into the Cowboy Poets of Idaho Hall of Fame. The Reds are some of the first people I met in Western Entertainment and the influence of such talented and personable performers was a big part of what led me into this little "family" the past few years.

We love you, girls and I can only hope to see you down the trail somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Hody Lucky J here. Cody and I are sure going to miss their smiling faces and two finer ladys and entertainers ever walked this land. I also like to thank you for your kindness you have shown Cody and I over the years. All I can say is Happy Trails and you both will be greatly missed.
" From The Leanin' Post"
Lucky and Cody Johnston

Bud & Joan Comly said...

Bud & Joan Comly say...
We are so sorry to hear about Wyo. Red's decision to retire from the circut.They were always a pleasure to listen to and seemed to enjoy their work. We are sure glad we bought their tapes so we can still listen to the great harmony they will be remembered for. Thanks for sharing with us and God Bless.
Bud & Joan Comly

Anonymous said...

All I can say is they will be greatly missed. Cody and I enjoyed performing with these great ladies and they showed us what real country welcome is like. I want to wish them the greatest of health andf many happy trails.
Lucky and Cody J

Darren said...

I grew up listening to Wyoming Red. I guess you could say that Susan is my second mother. Susan was a huge inspiration towards my own guitar playing. I was fortunate to be able to jam with her on this past Christmas Eve. It was saddening to hear her news of retirement that same night. Although, I am sure that her and I have not had our last jam session.