Tuesday, November 28, 2006

An inspirational post from Kathy Camden

Dear all: I think a lot of people need to look at the broad picture. Everyone benefited from the org.'s. whether you were a member or not, because what you did was being promoted. We used to do this for a fun time like the one in Rupert... NOT FOR MONEY. If this business is to be a business, then we have to pull together as a team, not whine and cry. You can "should of" all day and night... but that doesn't fix the problem. I will say a line for a Wayne Damron song... "Don't should of on me and I won't should of on you".

While I am on a roll.... STRIVE, ACHIEVE, SUCCEED AND GO FORWARD....could have,,,, should have.... and would have.... if you are using these words, you need to go forward. You are in neutral.

Kathy Camden

ps... my husband and I started with this cowboy stuff around 1983... so been down the road.

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